Entitled Mother Uses Her Autistic Son To Get Free Food

In today’s story, the entitled woman we have got for you guys today straight uses the disability of her son to try and get her food for free. Yes, you read that right. A delivery driver who works for a major food company shared that one day he received a request to deliver a very expensive order so he accept it and went on his way to deliver it. The woman he was going to deliver the order to had an autistic son so she informed OP to call her when he reaches instead of ringing the doorbell as it would disturb her son. OP reached there, called the woman, and as soon as she opened the door she started demanding discounts and went beyond all levels of entitlement to ask the delivery driver to tip her for not listening to her and not giving the discount. Doing all of this, she used her autistic child to get the delivery driver to pay her but he did not listen one bit. He dropped her food on the ground and went on his way.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down!

1. Delivery driver should tip her? What sort of entitlement is this?

2. OP works in Texas as a delivery driver for a major food company.

3. The job pays well but because it is a service job, OP says he often meets many entitled people who are full of themselves.

4. OP got an expensive order from a woman who instructed him to call when arrive instead of ringing the doorbell which would disturb her autistic child.

5. OP accepts the order, gets the food from the restaurant, arrives at the woman’s house, and gives her a call.

6. EM opened the door and to OP’s surprise, she did not like anything like a Karen…she was beautiful.

7. The cast! This means we are getting a dialogue!

8. The first thing OP asked about was a discount. She used a card regarding her autistic child and the challenges she has to face to deal with him. Wait what?

9. OP told EM her order had been paid for already…there is nothing that can be done now.

10. After being declined, EM’s entitlement awakened as her facial expressions changed from a smirk to a snarl.

11. The woman then demanded OP pay for her food again using her autistic son as an emotional playcard. OP told her this may end up getting him fired so he can’t do it.

Is this entitled mother even listening to herself? I am not even there and I feel so infuriated right now. If something hasn’t hit me in the head, then I am not wrong in saying this woman is USING her autistic child to get free food. Oh…my…god…she does not deserve to keep that child. I wonder how she treats her child anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her refuse to own her own child in a public place if he ever did something embarrassing. This mother doesn’t deserve to be called a “mother” even if we use the word “entitled” with it.

I still cannot wrap my head around this. Let’s see how the interaction moves further. Scroll down below to continue reading.

12. OP showed zero sense of sympathy for the driver and somehow turned it around on him demanding a tip from him for ruining her day.

She just demanded a tip from the very driver who just brought her the food she ordered.

13. OP rejected everything and asked her to take her food so he could go.

14. OP gently dropped her bag of food on the ground and started walking toward his car.

15. OP got a one-star review from her which he expected. He contacted support for help.

16. OP explained the situation to the nice support lady.

17. As soon as OP gave the order details to NSL, she knew exactly who he had delivered the order to. The same woman had this exact thing twice before OP’s experience. She assured OP the review will be off his record, and they will try to have EM’s account deactivated.

18. A satisfied OP walked out of the situation.

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

19. Extremely insensitive. This was unacceptable.

20. Fact of the week.

21. Nature made a mistake.

22. She probably takes zero ownership of her child in public places.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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