Company Gets Bought Out By A Corporation, Employees Lose Their Vacation Time

Corporations don’t really value their employees.

I know that this seems like a blanket statement but it is pretty true. I am sure you have read stories about employees that work for giant corporations getting awful benefits and pay. You would think that it would be the opposite since these corporations make so much money but all of that goes to the higher-ups and they all get bonuses and such without really caring for the employees that make it all work. And while most of the time, this goes unpunished, sometimes karma does come back to bite these corporations in the a**.

That is what happened in this particular story. This was actually a fairly big company but it was owned by a family and it seemed as if they really did care about their employees. They gave the employees good pay and gave them a lot of time off every year. It is safe to say that most if not all employees loved it there and there was a very low turnover rate. However, things never go well forever so this great work environment soon changed as soon as the owner retired and sold the company to a corporation. I think you can already see where this is going.

So just scroll below to read the story for yourself.

Source: Reddit

Honestly, this story fits in really well with malicious compliance.

This was clearly a great company that most employees loved to work at.


But that soon changed as soon as the company was sold to a bigger corporation as they changed everything.


It was also clear that they wanted to replace Jimmy so he did what he thought was best and quit himself before he trained the new hire.


This did not go well for the corporation and they had to go back to the owner so he could teach them how to make the specialized part.


I am just glad that Jimmy moved on and I hope that he is doing better now.


I am just glad that the corporation realized that they had made a mistake. I mean, I understand that they need to cut corners sometimes but this was just awful management. What did they think would happen after they made all the employees angry? Did they think everyone would stay? It is also hilarious to see that so many of these people forgot that they needed this person for the specialized part. Well, at least they got some karma.

People in the comments were just as happy for Jimmy as I was.


It does seem like the corporation needs to be sued because of age discrimination.


This kind of thing happens a lot but it is always sad to see.


Especially the specialized employees who carry the heaviest load in the company.

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