Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Savi Supports Vinayak

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Before heading to bed, Sai spends time with Savi. She requests that Savi tell them a tale. She tells their narrative as dinosaurs, subtly mocking Sai for not taking her out. Sai believes she teases her more than Bhavani and inquires as to what transpired next. Savi claims that the tiny dinosaur has been stolen and that his mother is concerned about him. Tai Usha joins them. Savi continues her narrative, claiming that an inspector arrived to rescue the tiny dinosaur.

Virat misses Vinayak as he stares at his picture. Sai chuckles at Savi and wonders how the inspector got there since there were no people during the dinosaur age. Savi continues the narrative of how the inspector battled the abductor heroically, freed the tiny dinosaur, and returned him to his mother. She nods off and wonders when her father will arrive. Usha remarks that Savi misses her father and wonders why she does not mention that Savi’s father is a police officer. Sai claims Savi’s mother’s father was a police officer, and remembering Virat’s charges, she claims she has closed that chapter of her life and does not want to revisit it; she left Gadchiroli and relocated to Kankauli for the same reason. Virat remembers their previous battle.

The next morning, Sai and Savi go to the school grounds to help out at a children’s camp. Sai’s presence is appreciated by the principal. An employee inquires about the whereabouts of the children’s trophy. Savi inquires with the principal about the pupils who got these awards. The principal answers yes, adding that they have made the school proud. Savi claims that her intellect makes everyone proud. Sai claims the principal understands her perspective and invites her to play. Sai is praised by the principal for homeschooling Savi and boosting her spirits. She returns to her workplace, where her employees argue that Sai is overqualified to remain in a tiny community and would be better suited working in the metropolis. She claims she has never seen Sai’s spouse. Even the principal claims she did not.

Vinayak’s classmates tease him about his impairment and how he is constantly late in running races. Vinayak responds appropriately. A classmate shoved him to the ground and called him a loser. Savi witnesses this, assists Vinayak in standing, and tongue lashing bullies for bothering a crippled kid. Students flee the classroom. Savi notices Vinayak’s leg braces and inquires whether they hurt. Vinayak speaks a lot but is powerless. Savi claims that her mother is a doctor and that she would treat him. They introduce themselves and stroll together holding hands.

Sai keeps track of the pupils’ vital indicators. Savi transports Vinayak to her. Vinayak stumbles. Sai is holding him. The song Nanha sa Chand Tu Mere Aasmaan Ka.. is playing in the background. Vinayak refers to her as aayi/mother. Savi questions why he refers to her as his aayi. Vinayak apologises for his error. Sai inquires about his name. Vinayak, he says. Sai becomes overcome with emotion as she recalls her son Vinayak.

Vinayak inquires as to her well-being. Sai confirms and inquires as to how long he has been wearing the braces. He claims he’s been doing it since he was a baby and displays his medications. Savi claims her mother will heal him. Vinayak inquires about his ability to compete in the school race. Sai pushes him to work hard and pursue his ambition. Vinayak assures her and claims that her baba had said the same. Sai assists him in walking. Savi inquires whether Vinayak is okay. Sai replies he will if Vinayak decides.

After some time, Sai comes home and resumes teaching arithmetic to the neighbourhood kids. Her neighbour wonders what she will do with all she has learned while her husband manages her finances. Sai claims she can manage her own bank account. Husbands of women enter and steal their books. The local MLA pushes them to do so. Sai confronts them and warns them not to approach any lady. Savi wonders why they are doing this. They are terrified of women, according to Sai, because they cannot perceive their advancement. MLA threatens Sai with grave repercussions if she continues to educate ladies.

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