Disastrous Wedding Stories That Made Us Say “I Don’t”

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You are standing up in front of your friends and family, professing how much you love someone. Usually, there are a few hiccups on the day of the wedding, but we found some horror stories about wedding days turning into disasters. As Murphy’s Law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and things went horribly wrong for these people. From missing dresses to venue mishaps, these are the worst things that can happen on your wedding day. Prepare to be in shock and possibly laugh at other people’s wedding misfortunes.

1. “Did You Hear What The Bride Did?!”

This person always felt like the third wheel with his brother and sister because they were so close. When his sister got engaged, he could tell his brother was pissed off about something. On the day of the wedding, no one could find the brother. About halfway through the ceremony, everyone heard a car outside, and then the church doors crashed open. 

"Did You Hear What The Bride Did?!"


The man running into the church was the bride’s brother, who was drunk and naked and screaming that he objected to the wedding. He revealed that he had been sleeping with his sister for many years, and when she got pregnant, she had an abortion, which made him upset. The wedding was immediately canceled and the groom left right away. The siblings were excommunicated from their family and taken out of their parent’s will. 

2. “I Object!”

Have you ever seen a movie where someone stands up and objects to the marriage? You might assume that that doesn’t happen in real life. At one wedding, while the bride and groom were at the alter, someone stood up and started proclaiming their love for the bride. 

"I Object!"


It gets better, though. The man who was proclaiming his love for the bride was sitting next to his wife. The bride and groom were absolutely mortified. 

3. Might Contain Peanuts

When you get married, you want people to enjoy the food that you are serving at your reception. A person who worked at a catering company shared a story of one of the weirdest experiences from a wedding they catered. At the wedding, they were serving the desserts and announced that one of the cookies had peanuts in it. 

Might Contain Peanuts


A woman walked up and took one of the peanut cookies and suddenly went into anaphylactic shock. They called an ambulance immediately, and on her way to the hospital, she passed away. According to people who knew this woman, she knew that the cookies contained peanuts and that she was allergic. 

4. “He’s The Father!”

If you have ever seen The Maury Povich Show and wondered if that happens in real life, well this story will answer that question. At her brother-in-law’s wedding, a woman saw his ex walk in even though she wasn’t invited. The groom’s ex was carrying a baby, and it was quite confusing. 

"He's The Father!"


When they said, “are there any objections,” she stood up with the baby and a paternity test and said the baby was his. Since she had proof, he couldn’t deny it. He couldn’t even say that it happened before he got together with the bride because they had been dating for three years, and the baby was only two months old. 

5. “Roll The Tape”

Sometimes it takes a lot to convince your friends a man is not right for them. A girl shared the story about her friend, who was getting married to a toxic man. The bride’s friends called him Mr. Toxic. Well, one night, the bride’s friends were at a bar, and they saw Mr. Toxic making out with another woman, so they filmed it. They proceeded to go over to the bride’s house and show her the video. She said she didn’t want to marry him, but she felt guilty because they had planned and paid for almost everything. 

"Roll The Tape"


Her friends decided to go to her dad, who was a tough-looking guy and show him the video. He was infuriated and came up with a plan to make the ceremony a “gotcha” surprise. On the day of the ceremony, the bride’s dad brought a large TV to plug in at the venue. When he walked his daughter down the aisle, the video of the groom cheating started playing on the TV. The groom turned a ghostly white and immediately left. Once he was gone, the father of the bride yelled, “let’s party,” and everyone enjoyed the night. Six months later, she met the perfect man, and they got married. 

6. Sister Wives

When her boyfriend’s friend was having a quick wedding and needed witnesses, this woman took the opportunity to experience this interesting wedding. In the small room, it was just the two witnesses, the bride and groom, and the pastor. During the ceremony, the woman noticed another woman walk in and lean against the back wall. The woman looked pissed off, and when it came time to ask if there was an objection the bride finally noticed the woman standing in the back. She said, “what is she doing here?” 

Sister Wives


The woman standing in the back then said she objected to the wedding. The bride replied, “shut up. Wait your turn. it’s my scheduled day.” The two witnesses ha no idea what was going on until the ceremony was over. It turns out the bride had been dating her husband for ten years until he started sleeping with her sister. The groom got both of them pregnant, and couldn’t decide who he loved more, so he kept seeing both of them. The babies they had ended up being best friends. The witness said they are still together, and he even as a third pregnant mistress. 

7. Marking His Territory

There was a wedding where the groom got so drunk before the wedding even started. After a few hours, he can barely stand up, but manages to tell his new father-in-law that he needs to tell him something in the bathroom. 

Marking His Territory

The Sun

When they went into the bathroom, the groom decided to pee all over the wall and then walk out, leaving his father-in-law in shock. No one ever talked about it after that. 

8. A Wedding And A Funeral

Some weddings don’t go exactly as planned, and this one ended in a deadly way. During the wedding reception, the groom attacked his new brother-in-law to death. 

A Wedding And A Funeral


To top it off, he used the knife that was to cut the wedding cake. 

9. Too Young

Getting married at a young age doesn’t always work out, and that was the case for these two young lovers. A girl and her husband met during their junior year of high school and moved in together by senior year. The girl’s sister was not a fan of him and knew he was hitting on other girls before they got engaged. 

Too Young

Cat Talk

They went ahead with the wedding, but it was a disaster. The bride’s step-mother read a poem that she made up halfway through the ceremony, and the groom’s drunken father crashed the wedding. After the wedding, the bride found out that the groom had been texting her step-mom. She eventually divorced him. 

10. The Shady Groom

It is probably not a good idea to invite your ex to your wedding, especially your ex-wife. A guy went to a wedding with his girlfriend who knew the bride and groom.  As the ceremony started, the groom’s ex-wife started shouting in the middle of the ceremony and was escorted out. There was a lot of alcohol and everyone was getting drunk. During the reception, the guy walks into the bathroom and sees someone who looks like the groom with a woman who is not the bride. 

The Shady Groom


Since the guy didn’t know the couple well, he wasn’t sure it was the groom. Sometime later, his girlfriend says they should leave, and on the way out, they spot the same man going to town on a woman that is not the bride. It turns out the groom had been fooling around with his ex-wife for most of the reception. 

