Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mira Gets Arrested

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Yug enters Pakhi’s chamber and inquires as to her whereabouts. In Naveli’s opinion, she isn’t feeling well. Please, Shanaya begs, allow her to relax. He claims that the rear door lock is broken. Because Shanaya said it was damaged, it crumbled.

In Pakhi’s chamber, he spots a sleeping man with his back to the wall. It was a neighbour of Pakhi’s. Shanaya requested Yug for aid when she noticed her entering the room.

Mira cries out for assistance. Accompanied by agaststya, His promise to me is Mira’s word for it. Please keep away from Dai maa’s house. Your abilities are useless in this situation. Mira is terrified as she makes her way out of the circle.

I think you’ve crossed the line, Dai maa. There is no one who can save you at this point. Mira begs for her life’s sake: Please save me, she pleads. He’s going to shoot me. Dai maa tells me it’s out of my control. In the words of Agastya, I must bring you along.

The choice is between stabbing or throwing you from the balcony. Should I put you on a pyre and kill you? Confession and remorse are Dai Maa’s wishes for you. “Please save me,” Mira begs you. Dai Maa tells you to accept your mistakes. Mira claims that I shot Agastya and Pakhi instead of blaming Agastya for Pakhi’s death and that I am too responsible for her death. I made an attempt to set him ablaze.

He died as a result of my failure to seek medical attention for him. It is in my best interest to acquire his land and businesses. Please allow me to leave. Pakhi breaks down and captures her sobs. Dai Maa claims that this spirit won’t be returning any time soon. There appears to be an increase in crime. Pakhi’s parents, according to Mira, are being held in my office warehouse. There was no harm done to them, though.

Outside, police are on the scene. Mira was stunned. According to her, this indicates Agastya asks Mohit to invite Pakhi’s parents to the meeting. Pakhi has called time on your game.

The prayers of Agastya’s dadi kept him alive. You’ve lost your sense of right and wrong. Because of the wounds you inflicted on me, I have to live with the scars you left behind. Together, Pakhi and I are.

You can’t hurt us. In your game, we had the upper hand. No one in this family has ever considered you a member, and you never will be. They detained her. In response to this, Pakhi begs her mother and papa to allow her to leave. Agastya tells you to go. I’ll take them there for you. Pakhi rushes back to her house.

Mohit shows up at the storage facility. The thugs strapped a pistol to their waists and said that Mira had instructed them to shoot anyone who entered the compound. Agastya slaps him in the face. They are all taken outdoors by him.

Everyone who is in the way of Agastya gets smashed to pieces. Is Pakhi all right, wonders Mira? That is what Agastya tells me, and I believe her. The man begs for forgiveness on his part. You’ve always reminded me of my parents. My apologies; I realise I got sidetracked. If you don’t want to accept me, that’s OK.

Yug says I can go visit Pakhi, so I’m going to go see her. Shanaya intervenes. Don’t take advantage of me, he tells you. Pakhi informs you that Mira is waiting for you at the police station. Yug was also detained by police. Mira cries and denies any wrongdoing on her part. Agastya tells you to quit faking it right now and now. Pakhi visits her parents at the police station.

Agastya and Dadi get to know one another. Then she hugs him and adds, “Pakhi told me all.” When Pakhi asks about Agasstya, Samir tells her how she protected them. A constable’s gun is taken by Mira, who uses it to arm everyone in the room. She claims I’m going to go about killing everyone. “You won’t live,” she adds as she places it on Pakhi.

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