Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Choti Sardarni 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The incident begins with Rana telling that no one saw Zorawar and Mant. Dolly and Clooney argue. Kiara and Kiran insist they will look for him instead of fighting. Zorawar says he is feeling thirsty. Mant says she got water. Zorawar says he can’t drink dirty water. Mant says that we can clean and filter it, and drink it. She warms the rocks and throws them into the pit.

Then she picks up the water in the leaf roll and gives it to Zorawar. Zorawar drinks and tells him to drink too, says you must be thirsty too. She takes a leaf roll from his hand, his eye is locked. She takes water and drinks it. Zorawar is watching. “We can’t wait any longer here, otherwise we’ll have to spend the night in the woods, which I can’t even imagine,” she says. He says we can see the stars.

She says she doesn’t want to see it that way. Zorawar says he is hungry. Mint tells her to be patient and says she doesn’t have a dhaba. The thugs are looking for them and are about to reach them. Mint tells Zorawar to come this way and goes down the street. Zorawar puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns to look at him. Zorawar finds something on the tree, picks it and eats it, says it is delicious.

Mint stops him and says that if you have poisonous fruit you will die, and tells him to vomit, don’t take any risk. He says he can’t. Then he says he will and will try. Manta tells her to do it well and copy it. She puts her finger inside her tongue and tries. He says he can’t do that. Mint says you hate me, then look at my face, it will vomit itself. He says he can’t. Mint says we will go to the doctor from here.

She grabs his hand and they hit the road. Intoxicated by the effect of poisonous fruit, he sees 5 prayers. He says he couldn’t handle one and laughed. She tells him to stop laughing and come. He imitates it and walks. She asks what are you doing She wonders if this is the effect of this fruit. Jaito’s mother calls the thugs and tells them to kill. Zorawar climbed the tree. Mint wonders why he became a monkey. She tells him to get down.

There was a fight between Dolly and Batu. Kiara tells him to speak sensibly. Batu receives a phone call and says that the two have not been found, if they have been abducted. Mant asked Zorawar if he was OK when he fell from the tree. He cries and says he eats a pratha and does so much. He says he is very tolerant. Mint asks him to show that he can leave.

He says he can cry at any time and ask what his problem is. Mint made a good face and asked her to cry. He says you look like a prince. Mint called to him, and he fainted. She asks him to open his eyes and thinks what to do. She thinks they have to leave before it gets dark here. After the night Zorawar wakes up and asks what is all this? She says you got better with it, and mosquitoes will bite you.

He tries to remove the dust with his hands. Mant says they are wild mosquitoes and will suck all your blood. Dolly and Klondike are in the same car looking for him. “Once Mant comes home, I’ll find out who did wrong to him,” Klont said. They say they have no enemies. Jaito’s mother told the bully to burn the forest if he could not find her. Mint sees a leech on Zorawar’s neck and tells him not to move.

She grabs a small stick and drops the leech. Zorawar says everything is happening because of you, stay away from me, this aspect is mine and that side is yours. Mant says that LOC. She says if someone loves you leech, snake etc. don’t complain to me. She says ghosts also come here. Zorawar gets scared but says he is not scared. Mint smiles and thinks to scare him. Later he gets up and feels someone’s presence. Mint comes there and gives him something.

The food says and says delicious, what is it? Says the frog. “You fed me frogs,” he asked. “I could have done it, but I thought one frog would eat another, but I canceled my plan,” she says. She says she made a good joke and did not smile. Zorawar misses his family. Manta remembers the sad story of Zorawar. She says you don’t celebrate your birthday. He shook his head. Mant came up with an idea and he smiled.