Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 October 2022

Sai explains to Pakhi that a woman doesn’t care whether someone loves her husband, but she does care if they do; they must break free from the chains of the past and go gently. She extends a blessing of sacred leaf and wishes Viratt and Pakhi a happy marriage. Pakhi puts out a hand. They should both take it, according to Sai, since it’s lucky for a married pair. She gives a leaf to Virat and Pakhi together. Sai completes Vinayak’s workouts after a short while. Vinayak expresses his desire to spend time with Savi. Vinayak is taken to Savi’s chamber after she assures him that she would take care of both of them. Usha hears from Sai that Savi is planning something. She is urged by Usha not to worry about the kids. She doesn’t want to be bothered until her online interview is over, Sai explains, adding that it will begin right now.

Vinayak could discover his actual parents during a dussehra mela, Savi warns him. He consents to go with her. She takes Vinayak with her and leaves Sai a message explaining that they would be looking for Vinayak’s actual parents. Pakhi comes back to get Vinayak. Usha becomes anxious when she doesn’t see any kids in the room. Sai’s interview is interrupted, and she notifies her. Sai breaks off the interview in the middle. She is asked whether she is certain she wants to end the interview since she may not be offered a job. Sai concurs and says she has to go look for her daughter and her friend since they had gone missing from their house.

As he struggles to continue going, Vinayak asks Savi whether she is certain he will discover his true parents at the dussehra mela. She says before getting into a car. An approaching truck is travelling quickly. Vinayak saves her by timely removing her. They then get in an auto and go to Dussehra Maidan. Driver enquires about their company. Sure, says Savi. She learns from Vinayak that they need to tell outsiders their secret. Savi smiles and explains that she was kidding and that their parents are waiting at the maidan. When Sai and Pakhi search Savi’s room, they discover a message from Savi stating that she and Vinayak were going to look for Vinayak’s parents. They both frighten.

When Pakhi calls to tell him that Savi and Vinayak are leaving their house to look for Vinayak’s biological parents, Virat is preoccupied with his team’s plans for the city’s security during the Dussehra celebration. Virat becomes irate and queries what Sai was up to. When the kids left the house, according to Pakhi, Sai was busy. Vinu’s mobile location is tracked, and Virat requests that Kadam notify him. Once he has confirmed the location, he asks Pakhi to arrive. Driver warns Savi and Vinayak that the dussehra mela is a hazardous location and is on route to the police station. Both of them get anxious. When the driver arrives at the police station, he instructs the passengers to go meet the officers who will drive them home.

Kadam notifies Virat of his cell device’s position outside the police station. After informing Pakhi, Virat returns to the police station. Driver finds that the kids have already departed and that they have forgotten their phone. He gives the cops his phone. Pakhi and Savi follow Virat in arriving there. The driver explains that the children were going to a dussehra mela in a park to look for their parents. Pakhi becomes anxious as she wonders how they would locate youngsters in such a big mela. Let’s go there first, Sai says, and then make a decision. Vinayak requests that Savi refer to him going forward as dada or her older brother since he is. Savi concurs. Vinayak wonders how they would get to Mela now after realising he left his phone at the police station. They see a congregation and decide to join them.

As Bhavani and her colleagues approach the mela, Savi is cursed for forcing Vinayak to look for his actual parents. Ninad requests that she stop cursing the little child since Vinayak has already made up his mind to track out his true parents. Instead, he suggests that they applaud Savi for taking a risk and assisting Vinayak. Bhavani never stops cursing Savi.

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