Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Virat Reaches Vinayak’s School Camp

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Virat finds Savi’s handwritten note on a tree, “When will you come, Baba?” He wonders what this small child has done to deserve the agony of separation. He writes, “baba will arrive soon bada,” and asks God to reconcile this child with his or her father. He makes his way to Vinayak’s school camp. Sai welcomes Vinayak and inquires about his current state. Vinayak claims to be pain-free. Sai says she’ll give him pain reliever to use at home and organises fallen items, but she doesn’t see Vinayak’s phone screen with his and Virat’s picture.

Vinayak apologises for leaving things behind. Sai says it’s OK. Savi gets out of bed and wants food. Sai instructs her to clean her teeth first and inquires about her and Vinayak’s home. Savi shares her favourites. Vinayak uses the word modak. Sai admits that it is her favourite, and she plans to make modak today. Savi claims that Vinayak and Savi like bland cuisine.

Sai drives Vinayak to school after breakfast. Sai is thanked by the principal for looking after Vinayak. Sai claims it is her responsibility. Savi requests that Vinayak contact her if the guys bully him. Sai tells Vinayak that he can manage himself since everyone is strong enough to fight for themselves and advises him to notify his father about the bullies. Vinayak concurs. Sai and Savi go away. Virat joins the camp and greets Vinayak passionately. The principal appreciates his quick response. Virat claims he had no choice but to come since he was missing Vinayak. The principal notifies Vinayak of his acute suffering and the assistance of a doctor. Virat is eager to meet her. Principal said she merely left because she educates local ladies at her home.

Savi discovers a reply to her message on a tree and is relieved that her baba is on his way to meet her. On the other hand, the MLA’s assistant asks for money since his wife did not pay him after Sai showed her how to handle funds. MLA instructs him to kidnap Savi in order to teach Sai a lesson. Virat teaches physical education to campers. Vinayak observes him quietly. Virat approaches him and inquires if he is upset. Vinayak declines. Virat inquires as to which guy bullied him. Vinayak claims he didn’t want to talk about it since his medical aunty pushed him to fight for himself.

Savi cheerfully prepares for camp and informs Sai that her baba is on his way. Sai, as usual, believes she is delighted and takes her for a cycling ride with Usha. Savi approaches a tree and discovers that the message has been wiped away due to rain. She becomes distraught and asks that Sai tell her about her father. Sai refuses to say anything. Usha claims she will not be able to keep the truth from the child for long. Sai claims she is both Savi’s father and mother and refuses to recall her history. She rides her bike with Savi. Virat drives past and does not see them.

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