Doggo Catches A Karen And Her Entitled Kid Red-Handed, They End Up In Jail

People who harm animals are the worst.

People who harm innocent animals, in my opinion, cannot be called human beings. I’ve seen people throw small rocks at squirrels far too often, and it’s always heartbreaking because most of the time the squirrels are injured. However, these people continue to do it while laughing maniacally. And, while I understand that children do not always understand the consequences of their actions, it is the responsibility of adults to teach them. So it is not fair for parents to continue to use the excuse that their children are only children when they are actually teenagers.

While it is important to trust your child, you should also consider who needs to be protected the most and whether your child actually made a mistake. Because if you continue to support your child, they will grow up with no sense of responsibility and will become entitled. That is the lesson this woman required. Her child was attempting to harm a dog, and rather than grounding or punishing him in some other way, she chose to come out and blame the owner of the dog in question.

You can read the rest of the story by scrolling down.

Source: Reddit

We start off this story with some background information on where the fence was.

OP had a dog named Sarie and she was well-loved in the neighborhood.

And while OP was fine with people coming over to say hi to the good doggo, it went a bit further with these kids.

They were trying to rile up the doggo while safely behind the fence.

So he unhooked the dog to let the kids have a scare.

That is when they came back with their mother in tow who was fuming.

She called the police quite quickly to get the dog put down.

The entitled woman then started screaming about the dog being rac*st which was absurd.

That is when a new development happened.

As it turns out they were carrying illegal weapons on them and got taken to the police station pretty quick.

We also have a few pictures of Sarie for anyone wanting dog tax.


That honestly did not occur to me. While the title implied that they would end up in jail. I never imagined things would turn out this way. I’m just relieved that the dog was safe and sound. I’m sure this woman could have had the dog put down, so I’m glad things worked out this way. While I believe allowing the dog to chase after the children was reckless, they deserved it. And the good dog deserves to be rewarded for her efforts. While she is no longer with us, her memory will live on through this story.

People in the comments were just relieved that the doggo was safe and sound.

I am glad that they ended up in jail as well.

It seems that some dogs can just smell the gunpowder.

That is actually quite a stupid argument.

Not every situation has a happy ending but this one did.


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