Fashion Choices so Comical They Require a Double Take

People all have different fashion senses, but sometimes their outfit choices are taken a little too far. Once you see these hilarious fashion fails, you’ll be left wondering how could a designer think of these and why would someone buy the clothing item in the first place? You can try and understand, but seeing for yourself is better. From cow boot flip-flops to invisible jeans, here are fashion trends that will make you appreciate your own clothes even more.

That Awkward Moment When You Swore Your Shirt Said Canada

Ah yes, such a wholesome photo at first. Just a group of friends posing together, wanting to show some pride by repping their home country of Canada on their shirts! Naturally, they had to snap a photo to remember this day. It wasn’t until they looked back at the pictures that they realized what went horribly wrong. Well, did you catch it? It looks like the girl in the middle is repping something very different from Canada

It must’ve been super awkward when her friends and family saw this photo online; you’d sure hope they didn’t think she really wore a shirt that said that! 

The Designer Was Surely Fired After This

They’re sweatpants, maybe a sweatshirt, no, wait, sweat shorts? These must be some of the most confusing shorts ever known to man. Just in case you thought to yourself, I’d really like extra sleeves hanging by my hips and attached to my shorts, then these are your lucky bottoms. Whoever designed these sure was ambitious. Now the real question is, who is the type of person to purchase and wear these?

The Designer Was Surely Fired After This


No matter how many times you look at these shorts, they’re still funny. If you find a way to style these and look cool, you deserve an award. 

When You Need to Tie Your Hair Back but Forgot a Scrunchie

You know that awkward moment when you really want to tie your hair back in a ponytail, but you realize you forgot a hairband? Well, what on earth are you to do? This lucky girl had a strange idea. She was wearing a denim jacket that happened to have rips in the back. So she had the brilliant idea to stick her hair through the slits so it would stay out of her way.

When You Need to Tie Your Hair Back but Forgot a Scrunchie


Though at first glance, this appears to be a weird jacket with a patch of fur hanging off it intentionally. Thankfully it’s just her hair creeping through.

That’s a Thoughtfully Placed Flower

This lady was super proud to show off her new floral dress, but something wasn’t quite right. The placement of that flower is very odd because it’s directly on her bum! This design is just wrong on so many levels. How unfortunate; how can she ever wear this dress without people thinking it’s supposed to be something else? At least, it will surely make a few people laugh. Let’s hope she has a sense of humor! 

That's a Thoughtfully Placed Flower


Next time you want to buy a floral dress, make sure you really pay attention to the print; that way, you’re guaranteed to avoid a situation like this! 

When You’re so Excited for Movie Night, You Forget to Get Dressed

When desperation hits and that craving for a good movie sets in, one must go to all extremes to make it happen. In this particular case, that means not wasting a single second on getting dressed. This woman simply wrapped a sheet around her and rushed to rent a movie on DVD. The dedication is simply unstoppable. Her fashion choice, though bizarre and slightly concerning, is somewhat understandable. Movies wait for no one. 

When You're so Excited for Movie Night, You Forget to Get Dressed


One can only wish she is wearing actual clothes underneath that sheet. Maybe a tube top and shorts, hopefully? 

Any Woman’s Worst Nightmare Dress

Having a red flower near the bottom of this woman’s white dress wasn’t the best idea. It took a minute to realize that it was an intentional flower design. At first glance, it, unfortunately, looks like an accident. Maybe this lady’s dress was all white and had a spill; perhaps it was her time of the month? The last thing you want when sporting a new dress is for people to think it’s dirty!

Any Woman's Worst Nightmare Dress


It’s supposed to be a blooming flower, but where it’s really supposed to be is hidden in the back of her closet, so she doesn’t wear it again. 

Beach by Day, Rodeo by Night

Now, if these aren’t the most unique shoes you’ve ever seen in your life, then what could be? Sometimes cowboys must get sick of wearing just their regular old cowboy boots and want to spice things up every once in a while. Well, here’s a great way how. Cowboot sandals! You could wear them to the beach or the lake and be sure your feet won’t sweat on a sunny day. 

Beach by Day, Rodeo by Night

Although these cow boot sandals would be perfect for one more thing. Sitting in your house and never seeing daylight again because they are also slightly terrifying. 

