Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Pakhi Stops Agastya From Leaving

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

He claims that she does not have a right to live. She is doomed to death. Pakhi is shot by her. Yug is also brought. “You’re so useless,” she adds as she shoots him in the leg. Even if I finally accepted your existence after all these years, you failed.

I should have suffocated you in my womb. He’s taken aback. Agastya hears Mira tell him, “I’ll shoot Pakhi right now.” The time has come. Please don’t do this, Samir tells you. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. “Pakhi,” Agastya commands, “look at me.” We have a strong relationship. You and I are entwined by nature, and this thread isn’t particularly weak.

You understand what I’m referring to, don’t you? To shed some light on the situation, he makes an attempt to elucidate things for her. She recalls the string he wrapped around her wrist at the time. “Will you let that thread fall apart?” asks Agasatya of Pakhi. What you decide is entirely up to you. You are free to end our discussion at any time. Despite Mira’s best efforts, she remains unsure.

Agastya’s countdown to 2 is nearly complete. An explosion occurs as Pakhi breaks the thread in her thread near Mira. She had a mishap. She was taken into custody by the police. Pakhi tells Mira that Agastya will never be defeated. Compared to you, he’s a genius. The inspector brings her to the police station where she will be processed.

Yug is picked up by Agastya and Agastya promises to free him. Please know that I’m thinking of you and sending you my best wishes. Only two persons who were linked to you abused and used you to the full extent of your abilities..

First, I’ll introduce myself to you and then your mother. Trying to discover true love causes you to engage in a number of heinous acts. I’ll get a lawyer to represent you for you. I’ll get you out of here and wait for you to return. This had Yug in tears. Agastya is embraced by Pakhi. It’s a win-win situation. Dadi claims that Agastya is the name of the city. He cradles her. Pakhi embraces her back.

Pakhi is asked by Prema if she will join them. As Pakhi turned to go, she shook her head. They’re gone. Pakhi, Agastya advises that you and your family accompany you. They are the only ones who can offer you the love you deserve.

After what has happened to you, Dadi continues, we can’t ask you for anything. There is no right or wrong way to live. Pakhi has a photographic memory. She takes a step back. Pakhi turns to leave.

Arriving home: Pakhi She had Agastya on her mind. Prema arrives at her door. Pakhi does not pay attention to her. She asserts that I am not hungry, but I disagree. Mira asks, “Have you ever considered yourself and Agastya as a couple?”

Agasstya, Dadi tells you, Pakhi has forgiven you for what you did. Her eyes tell the story. You have to forgive yourself, too. In Agastya’s words, I shall never see her again. Dadi claims to have cherished your being here as much as she has.

I’m sure her scars go deeper than that. Everything is remediable with the passage of time. Agastya, Prema informs Pakhi, has evolved. All his life, he’s been in love with you. Agastya has been pardoned by your father and myself.

You have the freedom to do whatever you choose. Agastya tells dadi that he doesn’t deserve Pakhi’s love. To assist me make a decision, you must step in. Dadi asks, “What’s the point?” Agastya believes that Pakhi would never forgive him. Dadi asks, “What are you going to decide?” He claims that I’d like some time to myself. That’s it.

Agastya gave Pakhi some of her childhood possessions, as well as some of the gifts he’s given her afterwards. She admits that she thinks Agastya did something wrong, but she’s at peace with it all. ‘Agastya,’ Shanaya asks, will you ever return? Naveli has dialled Pakhi’s number. In Pakhi’s astonishment,

Naveli and Mona both keep up with the news. Pakhi has a look at the documents. He claims to have signed the documents for the divorce, according to Naveli. Agastya and Dadi leave the home. Agastya advises Agastya to make a final decision before making a huge one. “I’ve done so much wrong with Pakhi,” he tells me.

As long as I’m there, she’ll never be happy. As Mona says, I have no idea where my mother and Agastya are. Pakhi, what are you thinking? Samir inquires. Agastya is en route to the airport. He’ll be there shortly. Dadi, he claims your Agastya is powerful, according to him. Pakhi is no longer a part of my life, and I have to accept it.

In a panic, Pakhi bolts from the house. She rides her bike to work. I believe him. Pakhi assures me that he will be departing soon for the airport. They told her to use caution. Dadi tells me she’s going to stop you.

As far as Agastya is concerned, she has no idea how far I’m going. Is it true what Dadi claims about the two of you? Pakhi has arrived. Dadi claims you’ll be stuck with her forever. Pakhi pulls up next to his car and tells him to stop. Agastya is taken aback by this. Pakhi claims to have known she’d be there since she texted her ahead of time. “Stop,” says Agastya, to the driver of the automobile.

As Pakhi makes his way to his automobile, They exchange a single glance. In Pakhi’s words, you’ll never leave me. I’ll track you down from wherever you are. It was Agastya’s fantasy. Pakhi screams may be heard. You want a divorce? She escorts him outside and says so. At the very least, wait until I’m done signing the paperwork. There aren’t any difficulties with my signature. I’ll put my name on them.

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