Channa Mereya 19th October 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Channa Mereya 19 October 2022

The cops show up at Ginni’s residence. That was quick, according to Sharja; we hadn’t even complained yet. Ginni claims that I want to complain about my sister-in-law. The inspector says you may wait because we are come to take you into custody right now. We’re all in shock. What does Adi ask for? The inspector reports that Ginni is the subject of a domestic abuse allegation. Sam appears and declares, “Look at my wounds, Ginni tried to burn me alive today.” The flashback reveals Sam’s self-harm. She is lying, claims Ginni. Ginni can’t do that, according to Gulabo. Sam requests assistance from the inspector.

The inspector says we must arrest Adi even if she attempts to stop them. Ginni responds, “Let them do their thing,” to calm Adi down. Ginni is injured during her arrest when the inspector orders us to do so. Gulabo begs them to listen. Ginni is reassured by Amber that she would contact a few ministers. Ginni begs for her phone after recalling how Sam was filming a video. What is this, inquires the inspector? Ginni claims that she is certain that her phone captured everything. When Sam attempts to escape, Adi demands her phone. Ginni looks through her phone, but there is no video there. All are silent. Sam chuckles as she remembers deleting it.

Adi claims she removed it, but she left out one spot. Sam is seen admitting that she burnt the dhaba and that she intends to kill Ginni in the video when he discovers it on the phone. Inspecting Officer Ginni to file a complaint against Sam. Leaving Ginni, he. Sam is warned by Adi to avoid Ginni. Goldie follows Ginni as she kicks Sam out of the home. Gulabo claims despite everything? To me, you have died. Ginni requests that they leave. Adi queries Ginni, “Are you alright?” With a nod. We shall only be married tomorrow, according to Adi. I concur, says Supreet. He must be in dire need, claims Armaan. We all laugh. Amber observes.

Sam is furious as she walks down the street. Amber arrives and declares that there is nothing you can do to stop Ginni. I won’t spare her, Sam claims. You can’t really do anything, says Amber; don’t you see what happened? Adi was taken away by Ginni, and he will marry her tomorrow. I won’t spare her now, Sam claims. Amber claims that all you do is chat. Just give it to me tonight, Sam advises. If you complete your assignment, Amber promises to offer you one crore rupees. I’ll even let you out of prison. Sam claims that you must rescue me if I am discovered.

While the wedding ceremony is ongoing, Sam arrives to Adi’s home wearing a veil. Adi arrives to the event and scans the area for Ginni. Adi requests that he go to the storage room and get a journal for Akash.

A security tries to stop Sam from entering Adi’s home, but she strikes him and continues inside.

Amber is considering Sam’s strategy. Adi approaches him and queries what he is contemplating. Amber says I’m glad you’re here. He believes that once I have a journal, I will be content. Adi declines his offer of a drink and replies, “I don’t drink anymore.” Adi is entranced when she sees Ginni when she enters.

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