11. Grandpa Wouldn’t Miss This Wedding

When you care about someone, you will do anything to be there on their special day. Leading up to this person’s friend’s wedding, he knew that the bride was not close to her family beside her 90-year-old grandpa. He was in poor health so they held the wedding in his backyard. Just 2 days before the wedding, he had a massive heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room. 

Grandpa Wouldn't Miss This Wedding


The doctors recommended that he stayed in the hospital or moved to hospice care. The grandpa insisted on leaving to get to his granddaughter’s wedding. He left the hospital and went home to see the wedding without asking the doctors. The family was upset that he escaped from the hospital, but he managed to see the wedding, have a few beers, and sleep in his bed before returning to the hospital a day later.

12. Attention-in-Law

At a friend’s wedding, this person witnessed the most bizarre scene. The ceremony and reception were held next to a lake, so everyone dressed accordingly because of the grass and less dressy setting. The bride’s sister-in-law showed up in sky-high heels and a bedazzled tight dress. She clearly didn’t get the memo about the attire, and throughout the ceremony, the microphone up front could pick up her saying, “bloody bugs, bloody pine needles, stupid dirt.” 



After the ceremony, the guests head towards the reception, and the sister-in-law stars throwing her shoes at her husband. She cuts his face, and people start helping him to stop the bleeding and take him to the hospital for stitches. She decides to grab the attention and jumps into the lake. Her father yells at her to get out of the lake, and they all drive off.

13. Off To A Great Start

One bride shared a story of how her husband went out the night before the wedding with her father and his father. The groom got wasted and the next day he was badly hungover. The bride’s father had to help him get dressed. During the ceremony, the bride had to hold him up so he wouldn’t fall over. 

Off To A Great Start


On the way to the reception, they had to pull the limo over so the groom could pee, and then he started having a tantrum. When they go to the party, he ate dinner in silence. To make matters worse, the bride’s step-brother showed up high and fell asleep in his pasta. 

14. “No Lonnie!”

When someone acts up at a wedding they deserve to be kicked out. No one should ruin your big day. Someone shared the story about being kicked out of their cousin’s wedding with 20 other people. The bride’s father and her cousin never got along, and during the reception, they had a heated argument. 

"No Lonnie!"


There had been a pig roast for dinner, so the bride’s cousin looking at a handful of people to help him, and they went and got a 20-pound bag of the leftover pig, came back to the table, and hit the bride’s father with it. His aunt yelled, “Lonnie, NO!!” A fight ensued, and the family was never invited to another wedding. 

15. Betrayal Leaves A Bitter Taste

Usually, you can predict how a wedding is going to go. There is the ceremony, cocktail hour, and then a reception, and not much happens out of the ordinary. At one particular wedding, things were going smoothly until someone decided to make a major announcement in the middle of the ceremony. 

Betrayal Leaves A Bitter Taste


A man in the back of the room stood up and yelled, “She sucked me 30 minutes ago.” Everyone was in utter shock, and the bride burst into tears. The groom immediately walked away, and it’s safe to say the wedding was canceled. 

16. An Unlikely Pairing

Sometimes it is hard to tell when a couple is going to last because 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. A husband and wife attended a wedding, and from the beginning, they did not think the couple would last. The groom seemed a bit odd, and they only thought they would last about two years. 

An Unlikely Pairing


They ended up having a child, but two years later things took a turn for the worst. The bride found out that her husband had lied about his past and education. Money was a huge issue for them and caused many fights. 

17. Dark Family Secrets

Every family has their secrets and problems, but nothing like this family. This wedding story affected the generations to come. Someone’s aunt was getting married, and her great-grandma stood up in the middle of the ceremony and said, “She is not a smith, she is getting married under false pretenses.” 

Dark Family Secrets


No one knew what she was talking about and she started to go on a delirious rant. She was removed from the church and the wedding continued. Fast forward fifty years later when her great-grandmother was dying and she admitted that the aunt’s father was not biological. Unfortunately, she was never able to find out her real father was. 

18. An Arranged Affair

In some cultures arranged marriages still exist. One banquet manager shared the story of a bizarre wedding he witnessed. The bride was at least 20 years younger and only 20 people were in attendance for the wedding. There was only one decoration and it was a heart-shaped picture of the bride and groom. 

An Arranged Affair


When the bride and groom entered the reception for the first time, someone played “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas on a CD player. This was the only song that played the entire reception on repeat until the CD ended, and they had to restart it. 

19. Bridezilla

Dealing with siblings who are getting married can be tricky. A woman was her sister’s maid-of-honor and unpaid wedding planner. She described her sister as a bridezilla because she planned and paid for an expensive wedding shower, but her sister also demanded and a costly gift from her registry.



The bride wanted everything planned down to the very last detail because she is a micromanager. After everything was said and done, the marriage didn’t last for more than three years. 

20. Break Up, Then Make up, Then Break Up Again

One couple broke up at their rehearsal dinner because the bride was mad that her brother wasn’t second in the order of groomsmen. The next day, everyone shows up to the church, not knowing if the bride will show up, but she does even though they are broken up. 

Break Up, Then Make up, Then Break Up Again


In the middle of the ceremony, the bride’s mother starts yelling that she objects and then leaves with her family. The bride then looks at her groom and says, “told you you should have put my brother second instead of fifth.” The ceremony keeps going and the couple got divorced less than a year later. 

21. Wedding Crashers

Sometimes families aren’t always the most supportive of same-sex marriages, but love is love. At one same-sex marriage, the family of one spouse was very religious, and they had been estranged for years due to their child’s sexuality. The family found out about the wedding and showed up even though they weren’t invited. 

Wedding Crashers

Wikimedia Commons

They walked in in the middle of the ceremony and started yelling that they did not approve of the wedding. Guests at the wedding helped escort them out of the ceremony and locked the doors so they couldn’t get back in. Although they were locked out, they continued to yell outside until the wedding was over. 

22. Saving The First Kiss For Marriage

There are some people who wait to be intimate with their partners until marriage, but they usually have their first kiss prior to the wedding. One couple decided to wait till their wedding to have their first kiss, and the crowd had to witness this awkward moment. 

Saving The First Kiss For Marriage


The person who attended this wedding described their first kiss as “dogs licking their bowl clean.’ It was not something anyone wanted to witness, and the bride looked disappointed by the kiss. 

