Choti Sardarni 23rd May 2022 Written Update Episode

Choti Sardarni 23rd May 2022 Written Update. Voot Choti Sardarni 23 May 2022 Written Episode Colors Tv Serial on

The episode begins with the Prince entering while playing the drums and singing the song Shawa Shawa. He stops again. Mant sang to complete it. Jaito gets upset. Kiran asks Jaito to come and dance, but she refuses.

Jaito puts glasses on his head and sees Batu and Mant dancing like this. Klont hugs Sahar, while Batu and Rane hug Rajveer. Kiran hugged Sahar. Mant hugged Sahar and the prince.

Sahar says he will make a video call and asks the prince to come. Sahar remembers entering her home and leaving for America. Batu peeks into the prayer room, remembering the words of Sahar. He finds Mant sleeping on the floor and comes in.

He sits next to her and takes a photo frame to watch. He looks at the photo frame of Mint and his mother and his eyes get wet. He says forgive me, I couldn’t tell you my pain, I want to fix everything, but I don’t know how to do it. He says if your mother was alive I would hold her feet and apologize. “I didn’t want to do anything wrong with him, but I was scared,” he says.

He says how to convince Jaito to consider and accept you as his daughter. He puts the frame back and leaves. Mint opened his eyes and his eyes became wet. She smiles and says, “That’s enough for me, Dad. You came to me and shared your feelings with me. Thank you.”

Klont says the house doesn’t look like this without Sahar and Rajveer. Jenny says she will make a video call. Mant comes there and hugs Klont, greets him good morning. Klont asked, “What’s the matter?” Mant says his order has been completed and will be sent for delivery.

Rane congratulated Manta on becoming a business woman. Batu comes to the dinner table and says it’s too late. He makes a chapati roll and dips it in the gravy. She also prays at the same time. They look at each other and walk away.

Jaito saw it. Klondike goes after Mant and says that she will learn a lesson today, she feeds Mant. Mint says I will teach her a lesson and also intelligence. Klondike works the way Zoravar walks, and begs Mant to show that she is Klondike’s granddaughter.

Dolly gets emotional when she sees Samrat Kaur’s photo frame. Zorawar says he wants everyone to know Mama and tells Dolly that he wants to eat halwa like last time. Scarlett says she will make it. He says he wants the same as before. Kiara says it was made by Mant, I asked her.

Dolly says it will be a problem if she finds out. Scarlett listens. The manager comes and says that Inderpal Randhawa has sent him the card. Dolly says we will go to the factory. Zorawar Andarpal Singh burns the card sent by Randhawa and his eyes get wet.

He asks Akhal what has happened. Akhal says yes. Manta likes the work of florist and says that Bavija will give more work now. The worker asks if he really likes work. Mint says yes. Bavija calls the worker and informs him that the order has been canceled. The prayers and the workers are astonished. “I will not allow this order to be canceled, I will go and talk to her,” she said. She goes to Bavija’s office and says you can’t cancel the order.

She sees Zorawar sitting on a chair and asks what he is doing. Zorawar says that this is my office and I have bought this office and I can do whatever I want, he says that I have canceled the order. Mint says you were afraid of women. Zorawar says he wants to break her ego and show her a mirror. He says his victory was certain. “Whenever I think you have something good in you, you do something that changes my mind,” says Manat.

She says she will not allow these women to become her factory workers. Later, Zorawar is about to cut the ribbon and remembers Mant coming to cut the ribbon. He then asks Dolly and Kiara to inaugurate the factory. They open and go inside.

Akhal asks how the work will start if those women do not come. Zorawar says they will come. Mint wonders how to help these women. Klondike arrives and asks what happened. Mant says that Zorawar canceled the order and told him everything.

She says she doesn’t want to work anywhere else. Klondike hugged her. The workers come and tell Mant that they knew she wanted to do a lot for them, but now they have only one option, to work in Zorawar’s factory.

Mant says you can’t accept defeat and you have to pay the price for your dreams. The worker says they have to do what men want. Mint says you are in a hurry. Workers go to Zorawar to give their consent for factory work. Mint says I’m lost. Klont says my granddaughter can’t give up, I’ll see how Zorawar doesn’t agree.