When the Dress Code Said Pants but It’s Hot Outside

You’ve heard about ripped jeans, worn-in jeans, mom jeans, and bleached jeans, but have you ever heard of legless jeans? What is the actual point of wearing these? Well, if you really had to dig and find one, they could possibly be perfect for one particular occasion. When it’s too hot outside to actually wear pants, but for some reason, you’re really in the mood to wear the skeleton of a pair of jeans.

When the Dress Code Said Pants but It's Hot Outside

If you buy these jeans, you can’t be precisely sure what you’re paying for as they look like scraps. Nevertheless, they say less is more, so does that still apply here? 

Someone Forgot Her Pants

It appears as if this lady totally forgot to put her pants on that morning. But don’t be alarmed; these leggings are just the color of her skin. This should serve as a reminder to never wear flesh-colored leggings! It looks like she is shopping naked from the waist down! How can you explain this fashion choice? There are almost no words for this besides, maybe try black pants next time.

Someone Forgot Her Pants


This is truly an outfit so ridiculous you can’t look away. Although hopefully, she just forgot to check the mirror before leaving her house, so she will be slightly forgiven. 

When You Have a Party at 10 but Also Got Mauled by a Bear at 9

If the point of a jacket is to keep someone warm when it’s chilly outside, wouldn’t this defeat the purpose? This jacket would just give her cold shoulders! Denim jackets are supposed to be stylish and all, yet with this chunk of material missing, it just looks off. Almost as if this poor girl got attacked on her way to a party, and her jacket was ripped apart, yet she didn’t let it stop her. 

When You Have a Party at 10 but Also Got Mauled by a Bear at 9


This jacket could be perfect for those moments when you aren’t sure if you are going to be hot or cold; it’s the best of worlds. 

Someone Please Call the Fashion Police Now

Please stop what you are doing and take this photo in. Really let it seep into your subconscious because it’s an image you’ll never want to forget. First off, how does this guy get these pants-shoes or shoes-pants on? How do you go to the bathroom, and what is the belt for? Surely the pants are tight enough from all the laces. This is the most confusing yet sort-of cool clothing item ever. 

Someone Please Call the Fashion Police Now


Now, these wouldn’t require a double take but at least a solid hour to stare at and figure out. Clearly, only the most confident and cool kids can wear these. 

So That’s Where Waldo Is

Just like a game of Where’s Waldo? is all about a hidden object you must find, did you notice the hidden thing on this woman’s pants? She thought she was purchasing Christmas-inspired leggings when she got a little surprise. Right in between her legs appears to be a little hand reaching out for something! This is definitely an interesting design. What exactly is the purpose of that hand placement? Who knows. 

So That's Where Waldo Is

Hopefully, for Christmas, this lady’s family buys her a few pairs of new leggings so she can forever keep this pair in storage. 

This Guy Might Be a Tad Self-Obsessed

Well, that’s definitely a look. First off, this outfit requires confidence and a certain level of self-love like no other. Secondly, it is pretty frightening. The sequins, sunglasses, and of course, shirt that is a picture of himself are hilarious and bold. Though props must be given to this guy for going out of his way to make a shirt with his own face on it, it’s definitely an outfit for the books.

This Guy Might Be a Tad Self-Obsessed

If you saw him on the street, you surely wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off him. However, the shirt wouldn’t take its eyes off you either. 

It’s Called Fashion, Look It up

Well, would you look at that? Usually, people, especially in cartoons, are scared of slipping on a banana. But this time, you can just wear sandals that look exactly like one! Gab Bois, the talented artist, designed these sandals, especially for summer. She is known for creating unique fashion pieces and illusions out of unconventional materials, and this definitely takes the cake. If you ever got the chance to wear these, you’d better go bananas. 

It's Called Fashion, Look It up


How many of you would actually rock these flip-flops? If you’re into people staring at your feet, then you must wear these because it would be inevitable. 

Just in Case You Didn’t Understand What Was Due in the First Place

Being pregnant is exciting and wanting to show it off to the world is normal. But it’s unclear if this shirt was made for the pregnant lady printed on it or someone else. Either way, whether you’re pregnant wearing a shirt of yourself pregnant or wearing a shirt of someone else pregnant, it’s still weird. Maybe they just wanted to ensure no one would forget they were due in July.