23. “How Long Do You Think These Two Will Last?”

When you see a toxic relationship, it is hard to support. This woman went to her husband’s friend’s wedding, where no one was supportive of the couple’s relationship, including their families. The wedding was only immediate family and a few of the groom’s friends. It was also the shortest ceremony this woman had ever witnessed. 

"How Long Do You Think These Two Will Last?"


The wedding was on the day of a sports final, so everyone had their phones out to watch the game during the ceremony. When they announced that they were husband and wife, no one was paying attention. During the reception there was a betting pool going around for how long it would take the couple to get divorced. 

24. Groomzilla

We have all heard of “bridezillas,” but now there is a story about a “groomzilla.” Like any couple planning a wedding, there has to be some shared responsibility. One bride would give her fiance a list of tasks to complete, and as soon as she left, he would boss around the party planner. 



During the planning period, the groom would come to meetings late, and he would be drunk when he did arrive. He expected the bride to handle everything, which is a good indication of how their future will be. 

25. Every Party Has A Pooper

This woman told the story of her brother’s wedding. She was a bridesmaid and said the bride was superficial throughout their entire relationship, and she was snippy during the wedding planning. The bride’s sister-in-law planned the bachelorette party, and the bride was angry that her two sisters-in-law were having a conversation. When the rehearsal dinner came around, the bride sent her sister-in-law to do all the last-minute errands.

Every Party Has A Pooper


The bride was complaining about the sister-in-law on the day of the wedding and barely smiled the entire time. She refused to dance after her first dance, and even opened the gifts at the wedding. The couple remained married for about five years before getting divorced. 

26. Mother Dearest

Dealing with your parents at your wedding can be challenging at times. During a friend’s wedding, someone witnessed the mother of the groom stand up to give a speech. She was an abusive alcoholic, and no one was expecting her to speak. 

Mother Dearest


She was clearly drunk, and she started ranting about how much of a loser she thought the bride was. The groom took the microphone away from his mom and kicked her out of the reception. 

27. Marrying Into Crazy

You can choose the person you love, but you can’t choose their family. One person went to her brother-in-law’s wedding and his crazy ex decided to crash the party. She went on a rant stating that she forgave him for breaking up with her and he could stop pretending to be over her. Everyone was thoroughly confused by this outburst. 

Marrying Into Crazy


The ex decided to claim that she was pregnant with his child even though they hadn’t been together in over three years. The groom said she was his biggest mistake and the best man had to escort her out and call the police. 

28. No Laughing Matter

People who work at wedding venues have the most interesting stories. A woman shared the story of a time when she was working at a wedding and during the ceremony, the best man decided to object to the marriage by making jokes about the time he slept with the bride. 

No Laughing Matter


The best man thought the groom knew about it, but that was not the case. Things got awkward quickly, and the wedding was canceled, and everyone went home. 

29. Dance Till The World Ends

Many small parties usually lead up to the wedding like the engagement party. At one engagement party, someone witnessed the groom try to carry his fiance away to show off his manly-ness. 

Dance Till The World Ends


The bride-to-be was pretty drunk and slapped him across the face because she wasn’t done dancing. She started screaming at him to put her down so she could continue to get her groove on. 

30. Worst Guest Ever

There aren’t just bridezillas and groomzillas, there are also guestzillas. At someone’s wedding, the bride’s aunt showed up wearing a white lace gown and told the groom she didn’t want him in the group picture because it was only for family. 

Worst Guest Ever


She also started eating the top tier of cake that was put aside to be eaten on the first wedding anniversary. 

31. For Better And For Worse

You know it is going to be a doomed marriage when the groom’s speech starts off with, “When I joined a dating site, I never thought I’d be so lucky to find my own personal cook, dishwasher, and washing machine.” 

For Better And For Worse


Everyone felt uncomfortable, but the groom was in for a shock when he realized that the bride was a diva and wouldn’t do any of those things he wanted. We are assuming they didn’t last very long. 

32. Maid-Of-Dishonor

If you have to make a speech at a wedding, it is best to hold off on getting drunk until after the speech. At this woman’s cousin’s wedding, her maid-of-honor was a hot mess and was refusing to give a speech. She then drank a lot and decided she was now going to speak. Instead of writing a speech beforehand, she opened the notes section on her phone and started reading a list of memories while going on tangents. 



Most of the stories were about how she loved the bride so much but hated the groom. This went on for a while until one of the bride’s aunts stood up and linked a glass until the girl was quiet. The DJ also came to turn the microphone off. 

33. So You Had A Bad Day

Some people decide to have a small wedding instead of a big affair and it works well for them. This couple was living in a country that they weren’t born in, and the bride’s family lived at least 10,000 miles away. The couple was under a lot of pressure, and the bride had her own personal issues. They decided to keep their wedding small by going to the courthouse and following it by a pub lunch. 

So You Had A Bad Day


There were only a few friends and close family there, but the bride did not look happy. At one point, she turned to her new husband and said she wanted to leave. For the rest of the day, she looked sad, which made the groom upset. They must have been having a bad day because the couple is still married 15 years later. 

34. Spilling The Tea

In most wedding ceremonies, there is a part where the officiant says, “speak now or forever hold your peace.” At this person’s wedding, when it came to that part the bride said she had something to say. 

Spilling The Tea


The bride said, “I’d like to thank my maid of honor for sleeping with my fiance last night.” She then stormed off, rightfully so. The story made it onto the local radio station. 

35. Parental Discretion

Sometimes your family doesn’t always like the people you marry. In one case, a woman was marrying an Australian man, and her family did not like that she was marrying a foreigner. They were so disapproving that they brought one of her ex-boyfriends to the wedding. 

Parental Discretion


Her family might not have known, but the wedding was just a formality because they had already gotten legally married in Australia. They only had a second wedding to make her parents happy, and the groom paid for most of it. 

36. What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

Getting married is a big decision that shouldn’t be made without thinking about it. In Las Vegas, a person who works at one of the many wedding chapels told the story of a Chinese couple that came in with a few of their friends to get married. 

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas


When it came time to exchange the rings, the groom was hesitant to put it on her finger, and that lasted for a few minutes. Everyone could tell something was wrong, and finally, the groom said, “there is someone else isn’t there.” the bride nodded, and they ended up not getting married. The friends who were in the audience bought the DVD so they could remember that experience for a long time.

