Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Virat claims to be Vinayak's father and requests that

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai claims that her Aaba raised her alone and that she can raise her son alone. Virat accuses her of never considering his family as hers, so she threatens to leave the house and actually does so because it doesn’t matter to her, he will not let her break his family. Sai inquires if this is not her family; she hasn’t even left the house and he is distinguishing between them; he has dispelled her delusion that they cannot be one in life. Ashwini asks them to stop and wonders why they don’t realise they are incomplete without one another. She begs Sai to stay in the house. Sai claims she is making this decision for her son’s sake, and like any other mother, she does not want her child to grow up in a toxic environment.

Virat claims to be Vinayak’s father and requests that Sai give him Vinayak. Sai warns him to be careful. Virat wishes for his son to remain in this house. Sai says she wants the same thing, but she doesn’t want her son to grow up around Pakhi. Pakhhi requests that Sai cease fighting. Sai warns her to back off and insists on leaving the house. Virat claims Pakhi is a member of his family and that he cannot let either of his family members go, despite the fact that Pakhi made numerous mistakes. Sai claims he only spoke about his family and did not include her or her son; he can be a loyal son without having to be a loyal husband and father. Virat yells that she can do whatever she wants and that he couldn’t stop her when she tricked them and got Devi married, among other things. Sai expresses surprise that he has created such an image of her.

Ninad asks them to stop fighting because they are now parents as well as couples. According to Ashwini, children strengthen parent-child bonds; what will they teach their son? Virat claims he is sick of Sai’s drama and refuses to compromise each time. Virat continues to blame Sai, saying he is burdened by her bad decisions and his brother’s death as a result of them. Ninad and Ashwini request that Virat stop talking nonsense. Sai tells him to let the venom in him out. She claims that her Aaba was the most beautiful relationship she had ever had, but Virat took it away from her, and now that she wants to build the same relationship with her son, Virat wants to take it away from her. Bhavani threatens to slap her and dispel her delusion of leaving the house. Sai warns him not to touch her.

Pakhi begs Sai once more not to leave the house because of her. Pakhi is asked by Ashwini not to interfere between husband and wife. Virat, according to Sai, only wants his son to stay and wants her to leave. Virat threatens to end their relationship if she says anything. Sai claims that there is no longer any connection between them. Ashwini claims that because Sai reunited Pulkit/Dev and her/Ninad, she cannot be separated from Virat. Virat stops her and tells her that if Sai leaves the house, she will be gone from his life forever. He claims she will not leave if she loves him even a little. Sai says he prefers she go and takes her bag. Virat yells, “If she’s decided, why don’t she go?” Bhavani questions Virat on how he can let Sai take Vinayak away. Sai declares that she will not leave her son there. Virat says she should let Sai decide whether or not to continue their relationship. Bhavani requests that he take her grandson from Sai. Viratg tells Sai to go because he will never ask her to return. Sai refuses and walks out of the house. Virat locks the door and yells at his family not to go and stop Sai. Sai, heartbroken, walks away with Vinayak in his arms.

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