Entitled Mother Accuses Her Daughter’s Boyfriend Of Kidnapping Her

Some parents always consider their kids to be children.

And, while there is nothing wrong with loving and caring for your adult children, you should understand that as they grow older, you must allow them some privacy and freedom. However, many parents forget this and believe that they own their children and can command them to do whatever they want. We’ve all seen entitled parents complain about service workers not kissing the ground they walk on. How do you think these entitled parents act around their children?

While some parents lavishly spoil their children and believe they can do no wrong, others keep their children under lock and key. This story falls under the latter category. While I don’t like to blame toxic behaviour on mental illnesses, it did have something to do with her mental health this time. It was still her fault for not going to therapy or seeking help and instead taking her frustrations out on others. However, she gets what she deserves in the end, and in an unexpected twist, we also get a happy ending.

So, scroll down to find out what happened for yourself.

We start the story off with some background information on the lady.

And we also get to meet the main cast of this particular experience.

The daughter was staying with her boyfriend but her mother wasn’t too happy about that.

As someone who owns a single cat, I can imagine that it would be hard to deal with loads of cats.

However, Ellie wasn’t going to fight about it and handled the situation.

Her mother on the other hand misunderstood and threw a fit.

He didn’t want to have a confrontation with his girlfriend’s mother but he had no choice right then.

He was obviously getting angry t her so asked her a simple question.

It resulted in a shouting match with the mother admitting to nothing.

You would think that it would be over now but it was just getting started.

The police came to the house and the mother started putting on a show for the cops.

She acted as if she was being taken advantage of.

It was working well for her until the girlfriend mentioned her age.

That was when the cop realized what was happening.

As it turn south, they also knew each other so the mother was seething at this point,

She said that she wanted to press charges but she had no grounds.

She thought that she had won but she had another thing coming.

It was then she realized that she had made a huge mistake.

The story doesn’t end there either as we actually get a happy ending for the entitled mother for once.

As it turns out, she turned a new leaf and has been working on herself.

While I’ve never read a story in which an entitled mother turned out to be a good person, this one did. This just goes to show that people can change if they recognise their errors and seek assistance. The world would be a much better place if people could admit their mistakes, but what makes a person entitled is that they believe they can do no wrong, so I can see how that is difficult for many. But, at the very least, we have this story to restore our faith in humanity.

it is always nice to read stories like this one.

Just goes to show that everyone can indeed change.

It truly is once in a blue-moon situation.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever had to deal with an entitled parent who later turned out to be a good person? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends so they can join in with their experiences as wel

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