Entitled Mother Kicks Up A Fuss Over Not Getting Potatoes For Her Daughter

The way a person treats waitstaff can reveal a lot about them.

What I’ve noticed while out with friends and family is that how they treat their employees says a lot about them. I understand that everyone has bad days and that you can be a little prickly with the people you come into contact with. And many times, you don’t even get the chance to apologise because you’ll never see them again, but venting your rage on innocent employees is not the way to go. It’s not like the waitstaff is attempting to offend you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve encountered a few rude service employees, but I usually just ignore them and leave the shop. I only went to the manager once to complain, and that was because the employees were being horrible to a lot of customers. The majority of the time, it is the customers who believe they are high and mighty. Many people believe that they are better than these employees simply because they have a little more money in their pockets. That is exactly the type of person this woman is.

You can see for yourself by scrolling down.

Source: Reddit

You can tell from the title that this is going to be an interesting story.

They were in quite a serious relationship and were thinking about getting married.

Meeting his side of the family was difficult at all and they were on board quite quickly.

His girlfriend’s parents on the other hand were going to be a much bigger problem.

It was going well for a bit until the woman started screeching.

The restaurant was clearly busy with the entitled woman didn’t care about that.

All the steak houses I’ve been to don’t have a kid’s menu to be fair.

However, Ellen wasn’t letting it go at all.

It was his turn to get grilled now.


Ellen was exceptionally rude to everyone around her, even him.


You would think that would be it but she was just getting started.

She waited for the waiter to list out all the specials before ordering from the menu.

The whole family acted like this was the most normal thing to do.

The rest of the family did eventually get to order.

It was clear that she wasn’t a very patient woman.

She was obsessed with the mashed potatoes.

The waiter tried to calm her down.

However, nothing was working.

The poster of this story tried to lighten the mood.

But nobody was by his side, not even his girlfriend.

Even the waiter was getting tired at this point.

He had enough of this so he tried to speak up.

Ellen, however, agreed with him and decided to do something dumb.

He was ready to leave but stayed to see what would happen next.

How can people think this is okay?

Her daughter could wait for a while for the potatoes.

This is what brought the manager as well.

When everything was over, he decided to speak with his girlfriend about it.

However, it was clear that they weren’t right for each other.

While I feel bad for the waitstaff who had to deal with her, I’m glad this happened. because otherwise, the poster of this story would not have realised the truth about the family. He would have certainly broken up with his girlfriend, but it is better that it happened sooner rather than later. I would have expected someone in the family to comment on the woman’s behaviour. However, it is clear that they are all enablers who believe there is nothing wrong with treating other humans in this manner.

I could have never been quiet through all that.

This revealed his ex-girlfriend’s truth and how she really is.

It is a good thing that this happened early on before they got married.

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