Just in Case You Didn't Understand What Was Due in the First Place


This custom shirt definitely got a bit strange. You are better off sticking to maternity clothes and skipping out on this specially-made piece altogether.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Now this woman is absolutely iconic. She is wearing what appears to be a jumpsuit or coat and a matching purse, all covered in daisies. She really wanted to embody springtime with this outfit and nailed it. That type of confidence someone can surely only be born with. Though it’s a bold choice, it is so unique you couldn’t possibly look away. This precious woman really let her fashion style blossom, so to speak. 

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring


Hopefully, she will wear this outfit all year long. Unless, of course, she has outfits that correspond to all of the seasons, then that would be very cool. 

When You’re Craving a Cuddle

Are you ever a little sad and really want a hug? Or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve had a good cuddle, and you’re craving touch? Then this must be the perfect puffer coat for you. It definitely requires a double take to process what’s going on. But once you realize it, it’s disturbing and cool. This might’ve been the perfect jacket over the pandemic when people were especially lonely. 

When You're Craving a Cuddle

Whether this is considered high fashion or just a bizarre clothing piece that no one should ever wear, you can’t deny it’s entertaining to look at. 

Well That Looks Like an Uncomfortable Wedgie

Now when you see this photo, what do you think? At first glance, it may appear like this guy is casually walking around with a deep atomic wedgie. However, it is actually the intended design of his t-shirt. Could you believe that? Maybe he didn’t even realize what it looked like from the back. Surely someone must have told him. Perhaps it wouldn’t look so bad if he just untucked the shirt from his pants? 

Well That Looks Like an Uncomfortable Wedgie


It must’ve been funny to witness how many people thought this man’s underwear was accidentally sticking out of his shorts before they realized it was just the design. 

Just When She Thought She Had the Perfect Photo

Everyone wants to be an influencer or Instagram model these days. So when this girl posed for a picture, she thought it would be stunning. She was in place, and the outfit was perfect, or so she thought. Only when she was ready to post on her social media did she realize what she had done. It’s best if she has a sense of humor; otherwise, her photos may be a tad ruined. 

Just When She Thought She Had the Perfect Photo


Her shirt was supposed to say ‘Saturday,’ and it did until she posed for the camera. Her arms cut off the word and made it look like she was sporting a sweater that said ‘turd.’ 

Bad Fashion or Bad Timing

This young girl was excited to graduate high school and head to her first year of college. She decided to buy a shirt to celebrate the occasion and take a photo. But no one told her that the shirt said something entirely else. Surely she eventually figured out how to spell the word college correctly. But for now, she could just tell people her new favorite hobby is collaging so that way the shirt makes sense. 

Bad Fashion or Bad Timing

Everyone makes simple mistakes, and this is just a tiny innocent, and silly one. She was so close, though; only one letter off, and she would’ve had it.

Try a Shirt as a Skirt Instead

There is a reason this clothing piece is a top because it is meant to be worn on top of your body as a shirt! This girl must’ve just wanted to be different and creative with her clothes, but it’s quite a fashion fail. The vision was there, but the execution was just a bit off. What’s next? Pants as shirts or underwear as hats? It’s best to leave clothing to their intended body part! 

Try a Shirt as a Skirt Instead


Of course, courage and boldness are always admired. But the outfit is best not to be repeated. There are things called skirts, so better try those next time.

When You’re Running Out of Outfit Ideas

Times really are changing with this new look. Moschino designer Jeremy Scott debuted an entire runway show inspired by trash. This iconic piece was obviously inspired by the plastic bags they drape over your clothes when you pick something up from the dry cleaning. Only what if this time, you wore that dry cleaning bag and, while you’re at it, threw a hanger on your head? And you won’t believe how much this costs.

When You're Running Out of Outfit Ideas

Getty Images/Pietro D’Aprano

This plastic trash-inspired dress will run you a bill of seven hundred dollars! You might as well just pay for something else to be dry-cleaned and ask for the plastic covering. 

Someone Could’ve Warned Her the Sizes Were Way off

This is a classic example of what you ordered online and expected to receive being entirely different from what you got. It must be super disappointing waiting for your package in the mail all those weeks, and then you get this. These side-by-side images show the same outfit, but no one told this girl; the sizes were entirely off! She thought she was ordering her size, and then this way too small outfit arrived! 

Someone Could've Warned Her the Sizes Were Way off, abrahamlinc0ln/Reddit

If you’ve learned anything from these hilarious photos, it should be that shopping in-store is probably always the best way to shop for new clothes.

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