37. All The Wrong Moves

Have you ever seen one of those videos where the bride or groom prepares a choreographed dance for the reception? Well, this one bride decided to surprise her new husband, so she sat him in the middle of the dance floor and disappeared. 

All The Wrong Moves

When she came back, she was dressed in belly dancing attire and some unique choreography. It was confusing to everyone since they weren’t middle eastern. 

38. “I Call Dibs”

There are some couples who have a long history with each other or each other’s families. At one wedding, the couple getting married had known each other since they were children. 

"I Call Dibs"


When the bride’s older brother got up to make a speech, he recalled changing his sister’s diapers and proceeded to tell the groom, “I saw her first.” Most people at the wedding were creeped out by this cringey comment. 

39. DJ Mishap

Always pick your DJ wisely and make sure they know you well. There was a couple who had been together for over a decade before they introduced each other as boyfriend or girlfriend. They only officially dated for about a year when they got married. 

DJ Mishap


Their families had known their situation, so it wasn’t weird to them. During the party, the DJ brought the couple to the floor for a newlywed game, and when they said they had only dated for a year, the DJ went on a rant. He said that he didn’t know why people got married after being together for such little time. All the guests were appalled by his behavior. 

40. A Haunting Ceremony

When you are planning your wedding make sure the venue doesn’t have any other large events going on at the same time. When someone’s grandpa insisted on getting married at an old hotel, they didn’t think anything of it. 

A Haunting Ceremony


The hotel he picked happened to be next to a large amusement park that was having a Halloween party on the same night as the wedding. Throughout the entire ceremony, everyone could hear screaming and chainsaws from the park. 

41. Shotgun Wedding

At someone’s wedding, it was the middle of the ceremony, and the groom’s father got up to question if the bride was actually a virgin, and he didn’t know much about the wedding. 

Shotgun Wedding


It was a weird and embarrassing situation. The person who shared this story attended the wedding with a boyfriend, and because of this experience, she decided not to continue dating him.

42. A Short-Lived Romance

Someone was working at a wedding venue, and they dealt with a few strange situations, but nothing like this. A few days before the wedding, the couple called to cancel the wedding. A few days later, they called back and changed their mind. All their guests who showed up were angry that they canceled and then changed plans.

A Short-Lived Romance


The ceremony only lasted about three minutes, and following that, the bride changed into sweatpants, and everyone got drunk. On the following money, the bride filed for divorce. 

43. Admitting Her Mistakes

During the rehearsal dinner of someone’s wedding, the groom’s mom burst into tears because the groom looked miserable. 

Admitting Her Mistakes


The groom’s sadness might have been because the bride’s vows stated, “I know I can be a pretty terrible person, and I don’t know why you have stuck around, but that is all going to change starting today.” The couple got divorced a year later. 

44. Calling Her Man Out

It is always interesting when gossip comes out about the bride or groom during the ceremony. Someone went to a wedding where the bride called out her groom for cheating on her with her sister. 

Calling Her Man Out


She stopped in the middle of the ceremony and ran off. At least the bride got revenge by publicly humiliating the groom and her sister. 

45. Mistaken Identity

You never know what will happen when you are a bridesmaid at a wedding. This bridesmaid was at a wedding, and the groom was missing for a long period of time. 

Mistaken Identity


The bridesmaid found him making out with his second cousin. He claimed that he thought it was his new wife, even though this woman was wearing a bright red dress, unlike the bride. 

46. When The Bride Loves Someone Else

When a woman went to her husband’s friend’s wedding, she never expected it to be so weird. At the wedding, this woman learned that the bride had been in love with her husband since college. 

When The Bride Loves Someone Else


When the newlyweds got to the reception the bride came running over to this woman and her husband, leaving the groom standing alone. The bride was crying and clinging to a man that wasn’t her new husband. When the woman and her husband tried to leave the bride came over, pointed at the woman’s chest, and said, “Well I guess I know what I was missing all along.” 

47. “Sorry I Can’t Make It.”

A bartender witnessed the most bizarre thing at a wedding she was working. Fifteen minutes before a wedding was supposed to start, the groom got a text from his bride saying she was not coming. They had the party anyway because everything was paid for, but the groom looked miserable and left after an hour. 

"Sorry I Can't Make It."


The bride didn’t show up because her parents spent the previous day, convincing her not to go through with it. The day after the wedding, the bride showed up at his house, and they got back together. 

Confusing Photos That Look Like They’ve Been Edited But Are 100% Real

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on Kueez

Have you ever looked at a photo and convinced yourself that it must have been edited? While using Photoshop can be a great tool, the art of a perfect photograph is hard to find these days. Many people like to manipulate their photos in one way or another, but there is something so special about a genuine picture. You might think your eyes are deceiving you, but these pictures only needed perfect timing, location, and a keen eye for detail. Continue reading to see these pictures that you won’t belive aren’t photoshopped!

When You Capture A Wave By A Thousandth Of A Second

When you look at this photo, you can almost feel yourself transported to the smooth sands of a luxurious beach with the sound of the ocean, soothing you into deep relaxation. This perfectly timed photo must have taken forever to capture because of the quick moving waves. 

When You Capture A Wave By A Thousandth Of A Second

Ger Kelliher

The wave crashing over the rock looks like a soft cotton blanket thrown up in the air as you curl under it for warmth. This serene photo was timed to a thousandth of a second, which requires patience and a keen eye. 

Perfectly Captured Ombre Sky

This photo looks like it could be a painting with the colors seamlessly blending into each other as the sunsets. It is a shame that no one is standing on their balcony, admiring the natural beauty of the earth. 

Perfectly Captured Ombre Sky

Gabriel Puyana

It seems like everyone gets used to the beauty of nature, and we forget just how precious it is. Each day we have the opportunity to take in a beautiful sunset, but we often ignore it because it is something we see on a daily basis. 

How Many Planes Can You Count?

That is one crowded sky! The plane’s reflection into the drops of water looks like millions of tiny planes flying across the window on a gloomy day. At first glance, these almost look like the top of screws. 

How Many Planes Can You Count?


