Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Agastya Saves Pakhi

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

Pakhi shouts, “Don’t come near me.” The minister opens his legs. The bird pushes him. She says don’t come near me. The light goes out. Someone comes wearing a mask. The minister says who is it? The man pushes the minister. He pulls out his knife. The bird says who are you? Don’t come near me The bird says who are you? He picks it up. The minister is about to kill him with a vase. The boy hits her. He grabbed the bird’s hand and led it out.

My poor bird says. She must be begging for death. Shanaya brings a stick and says I will kill you today. She strangles him and says you are a witch. I say you did not see the devil in me. She is about to beat Shanaya with a stick. Yoga stops him and says let him go mom.

I say don’t forget I can kill you. Grandmother says she is a child. Yoga says he made a mistake. She strangles my yoga and says that there is no one more important to me than me. Not even my son. If you help them, I will do the same for you. Keep an eye on Augusta. The bird was locked in another room. Pakhi says who are you .. he leaves. Pakhi says why did I feel like I knew this person.

If he wanted to save me, why did he leave me here? The minister is looking for a bird. The lights are on in the house. The man is looking for it. Pakhi says I have to get out of here. The man dragged the minister out. Pakhi says let me go. The boy puts her on the floor. The Minister appeals for mercy. The boy hits her and drags her. I asked Yoga why are you so lost? You have to keep an eye on Agastya and let me know when she regains consciousness. Yoga sits and remembers what the bird said that mine is using it.

Scene 2

The bird wakes up in the same room the next morning. She goes out. Everything is broken. The bird leaves the house. People see her torn clothes. They talk about it. “We’ve seen it somewhere,” he says. It is said that he is Pakhi Raichand. The bird saw some people gathering outside. People are making videos.

There, the minister’s face is blackened and people beat him with slippers. The bird kills him too. Do people say that this man has harmed you? Everyone hit him. Bird leaves A blanket falls on it. The bird wears it. The man is standing behind her.

The man takes off his mask. It’s August. Pakhi takes a rickshaw and leaves. Augustia makes a video of the minister. He rides a motorcycle. Agustia watches a baby with her mother in the park. He remembers the time he spent with me. He says I have become a mama. I forgot what love means. Then the bird came into my life and told me what love is.

In my madness I wasted many lives. I was not a bad person. I want to be a good person who knows how to give life. I want to keep this woman away from pure life. I think I am a dead body but she does not know that I am fine now. When she got there in that mask, I remembered everything. Thank you for awakening my shock. Agastya remembers when he locked her in the same fire. Agastya says the same fire, the same woman. I’m back. I won’t let it hurt the bird anymore.

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