Entitled Mother Gets Angry At An Employee For Not Dating Her Daughter

People do not always think before speaking.

I’m sure we’ve all had moments when our mouth outpaced our brain and we said things we later regretted. That is fairly common, but I have yet to witness someone doing it and becoming increasingly enraged over something they completely made up. When parents try to match their children with others, it can be both adorable and cringeworthy. That doesn’t mean they can force others to be with their children. I didn’t think this sort of thing happened in real life, but apparently it does.

And who is surprised that this time it was an entitled mother who did all the work? She apparently misinterpreted something and assumed the tour guide was interested in her daughter. That is fine, but what she did next is not. Not only did she become enraged when he tried to clarify that it was a misunderstanding, but she also thr*atened to fire him for failing to do as she had requested. When he decided to call his boss, she realised what she was saying. Now, this is only a summary; the full story is far more interesting.

Scroll down to take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to grab some popcorn for the perfect reading experience.

Source: Reddit

The poster of this story is a teenager who is basically a tour guide.

The mother-daughter duo come in and he asks for age for the tour to begin.


Her mother probably didn’t hear the second part and thought he was interested in her.


It is clear right from the start that she is trying to set up her daughter with this guy.


But before the tour can end, the mother asks the question right out.

He clearly states that he isn’t interested but this leaves the woman confused.

Rather than moving on, the woman digs her hole even deeper.

That is when it sinks in that what she is doing is completely absurd.

The girl was embarrassed and could utter an apology before running out with her mother.

Apparently, this sort of thing happens more than we may think.

What did she expect to happen if she put him in that situation? Did she expect him to confess his feelings for a stranger? She not only embarrassed herself but also her daughter, who was never interested in him in the first place. I can understand a misunderstanding like this occurring, but she should have simply apologised and moved on instead of dragging it out like this.

People in the comments had a good laugh about the whole situation.

I am guessing the shocked Pikachu face goes right here.

We all deserve it!

And then everyone clapped afterwards.

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