Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2022 Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai calls Savi and Chavan Nivas responds. She restrains herself from moving after remembering Virat’s advice. When Virat sees Sai, he takes the rose he had given to Pakhi back. The theme song from Serial is playing in the background. Bhavani shouts, “What the heck is that jungli mulgi doing here? I thought Sai was going to exploit my daughter to get into Chavan Nivas!” Virat attempts to go in the direction of Sai, but Bhavani stops him and requests that he spend time with his wife. Smile, the photographer asks Virat. Virat expresses his rage and accuses Sai of staging a scene at Pakhi’s residence before returning to this location. Sai’s anxiety for her kid, according to Pakhi, is genuine. Virat questions Sai’s belief that he would suffer damage in his presence.

Bhavani approaches Sai while carrying Sonali and inquires about the drama. How can she treat Savi so, says Sai. Bhavani turns down. Sai claims that during a video conference with Vinayak, she overheard Bhavani shouting at Savi. It’s her son and DIL’s wedding anniversary today, and Ashwini doesn’t want any outsiders stirring up trouble, she adds as she enters. As they are both in the same boat, Pakhi claims that if Virat doesn’t trust Sai with respect to his family, Sai won’t trust Virat with regard to her daughter. Sai was a different person when she left this home, according to Virat, and he can never be like someone who is supporting his brother’s killer.

When Ashwini is insulted, Sai addresses her as “madam” and tells her that if she thinks she would remain silent, she is mistaken. Savi runs up to mom joyfully and displays her new outfit. What does she want to say right now, Ashwini probes. If Bhavani screamed at her, Sai queries Savi. Even though Savi claims Bhavani shouted at her, the police uncle reprimanded her and even gave the cake to her first. Because she doesn’t want her son and DIL’s anniversary to be ruined, Bhavani asks Sai to leave in her customarily rudest tone and frowning attitude. Sai requests Savi’s companionship. Savi won’t go away. Vinayak approaches Sai and asks her to come to the celebration and give him some goodies as she does when he is fed at her place. Sai rejects once again. Sai is invited inside by Shivani for the sake of the kids. If she is aware of her aayi, Savi wonders. Shivani understands well why Sai finds it challenging to enter this home. Sai again begs Savi to go with her. Savi declines once again and leaves.

Bhavani beams and opens the door for Sai. Ashwini disagrees. For the benefit of the kids, Pakhi asks Sai to be Vinayak’s doctor during the celebration. Sai ultimately concurs and enters while remembering her time at Chavan nivas. When Virat sees Sai enter, he explodes. Since our children enjoy one other’s company, Pakhi claims that Sai is concerned for her daughter in the same way that he is for his son. Virat becomes calmer. Bhavani is asked by Ashwini why she invited Sai. Bhavani claims she can’t stand hearing people discuss their families, so she allowed Sai in to prevent any problems. Since Sai has no idea where her daughter is in this place, she begs Bhavani if she can seek her. Yes, Bhavani nods. Sai is taken to the terrace by Harini, who claims to know that Savi and Vinayak are there.

Ashwini informs Ashwini that she does not want Sai to interfere with Virat and Pakhi’s marriage relationship. Sai can’t, according to Bhavnai, since Virat has banished Sai from his heart. Ninad affirms the wisdom of Bhavani’s choice. Walks over to Savi. Savi is still furious. Sai claims that as her mother, she is aware of what is best for her. Savi declares that she won’t leave the party without witnessing the dancing. Sai concurs. Savi claims that this mansion is enormous and lovely, and she wishes that they had really stayed there. Sai advises against having unreachable dreams. What if Sai invents drama, Sonali asks Bhavani. In order to demonstrate that Virat and Pakhi are happy together and that Sai has no place in Virat’s life, Bhavani says she would instead create drama and invites Sai. If she is now up to anything, Sonali inquires.

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