Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The doctor checked Agastya and told her that her condition was not good. He may go into a coma. He may be ill. Mine says I can’t send her out of the house. She says yoga should not be approached by anyone. Shanaya cries. “I’m very scared,” she says. What if he kills Mama Papa? Pakhi says we will save them, we will not let anything happen to them. She says eat it Shanaya says it’s all because of me. When will our life be normal? Pakhi says we will win this war. We will kill him. do not worry.

Grandma said to Mona, are you happy? You are still my servant. Mona says that at least we are alive. Novelli says that today they have another party where we have to work as servants. Daddy says that Pakhi is also very worried about her parents. What will Maira do to us?

Pakhi secretly goes to Agastya’s room. “I don’t know what I’m doing to you,” she says. I feel very helpless. I feel very weak. You were always there for me. My dodo always protected me. Please get better. She remembers her moments with Agustia. Pakhi says I miss you so much. She cries Yoga comes and says what are you doing here .. He drags her out, she says your mother is heartless.

He is your brother Yoga says he is my half-brother. Pakhi says Augustia forced you to do something very wrong. But that has changed. He did not know that you were his brother. At least remember his good deeds. Yoga says he used me like a dog. Pakhi says you let people use you. Mine is using you too You let it do that too. You know what she’s doing is wrong. Why can’t you go against it? I called yoga. Yoga says don’t give me lectures. Go and work for the party. Don’t come near this room again.

Scene 2

I invited the Minister. She says thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding. You will benefit from this agreement. Sinha says his condition is that he wants his share on time. The minister looked at Shanaya. I say don’t worry. The minister says you are very smart. If you told me that you are so clever that you have hatched all these conspiracies against Agastya.

I’m worried about my profit. Mine says I would love to serve you. Shanaya offers drinks. The minister took her hand. Shanaya is scared. Paki looked at him angrily. She tries to pull her hand back. Yoga also looks at them. The minister said was this girl not in the previous party? I may not have seen it. Mona tells Novelli to go to the kitchen. He says if you want to do something for us, send this girl with us.

Pakhi slaps the minister and says that bad people like you should be behind bars. The Minister tells me that I am canceling this deal here. Don’t dare call me again. Mine runs after her and apologizes. I say give me a chance, take more advantage. “I have only one condition,” he says. I say I will do everything.

Grandma said to Shanaya, are you all right? I hate Yoga tells me it’s too much. Maira approaches Shanaya. Pakhi says don’t even dare to look at him. Drags my bird. “You did me a great favor by not canceling the deal,” she said. In return, I can do this for you.

She pushes the bird towards him. He grabbed the bird and said that he was mentally unwell. I can heal you The bird hits him and says leave me alone. My bird says that I have your parents. Someone has to go for fun. Either you or your sister Do you want to save yourself or your sister? Grandma says I won’t let you do this disgusting thing. You can kill me I say shut up or I can send a novel. Mona says no. Amy stay away from it.

I asked the bird, “Do you know me?” Pakhi says keep Shanaya away from him. Maira says ok then you will go. She drags it. The bird caught the bird and said please don’t do that. Pakhi tells Shanaya to think of Mami Papa. I will handle it Yoga drags Shanaya. She pushes him. Grandpa says stop mine. How can you do this? You are a woman yourself. My men dragged the bird out. Everyone cries.

Scene 3

The minister took the bird to his room. The bird is tied. She cries He says you can slap me again. Paki is screaming for help. He says no one will come. Pakhi says don’t dare come near me. He grabs her and tells her not to be careful with me. He closes the door. Paki is screaming for help. He comes close to it. The bird pushes him. He comes close to it. The bird is screaming.