Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Sai Refuses To Withdraw The Case Against Pakhi

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Bhavani informs Sai that if she withdraws the complaint against Pakhi, she would not deliver her baby to her. Sai is adamantly opposed. Bhavani screams that their family is being slandered. Karishma claims that their neighbours are spreading memes about them. Bhavani informs Virat that although he did not prevent Sai from initiating a complaint against Pakhi, he would agree to at least bail her out.

Ninad claims that even with bail, the prosecution against Pakhi would proceed; but, they may bail out Pakhi to minimise more harm. If they all want Pakhi’s bail, Virat says he’s up for it. Sai expresses her displeasure with Pakhi’s presence near her kid and asks Virat if he has forgotten that he is suspended and Vinayak’s life is in risk due to Pakhi. Devi believes that unclean Pakhi should not be granted bail.

Bhavani continues to rage at Sai, claiming that she, too, should be imprisoned for transporting Pakhi to the hospital for surrogacy. She seemed to be stumbling. Family runs over and grabs her. Bhavani requests that Virat contact his officers and have her arrested. Virat urges her not to say anything like that. Bhavani becomes stubborn and threatens to go to prison if Pakhi is not released on bail, and she demands Virat to force Sai to agree to the bail.

If Pakhi is released, Sai says she would leave this home with Vinayak. Bhavani exclaims that Vinayak is the Chavan family’s successor and that Sai should not even consider it. Virat claims Vinayak is also his son; how can Sai make a choice on his own? Sai declares that if he supports the wicked, she would remove her kid from here.

Pakhi feels bad about exploiting a baby to catch Virat. Bhavani is still verbally abusing Sai. Sai becomes determined about her choice. Ashwini begs Sai not to take Vinayak away from Chavan nivas since Vinayak belongs to the whole family. Sai states she didn’t have a family’s affection as a kid and so wants Virat to have the whole family’s love; she wants Ashwini to offer Vinayak good sanskars/morales and doesn’t want Pakhi’s negative shadow on Vinayak. Virat asks if she believes he would allow Pakhi raise Vinayak up; he will never forgive Pakhi for her actions, but he cannot punish his family and will assist them in bailing out Pakhi. Sai claims he has never met Pakhi, who is very manipulative and would go to any length for her profit; Vinayak is her only kid, and she will not take any chances with him.

Pakhi continues to weep and adds that anyone she loves abandons her. Vaishali attempts to console her. Pakhi claims she went against the world for Virat, but Virat now refuses to speak to her. Sai informs Virat that Pakhi will face her penalty and will not return to Chavan nivas or be in the presence of Vinayak. Bhavani asserts that she is the head of the household and would not allow Sai to take Vinayak away from here. Sai claims that she, too, wants her kid to have a family, but that if they oppose her, she would take her son away.

Virat has had enough of her; he is a parent, and if Sai attempts to take his kid away from him, he will not spare her. Sai expresses a desire for her kid to be loved by his father. Virat claims that his kid, like her, needs the protection and affection of his family. Sai says she wants the same thing, but if Pakhi returns to this home, she will manipulate the family and reclaim her son. Virat claims that his family embraced her, but she is attempting to denigrate them. Sai claims she never done anything like that and respects them all. Virat claims that even then, she is threatening to leave them since she has never had her own family. Hearing it, Sai is taken aback.

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