Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2022 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19 October 2022

When Sai calms down Vinayak and gets him out of the restroom, Pakhi gives her a hug and praises her. Pakhi promises to never forget her kindness. Sai apologises to Pakhi for hurting her unintentionally and claims to have just repaired the error she made. She adjourns from Chavan Nivas. Sonali remarks that Sai caused the issue, but she resolved it on her own and accepted all the credit. Bhavani queries if Vinayak exited the restroom. Ninad agrees with Sai’s assistance. Bhavani claims Sai is a storm that has returned to their home. Since she was able to win over Virat and Pakhi and effortlessly exert control over them, Sai’s homecoming is bad for their home and family, she claims.

Vinayak receives a video chat from Savi cheering him up as she consumes goodies. Why is she eating even his snacks, Vinayak wonders. Savi promises to give him some nibbles through her aayi and begs him not to ever get angry about food. Asserts Vinayak. He goes to his room and discovers Pakhi and Virat organising a surprise pizza and burger party for him. He asks whether it’s for him with excitement. They agree, but if he objected, his parents would have received it. Usha informs Sai that the food run is over and asks how they will get by starting tomorrow. Sai tells him not to worry since she would be paid after her job interview tomorrow. Savi approaches her and inquires about adoption. According to Sai, the method by which parents bring kids home is known as adoption and it entails a great deal of legal process when people are unable to produce children and when tiny children do not have parents.

Savi inquires as to her own adoption as she is fatherless. She is not adopted, so Sai questions why she is asking that and reminds her of her commitment not to bring up her father. Savi is sent out to play in her room by her. Usha queries her as to how long she intends to conceal the truth, advising her to tell Savi about her father before a crisis similar to Vinayak’s occurs. Vinayak is still being coddled and kissed by Pakhi and Virat. He begs them not to kiss his cheeks with their moist lips. They carry on. They are ready to kiss when he backs off, but they stop when they become cognizant. They all three pass out. In his dream, Vinayak is taunted by his peers for having adoptive parents who abandoned him like his original parents. He murmurs as he awakens. Virat and Pakhi console him. Whom must be his true parents, who abandoned him, he wonders. They exchange facial glances.

The next morning, Savi tells the ravan dahan narrative she read in her school book as she gets ready for the dussehra celebration with Sai and Usha. Sai discusses the significance of dusshera and gets ready for puja. She gives a leave and says she should give it to someone as well as wish everyone a good Dussehra (Dusryecha Harthik Shubkamnaye). Along with Vinayak and others, Virat and Pakhi also take part in pooja. Vinayak receives a leave from Pakhi, who requests that he offer it to Sai and wish her dusryecha harthik shubkamnaye. According to Ashwini, kids shouldn’t become friends with those that cause them problems. Bhavani and Sonali support her. Vinayak departs with Virat towards Sai’s residence. Pakhi receives another warning from Ashwini to stop letting Sai rule her and Virat’s life and to stop engaging Sai in them.

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