Sometimes you don’t need a fancy camera to capture an interesting picture. This photographer took this magical photo on his phone. To capture an unusual image, you just need to use your imagination and find the right perspective. 

Multiple Settings In A Single Photo

It might be hard to believe, but this is one picture. The grey square is part of a building that is cutting off the tops of the yellow trees, and the brick wall has ivy growing on it. The person took it at just the right angle for it to seem like it was four different squares combined. 

Multiple Settings In A Single Photo


This photo was taken in Ann Arbor, Michigan, right as the leaves started changing to their gorgeous fall colors. The photographer was inspired by another Reddit photo that messed with their eyes because of the unique perspective. 

Souls Slipping Into The Fiery Depths Of The Underworld

Many people believe there is a heaven and a hell. Whether you believe it or not, this does look like the gates to hell sucking in all the evil souls who weren’t good enough to get into heaven. The dried lava from this volcano looks like it is a pile of bodies, or at least that’s our first thought. 

Souls Slipping Into The Fiery Depths Of The Underworld


This woman seems way too joyous to be standing at the gates of hell; she must be in the wrong place. Also, how is the photographer standing so close to the mouth of the volcano without fearing that he might slip and fall to his doom? 

Ay, It’s The Flying Dutchman’s Ship

The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never make it to port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. The captain foolishly cursed g-d after sailing into a horrible storm, and they were never seen again. The ghostly ship haunts the seas and many sailors have claimed they saw it. 

Ay, It's The Flying Dutchman's Ship


Although this is not the Dutchman’s ship, the thick fog covering San Fransisco makes the top of the Sutro Tower look like a pirate ship at sea. Many people have claimed they saw the mysterious ghost ship, but it might have just been a fog covered building. 

Is The Ice Breaking Or Are Those Just Hungry Swans?

This is a sort of natural yin yang; The white of the swans against the dark waters, and the dark coat of the person against the crisp white snow. If you are a fan of perfect lines, then you must be in heaven with this precise shoreline. 

Is The Ice Breaking Or Are Those Just Hungry Swans?

It almost looks like the photographer combined two photos because the contrast splits it perfectly down the middle. Although the person applied a black and white filter to this picture, you can still imagine the sharp distinction between the two sides of the image. 

Oh No, The Boats Floated Into The Sky

This is a very confusing perspective. It seems as if the boats are in the sky while the park and fairgrounds are below the water. The person must be standing on a very tall hill that overlooks the park, so it seems like the water is higher that in real life. 

Oh No, The Boats Floated Into The Sky


When you look at this photo, you can almost hear the carnival music and feel the cool breeze on a warm summer day. It looks like a vintage photo from a simpler time. The only thing that could ruin the day is if the boats start falling from the sky. 

The Road That Defeated A Wildfire

As wildfire rages through the forest, the road blocked it from continuing to destroy more of the healthy trees. This is one good use for forest roads, but sad that the one side is completely devastated. 

The Road That Defeated A Wildfire

Evgeniy Green

This looks like one of those scare tactic ads to get people to stop smoking. The left side is a smoker’s lung, and the right side is the healthy and thriving lung of a non-smoker. Unfortunately, there are no roads to stop the spread of smoke in lungs like there are in forests. 

A Storm Is Brewing

These clouds are like perfect cotton balls that fade into a looming storm. The person who took this picture said every 10,000 miles, or so, they find a beautiful scene like this. With the golden sun peaking out from behind the dark clouds, it is like a ray of hope in the stormy sky. 

A Storm Is Brewing


The photo looks too beautiful to be real, but it is untouched. There are some things in nature that we don’t see every day, so it is hard to believe they actually exist. Mother nature likes to remind us of the wonders that we might miss if we don’t stop and look around. 

Where Lavender Meets Wheat

Can you imagine how good this place must smell? It is also a mystery how the two fields have not crossed over. The farmers must work hard to maintain this perfectly split field. The stark contrast between the purple of the lavender against the beige wheat really makes the picture pop. 

Where Lavender Meets Wheat


If you take some lavender and wheat from each field, you can make many delicious recipes like lavender scones or even lavender shortbred. You might as well combine them since they are right next to each other. Maybe there is one line down the middle that is a cross bred of the two plants. 

The One Sunflower That Wanted To Be Different

The one sunflower is not like the others because it is an angsty teen that won’t follow the rules. Sunflowers usually face east because they follow the sun so that their flowers will be illuminated by the sunshine to attract pollinators. 

The One Sunflower That Wanted To Be Different


When a sunflower matures it does not need to follow the sun anymore. This one does not look like it has fully matured, it is just rebelling against the social norms. People told them to follow the sun, but this one said, “No, I will not obey your orders.” 

“And The Heavens Opened Up, And Let It Rain Down”

When the zombie apocalypse happens, this is what the earth will look like probably. It is eery and dark, and it seems like danger is looming around the corner. We would hightail it out of that area after capturing this magnificent photo. 

"And The Heavens Opened Up, And Let It Rain Down"


Even if there isn’t a zombie apocalypse, it seems like it is about to start raining cats and dogs. Everything about this place looks supernatural and creepy. Imagine what this must look like at night. Did you just get the chills too? 

Out Of Body Experience

Everyone has heard about out of body experiences. In the movies, the person’s soul is walking around while they are in a coma, and it looks something like this. The person and their soul separate, although the ghostly figure usually doesn’t lose all of its colors. 

Out Of Body Experience


Although this peacock is not having an out of body experience, it is interesting to see an albino version. The male peacocks are the bright, colorful ones so they can attract females. The female peacocks are subdued in color and usually more grey. Occasionally, there are white ones, which have no color like this one. 

The Mystical Glowing Tree

Once you find the tree with the glowing roots, you are one step closer to unlocking a secret passage to another realm. The radiant tree roots will lead you to the next clue on the quest. They are shining because the roots get nutrients from underground liquid gold. 

The Mystical Glowing Tree


While these roots aren’t actually glowing, someone did take the time to arrange different colored leaves around the tree so it would give the golden illusion. This person must have had a lot of free time on their hands to collect and place all the leaves in the right formation. 

A Rock Created This Artistically Bird-Shaped Crack

When you are driving, has a tiny pebble ever hit your windshield? Usually, it leaves a small scratch or doesn’t do much damage. For these people, the little rock created a bird-like shape on their window. It looks like the bird is spreading its wings for take-off. 

