Entitled Customer At Retail Store Wants $100 of Merchandise To Be Sold For $5

The Reddit post titled “No ma’am, I can’t sell you $100 of merchandise for $5” tells a story about a customer and a retail employee. The customer sees a sign with the wrong price for some items and thinks she found a great deal. She insists on buying the items for that price, but the employee has to explain that it was a mistake and tell her the correct price. This story shows how retail workers face difficulties when customers misunderstand prices, and it emphasizes the need for clear communication and understanding during shopping. No matter how dumb the customer is, you must find a way to explain things as they want to hear. Scroll down below to read the full story.

OP works at a clothing store where there was a sale on underwear where a single pair was $2 and packs of 8 with a $20 sign. The single pairs wall also has a 5 for $5 sign.

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A woman comes up with 8 packs of underwear and OP tells her the bill which is $100. She says she will pay $5.

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OP asks her to lead him to the sign and clears her confusion that it was for the single pairs. She is adamant to buy it at the same rate yet OP refuses.

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She asks to remove the sign as it’s confusing to which OP tells no.

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OP was afraid to use such a tone with the lady but luckily she does not call the manager and walked out.

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Now that you have read the story. it’s time for you to see what Redditors had to say on this. It is obvious that the customer was dumb and overreacted for no reason while OP is in the right here to be straightforward with her to not change the sign. Read till the end to see what are other people’s opinions on this. Don’t forget to share your own opinion at the end of this article too.

Customers will not understand the simplest of things and blame the store for it.

That must be a boring task.

Following are the conversations with the entitled customers who think they are always right.

Funny that customers tend to do such things too.

The cashiers know this has happened a lot if times.

The humor of some Reddit’s is on point and never fails to entertain us.

The story offers a fascinating insight into the challenges faced by retail workers when customers misinterpret pricing. While it’s understandable that the customer may have felt disappointed upon realizing her mistake, it’s important to recognize that store policies and pricing are carefully established to ensure fairness and sustainability. This story serves as a reminder that clear communication and understanding are vital in retail transactions. By approaching such situations with patience and empathy, both customers and retail employees can navigate misunderstandings and work towards finding a satisfactory resolution.

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