Choti Sardarni 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Choti Sardarni 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Choti Sardarni 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins. Zorawar tells Mant that he has done wrong and he has no right to do so. Mant says you started it and says first the resort, the factory and then revealing my identity to everyone and then insulting my mother. “I have never done anything personally and made this fight personal,” he said.

He says you have lost the fight, that’s why people call you illegitimate, your father left you and your mother. Mint asks how you got the courage and slapped him. Zorawar tells him to slap her more and says that this pain is nothing compared to the pain that is in my heart. He says you feel bad when someone calls you wrong.

He holds her hand and says when a father calls his son useless and black spot and why he didn’t die before he was born. He says what you will say. He says his father shouted at him, praying for his death, as he staggered and did not trust her.

He says he never accepted me, because I was not fit to be his son. He says you are illegitimate because you do not have the father’s name, but my father made me illegitimate. He says he hated me so much. He says that you are lucky to spend your childhood with your mother, and says that I wanted to introduce my mother to this world through her picture because today is her anniversary. She says she never saw him, or met him, because she died after giving birth to him.

He says Andarpal was shocked because his heir was going to shock him, he couldn’t speak properly. He says Andarpal’s hopes turn to hatred. He says that’s why he became heartless, emotionless, heartbroken, etc. He says that this factory was my mother’s dream, in whose lap I could not sleep. Mant’s eyes get wet. He started talking loudly. A truck is about to collide. Zorawar saves him and they fall into the forest. The thugs get out of the truck and say they must have fallen down.

Dolly comes to Klondike and complains to him. She says that today was the inauguration of Zorawar’s factory, she has insulted him and changed the picture of Zorawar’s mother from Andarpal’s picture and invited him too. Klondike says he has taken revenge.

Dolly says both are cheap and asks what was the need of this illegitimate girl? Klont shouts at him. Butu says he will not listen to the prayers. Dolly says you were embarrassed to call your daughter yesterday and now. She asks where is my grandson Klondike says he may be hiding his face somewhere. Scarlett says she went after Mant and disappeared. Klondike tells her to keep her heart clean. She says she did not know Zorawar’s whereabouts.

Zorawar Mant comes to his senses. He realized that Zorawar had saved him. Mant says the truck was trying to hit us. Zorawar tells him to keep quiet and says it’s a problem, and if possible I will hang a precautionary board around your neck and I won’t walk near you. “I finished my work and started walking,” he says.

The thugs look for them. Dolly asks Klondike if he’s hiding Zorawar. Kiran says his phone is inaccessible. Klondike says I won’t let him go and takes the sword in his hand. Dolly pointed a gun at Klondike and said, “If anyone sees my strength, I will not spare anyone.” Jaito’s mother remembers hiring thugs to kill Mant. She thinks that the boy will die now.

She got up and fell down. She hurts her legs. Zorawar came back after listening to him. He provides help. She says there is no need and says if I get your help I will be in pain. She tells him to go. He told her to be quiet, took out a fork and tied a cloth around her feet. Mannat says I can do it myself. “How are we going to get out of here?” She says.

He says my phone will help us, I’ll call and then we’ll be gone in 5 minutes. He could not call. Mant asked what happened? He says this is not a network area. Mant thinks Grandma will be upset for me at home. Everyone tries to stop Klondike and Dolly. Kiran says we will find them. Kiara says she’s fine. Jaito’s mother calls the bully and tells him to kill them both. The bully says we’ll find them. Mint tells Zorawar that it is not a lawn, and explains that there are plans to find a place. Zorawar says where is the water?

Mant says he will find out. “I will leave when I get the network,” he says. He says his battery is running out. Mant smiles and says put down your phone, some langurs will be happy that their Sartaj has come. He asked, “Where is his phone?” “My phone rang while a monkey was taking me to his car,” she says.

He remembers “We will find a way out of the river,” she says. Zorawar told Mant that someone was trying to kill him and was chasing him. Mint says maybe they are your enemies, if you had not brought me here it would not have happened. Batu, Dolly and Scarlett are in the car. Dolly says I will not give up the prayer. Batu says I will not leave Zorawar. Scarlett argues with him. He says he is talking to Dolly.

Zorawar says I just want to go home. “You should have thought before you did that, Daddy and others could be upset,” says Mant. Zorawar put his feet in the muddy water. Mint smiles and says she doesn’t care about anyone’s happiness, and says she didn’t care if the workers were happy or not. He says he was paying them a lot of money and would have saved their time. Mant says he wanted to work with his hands, like art, not with machines. He says he was going to cooperate with foreign clients, because he needed hand workers, but you. Mint thinks he’s not as bad as I thought.