A Rock Created This Artistically Bird-Shaped Crack


Now wherever these people go, it will look like a bird is flying right above them. Although large cracks can be dangerous, a small chip in the windshield shouldn’t be cause for concern. 

Great Falls Of Fire

This is the Yosemite Firefall. It looks like flowing lava or liquid fire, but it is actually just a ray of sunlight captured at the right moment. During the last two weeks of February, if there is enough snow or a clear sunset, the ray of light will be visible for about 10 minutes. 

Great Falls Of Fire


Depending on the weather, it might only last for a few minutes, but it is truly a phenomenon. Some people might not believe it is just a ray of sunlight because of the colors, but the beauty of this event is hard to grasp. 

Where’s The Pot Of Gold?

​This unique cloud formation with a hidden rainbow was seen in Australia. It is interesting because it looks like the heavens are opening up for the world to see. Like a beautiful reminder that brighter things are just behind the clouds. 

Where's The Pot Of Gold?


​If you are a Harry Potter fan, you are familiar with Voldemort’s dark mark that is cast up into the sky. If Voldemort was happy and not evil, would this be his “dark mark?” We aren’t sure, but it would make the movie less ominous. 

Floating Ice Clouds After A Flood

Although this looks like someone added in clouds after they took a photo, it is not photoshopped. After a massive flood, some of the surface water froze in random spots leaving behind a bizarre ice formation. 

Floating Ice Clouds After A Flood


At first, you might think there is a glitch in the matrix, but it is quite real. It would have been cool if an entire sheet of ice froze so that you could walk under the ice after the water recedes. 

The New And Improved Hoverboat

Just when you thought boats couldn’t get any more exciting, now they make the hover boat. It is like a regular boat, but it floats above the water, so it never gets wet. Somwehere on eBay, someone is trying to sell a flying boat using this picture. 

The New And Improved Hoverboat

Domenico Formichella

Although this is just an illusion because of the shadow, it would be interesting to see a hover boat. Also, does anyone else want to dive into these serene-looking waters? Wherever this is, it is being added to our bucket list for when we can travel again. 

Into The Waves We Go

If you are too afraid to surf, but always wanted to know what the inside of a wave looks like, here is your answer. While this is an incredible photo, all we can think about is how the photographer took this picture. 

Into The Waves We Go


They had to kneel down in the sand with their camera sitting in the water, just waiting to be hit by a wave. Are you picturing them getting knocked over and then rolling around in the sand because we are?

The Golden Mountain Peak Is Where You Find Good Luck And Fortune

This must be the mountain top where the giants keep all their golden goose eggs. They must have accumulated a lot because it is now visible for the world to see. Soon enough, people are going to start climbing up the mountain to steal the giant’s treasure. 

The Golden Mountain Peak Is Where You Find Good Luck And Fortune

Jim Pankey

In fact, this is the sun peaking shining on the peak as it sets. Like the firewall, it only last for a few moments, and then it is gone. 

The 1,400 Year Old Tree Scatters Its Golden Leaves On The Grounds Of This Buddhist Temple

In The Zhongnan Mountains In China, within the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple, there is a 1,400-year-old tree. This Ginkgo tree drops its golden leaves onto the grounds, and from above it looks like a pile of gold. 

The 1,400 Year Old Tree Scatters Its Golden Leaves On The Grounds Of This Buddhist Temple


We wonder who is responsible for raking all these leaves. It must be a very tedious job, considering how many leaves fall off the tree. While this is a stunning photo, it must be even more breathtaking in person. 

A Secret Portal To Another World

The Devil’s Bridge in Germany clearly reflects onto the water creating a perfect circle. If you row a boat under it, you might be transported into another world. No one really knows because the boats always disappear once they go through. 

A Secret Portal To Another World


It seems like something out of the Brothers Grimm fairytales. There is another bridge like this in Bulgaria. Maybe the two are a connecting portal between the two countries, so people can travel faster without flying. 

Each Part Of The Chili Has A Different Level Of Spiciness

Usually, different food items with spicy peppers are ranked by a different color to indicate the level of spiciness. This chili pepper is the perfect gradient from mild to extra hot. The more you eat, the hotter it gets, much like the hot wings challenge. 

Each Part Of The Chili Has A Different Level Of Spiciness


If you eat this pepper all at once, will the mild half balance out the very spicy half? Maybe those who eat this rainbow pepper have good luck for the rest of their lives. Also, these colors automatically remind us of Bob Marley. This should be called the rasta chili. 

The Earth Is Cracking Open

Seeing the Northern Lights is already a rare sighting depending upon where you go. This person was extra lucky because they captured the lights and got this incredible photo. The lights are reflecting on the patch of ice that isn’t covered by snow to create a beautiful mirrored spot. 

The Earth Is Cracking Open


It is like you could jump into the hole and disappear into another world that is filled with magic and fairy lights. Although it would be freezing in those waters, it looks so tempting because of the reflecting lights. Mother nature is truly breathtaking. 

Methane Bubbles Under A Frozen Lake

In Alberta, Canada, this lake freezes over each winter with gas bubbles trapped below the surface. They create this otherworldly looking scene like something out of a space movie. It doesn’t look like something that belongs on our planet. 

Methane Bubbles Under A Frozen Lake

Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris

Abraham Lake is man-made, and it has bacteria that feed below the water. These frozen bubbles are created when the bacteria release methane gas. It is such a popular tourist spot in the winter because people have never seen anything like this. Even in freezing temperatures, people leave the warmth of their homes and cars to check it out. 

Antarctica Or Four Shades Of Grey?

“Iceberg ahead!” This iceberg in Antarctica perfectly cuts the picture in half and makes one side of the water appear to be much darker. The four quadrants of this picture show the many greys and blue shades that make up the isolated setting of the icy continent. 

Antarctica Or Four Shades Of Grey?

David Burdeny

Just looking at this picture makes you want to put on a few extra layers of clothes. The freezing temperatures of Antarctica make it almost uninhabitable, so we imagine that the photographer was wearing insulated clothing when he took this photo. 

Can You Spot The Dogs?

Uh oh, where did the dogs go? The owner only has their leashes, but they disappeared. These dogs blend in perfectly with the ground, and it’s funny that they chose to walk on the sides that best matched their coats. 

