Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Chavans Bail Out Pakhi Against Sai’s Warning

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Virat mocks Sai, stating she doesn’t understand the concept of family since she has none but her Aaba. Sai is broken to hear that and asks if he is making her realise that she doesn’t have anyone in her world, that she is orphan and only her Aaba was her everything, that her Aaba taught him to always stand by truth, that she made a mistake thinking he is like her Aaba because he always stands against truth. Virat is arrogantly supporting his family, but Sai cannot comprehend it since she is an orphan. Ashwini warns him not to say anything angry because it would backfire on him. Sai says let him tell the truth; she wanted her son to live with the family, but Virat is adamantly opposed to the truth. She reminds Virat once again that if he takes Pakhi home, she would leave his house with her baby.

Sonali claims that Sai is having troubles with them and that Virat should go with Sai to another location. Sai claims they don’t comprehend her argument. Virat says he wants to be with his family and understood the importance of it while he was apart from them. He tells Sai that he would not allow her to remove her son from the family. Sai advises him to abandon the plan of bailing out Pakhi. Bhavani threatens Sai that they would save Pakhhi at whatever cost and reminds her that Pakhi is the reason she has a child.

Virat, along with Ninad and Omkar, goes to the police station with a lawyer and bails Pakhi out. Vaishali praises them and informs Pakhi that they rescued her. Ninad and Omkar reassure her that she has been bailed out. Pakhi apologises to Virat for her transgressions. Virat asks her and Ninad if they may go right now. Pakhi claims she is willing to die in prison for her mistakes and just seeks Virat’s pardon. Vaishali claims Pakhi is really repenting for her mistakes and has been sobbing since arriving in prison. Ninad informs Pakhi that they should go home right now. Pakhi expresses a desire to remain incarcerated. Virat claims she is free to speak anything she wants at home.

Chavans are anxiously awaiting Pakhi’s homecoming. Vieratg enters, followed by Pakhi. Pakhi kisses Bhavani’s feet and apologises for her transgressions. Pakhi is consoled by Sonali. Bhavani tells Pakhi that she would discipline her later and begs her to stop weeping. Pakhi would want to meet Sai. Bhavani instructs Karishma to contact Sai. Karishma claims that Sai has abducted Vinayak… Sai goes along the street with Vinayak carrying her luggage. Virat inquires as to what she is up to. Sai says he knows exactly what she’s up to; she’s already threatened to flee the home with Vinayak if Pakhi returns. Bhavani tells her to go back to her room with Vinayak. Sai has said that she would not change her mind.

Pakhi begs Sai not to go since she has recognised her sins and reformed. She admits that she attempted to steal her husband and then her kid, and she begs forgiveness by touching her feet. Sai requests that she quit her drama since she is not interested in it. Bhavani tells Sai to go back to her room. Pakhi claims she really repents of her mistakes and apologises from the bottom of her heart. Sai cautions her to stay out of her path. Devi begs Sai not to and vows to keep Vinayak safe from Pakhi. Shivani cautions Sai not to make rash decisions out of rage. Sai claims that her Aaba raised her alone and that she can raise her kid alone. She left her house.

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