Channa Mereya 18th October 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Channa Mereya Written Update

Adi stops by the dhaba and queries Ginni about her purpose. Ginni claims, “I discovered an anklet here; I won’t spare whomever set this dhaba on fire.” Adi embraces her and promises to be at her side constantly. When Akash arrives, he orders them to end their romance.

Sharja claims there is no air conditioning since it is so hot inside Gulabo’s home. Don’t be upset, advises Supreet, since Ginni will be coming from this home. When Ginni arrives, she goes to Sam. Let’s start the function, Amber suggests. Supreet contacts Adi and Ginni. She invites them to trade rings. Ginni is forced to wear a ring by Adi, who also forces him to do so. We all applaud them. From there, Ginni observes Sam leave.

The roka function gets everyone in the family dancing. Goldie gives Adi and Ginni embraces. Together, Adi and Ginni dance. Ginni examines the anklet before displaying it to Goldie. This is Sam’s, according to Goldie; she must have left it here.

Sam enters her room to take a nap. Ginni walks to her room with a kerosene can. She fills her chamber with kerosene. What are you doing, Sam asks? Ginni smacks her and asks if she torched the dhaba because there was nothing more she could do. Sam claims you lack evidence. Ginni claims that I don’t need to demonstrate anything since I will kill you today. She hurls kerosene her way. Sam yells at you not to do this. Ginni yells, “Accept it that you torched the dhaba, or I’ll burn you to death.” Sam is terrified. Ginni claims that I shall set us both on fire in this room today. Sam yells, “Stop!” You stole everything from me, so I destroyed the dhaba. I detest your life, your dhaba, and you. She sobs and breaks down. Ginni strikes Sam with a lit match stick but no fire breaks out. Sam notices it wasn’t kerosene.

Supreet informs Gulabo that you have been invited to the next celebration when they speak. Adi and the family are visited by Ginni, who claims that Sam alone is responsible for the burning of my father’s dhaba. She confessed to the crime. What did Adi say? Ginni reveals everything to him. Hearing that infuriates Amber. Ginni informs Gulabo that since we kept Sam here in error, she burnt down our dhaba. Let the cops do their business, Adi commands. Goldie is incredulous. I don’t want the cops to come here, Gulabo declares. I’ll look after her. Ginni claims that until I make her pay, I can’t be happy. She requests that Adi call the police. You must be wrong, Goldie claims, and she even put me back together with the family. When will you wake up, can’t you see what she’s done to the family, Ginni yells. How in earth can you maintain composure while Sam burnt down our father’s dhaba? She will be taken into custody today. When the cops show there, they demand Ginni.

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