Can You Spot The Dogs?


The dogs probably don’t realize how well they blend in with the road, but it is still a fantastic photo. The only thing that would make this better is if the dog’s names were Sandy and Gravel. Also, Gravel’s feet give his position away, so they should color his feet properly. 

The Sea Is Trying To Eat The Land

Have you ever thought about the ocean attacking land? It could fight back one day because we pollute it and don’t respect the importance of the waters. While it may not be noticeable, the seas are coming to get their revenge. The ocean has now formed razor-sharp teeth, seen here. 

The Sea Is Trying To Eat The Land

Patrice Carré

While these teeth like waves are formed because of the rocky beaches, it still is a terrifying sight. The sharp waves look like the jaws of a great white, which is not something you would want to come face-to-face with. 

A Perfectionist’s Dream Forest

If you are a perfectionist and need everything to be in order, even in nature, then you should live here. This forest would be the best backdrop for your home so you can look outside each day with a sigh of relief. You would always get the satisfaction of your backyard looking immaculate. 

A Perfectionist's Dream Forest

Whoever planted these trees must have been incredibly committed to line them in perfect formation. The best feature about this forest is that you can’t get lost because the rows are lined up so that you can easily walk back to where you started. 

A Hermit Crab Found A Skull To Use As Its Shell

Have you ever seen a hermit crab with a more badass shell than this? We would love to know where this critter found the skull, and why it was in the ocean, but that story is left to the imagination. This hermit crab will not be messed with anymore because of his scary shell. 

A Hermit Crab Found A Skull To Use As Its Shell


Hermit crabs outgrow their shells, so they continue to look for bigger ones. This guy found the ultimate shell that was relatively roomy, and it had enough space for him to continue to grow. He will never want to get rid of this protective armor. 

Have You Ever Seen A Group Of People More In Sync?

This photo of the Chinese army is incredible. There is a specific height and weight requirement to join, and that is what makes these perfect photos possible. They are all entirely in sync, and no one would ever dare step out of formation because it would ruin the illusion. 

Have You Ever Seen A Group Of People More In Sync?

Feng Li/Getty Images

They look like the cards when you beat a game of solitaire. It is crazy to think about how much effort goes into these marching formations to keep them sharp and clean. They also need to keep their posture straight and uniforms stain-free. 

Looking Forward And Backwards At The Same Time

This person found a shard of a mirror on the rocks at the beach and started playing with his camera. Even though we don’t know where this photo was taken, you can see the juxtaposition of the blue waters against the green forest. 

Looking Forward And Backwards At The Same Time


This is like that magic mirror that Harry Potter uses to contact Dumbledore’s brother in the final movie. The mirror is linked to another mirror, which helps communicate with the person who has the connected one. If that were real, it would be pretty awesome. 

Wind Turbine Becomes A 27-Fold Star

These wind turbines in Nevada lined up perfectly to make a 27-point star. This looks like the inspiration for that one geometric white dress Lady Gaga wore for an award show. She handed the photo to the designer and said, “Make this into a dress.”  

Wind Turbine Becomes A 27-Fold Star


The turbines help create green energy by using wind power. They help provide power to most of the state and help by reducing pollution to protect our precious planet. More companies are turning to windpower because it is much better for the environment. 

The Most Perfect Snowflake The World Has Ever Seen

In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Whoville is located in a snowflake, and we imagine that the snowflake would look like this one. It almost looks like a unique microchip in the center. To see a snowflake like this close takes precision and care, so it doesn’t break. 

The Most Perfect Snowflake The World Has Ever Seen


This photo was taken using a microscope to capture all the microscopic details. Each snowflake is a bit different, and we never see how detailed they are because of how small each flake is. Snowflakes come in all shapes and sizes, they are a work of art by mother nature herself. 

Is That Superman?

Something was falling from the sky, and this image captured a rainbow above the clouds as the object fell. We aren’t sure what the mysterious object is, but it could be Superman zooming through the clouds, leaving a rainbow in his wake. 

Is That Superman?

Yutaka Kagaya

It almost seems like someone took a picture of rainbow clouds and overlaid it onto the ocean. However, this was not edited, and the person happened to get a great shot from the sky. Don’t you just want to reach out and touch those clouds? 

Run For Your Life, It’s A Sand Bear

The sand bear is a mysterious creature that not many people know about. It is elusive and roams the desert where no man has ever gone before. Few people have encountered this creature, and this person was lucky enough to capture it on camera. 

Run For Your Life, It's A Sand Bear


Actually, someone was sandboarding, and they crashed, forming this bear-shaped sand cloud. This might be the way they found out their inner spirit animal, but we don’t think a sand bear is real. While it may not be real, Disney could make a film about it. 

The Spectrum Reflecting Through The Chair

This photo is just too perfect to be real. The colors of the rainbow reflecting through the window perfectly lined up with the chair. The pieces of wood separate each color. Usually, rainbows seamlessly melt each color together, and it is rarely isolated like this. 

The Spectrum Reflecting Through The Chair


If these people were looking for a cool way to spice up their tablecloth, they should consider tracing and painting this rainbow to add some color to the room. If only they could save the real rainbow forever. 

“We’re Gunna Need A Bigger Boat”

This photo was taken during extreme waves in the north sea. This looks like something out of a nightmare where you are stuck in a storm, and a wave washes you overboard, leaving you stranded in the middle of the ocean. 

"We're Gunna Need A Bigger Boat"


The North Atlantic can have huge waves that overtake even large ships. The ocean is one of the most terrifying and unpredictable places. We think solid ground is the best spot to be right now, at least after looking at this photo. 

A Tale Of Two Cities

This is where the highrises and architecture of the busy Manhattan streets meet the luscious green meadows and trees of Central Park. It is as if these are two completely different places merged into one picture. 

A Tale Of Two Cities


The lovely thing about Central Park is that it helps you escape from the hustle and bustle of New York. You can spread out a blanket in one of the many grassy meadows and have a picnic like you are in the countryside. However, you are really not that far from home. 

A Beauty Created From Flames

“This girl is on Fire!” This person took the photo at the perfect moment to capture a woman-like figure made out of the flames. She must be the mysterious flame princess who has been searching for her prince for thousands of years. 

A Beauty Created From Flames


The most interesting thing about this picture is that some people might see different figures. It is all about how our imaginations absorb the image and create an idea in our heads. While we see a woman, someone else could see a deer or a bird. 

A Handcrafted Sculpture In The Sky

These asperitas clouds looming over New Zealand look like someone sculpted them. The different patterns are like the markings on the vases of ancient Roman artwork. You can see many different shapes and figures within these types of clouds. 

A Handcrafted Sculpture In The Sky


These clouds also look like trapped souls from the sky are slamming into a force field, and their facial imprints are appearing in the sky. Each angle looks like a different image. If you lie on the ground watching this, you could be entertained for hours. 

Is This Where The Mermaid’s Party?

In Tulum, Mexico, there is a dive site called The Pit. This cave-like structure has a ray of light shining through the opening from the surface, only allowing a small amount of illumination. If Ariel were real, this seems like the spot she and her sisters would go to party. 

Is This Where The Mermaid's Party?

Tom St George

Although this cave looks like a diver’s dream, it can be rather dangerous. You never know what is lurking in the depths of the pit, just waiting to make you its prey. No one would ever have time to escape safely because of how far down it is from the water’s surface. 

Were These Cut With A Giant Ruler?

Like the other forest, this is another place perfectionists would feel at peace. At the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, the trees lining paths are symmetrically trimmed to stay a certain height. The trees almost appear to be 2-d. 

Were These Cut With A Giant Ruler?


It almost seems like a giant with a chainsaw took a ruler and cut the tops and sides off at a perfect angle. The hedges are always well maintained because it is on the grounds of a palace. When these are in full bloom, the bright green leaves make the setting even more magical. 

Tiny Flowers In Every Drop

In the Febreeze commercials, they make it seem like the scent is in every drop of air freshener, and this is how we picture that claim. The tiny flowers reflected in the water droplets are crystal clear and so vibrant. 

Tiny Flowers In Every Drop

Miki Asai

It almost seems like you could grab a water droplet, and a flower would be left once the bubble popped. Nature is such a wonderful and magical thing. It is pictures like these that remind you how beautiful our planet is. 

Is This What They Meant By Earth Friendly Watch?

People are always talking about eco-watches, but we never knew that those designs don’t actually tell time like this one, for example. When you look down to check the time, all you see is the tree branches and sky, you would never know if you were late to something. 

Is This What They Meant By Earth Friendly Watch?


This person was in their yard, and when they went to take a picture of the watch, the camera only picked up the reflection. They must be wondering when the clock strikes tree o’clock because they are late for their appointment. 

We Finally Found Part Of The Invisible Car

The invisible car got lost because it is tough to find for obvious reasons. The owners had to wait till a winter storm so that the ice would freeze on the vehicle, and they could finally locate it. The front of the car had ice all over it, and they learned that the car was a Jeep after all these years. 

We Finally Found Part Of The Invisible Car


We are not sure how the ice stayed in place once that real car moved, but it would be fun to see them pull in and line it up perfectly. The person can claim this as their spot until the ice melts because their car is technically always parked there. 

A Gate To A Different Dimension

This gate at a Balinese temple looks like it would take you to a different dimension. It is like something out of the movie Dr. Strange. It is oddly satisfying how each side of the gate is perfectly symmetrical. 

A Gate To A Different Dimension


We wonder if people walk through it, or if it is just a piece of art. It seems to lead to the edge of a cliff, so we are not sure anyone would want to go through. The craftsmanship that went into making these intricate sculptures must have taken a very long time. 

We Can All Agree That Aliens Exist, Right?

The reflection of the sky in the puddle is perfectly mirrored so that the drops of water look like alien space ships in the process of uncloaking. Also the gravel looks like millions of shining stars, which makes the alien plot more believable. 

We Can All Agree That Aliens Exist, Right?


To get a perfect reflection, you need the water needs to be very dark, and there has to be the correct amount of sunlight. While you may not be able to see the starry sky where you live, you can just find a puddle filled with gravel. 

When Was The Last Time This Building Took A Shower?

These people are washing years and years of dirt off of this building, and it makes you wonder why no one thought to do this earlier. No one would have guessed that below all the dirt and grime was a well preserved white building. 

When Was The Last Time This Building Took A Shower?


It must be so satisfying to see all that dirt wash away to reveal the clean white brick. These workers deserve a raise for having to deal with all the disgusting stuff that is coming off of this old building. They are probably thinking, “what did I get myself into?” 

Two Seasons, One Picture

You must be wondering how it is possible to have snow in half your yard and sun and warmth in the other half. We are wondering how this is possible too. How is he inches from stepping in snow, yet he is chilling in shorts and flip flops? 

Two Seasons, One Picture


The weather in some places changes within minutes. At one moment you could be freezing in the snow, and a minute later you are tanning by the pool. You never know what kind of clothing you are going to need because the weather changes so rapidly. 

This Is One Picture…Let That Sink In

This photo was purposely staged to look like four different photos, and it is a wonder how they managed to cram so much stuff into one frame. You can find everything from egg cartons to orange juice in one jam-packed picture.

This Is One Picture...Let That Sink In

Bela Borsodi

This is like one of those picture books where you have to spot the hidden object. This photo would be the most challenging level because there are so many things to look at. Also, if you look at the light blue chair, it is the giveaway that this is one photo. 

Perfect Distinction Between The Under And Upper Worlds

When we first saw this photo we assumed that these trees’ unique, two-tone look was intentionally made. Recently though, we learned the true story – which is much more tragic.

Perfect Distinction Between The Under And Upper Worlds


This photo was taken in a forest in Hungary, where in October 2010, a devastating flood occurred after the wall of a toxic mud reservoir collapsed. The result was a river of highly caustic red mud, that flooded the surrounding villages, causing severe damage and taking the lives of 10 people.

If The Yankees Don’t Win, Fire Will Rain Down

As people watch the baseball game, these ominous firey red clouds rolled in. The game stopped, and everyone looked up because they couldn’t believe their eyes. Was fire about to rain down from the sky? They didn’t want to find out. 

If The Yankees Don't Win, Fire Will Rain Down


The gods were just coming to watch the game and make sure their favorite New York Team would win the game. However, if the team lost, they would have to face the wrath of the sports-loving gods in the sky. 

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