Channa Mereya 17th October 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Channa Mereya Written Update

Today Channa Mereya Episode Starts With Gurleen is informed by Ginni that I will contact Adi and explain. Amber is told by Supreet to go with the family and not to remain behind for him. Sharja advises against pressuring her to accompany us since Adi was upset with her and she must be terrified of her. What if he also scorches her other hand? Adi scolds her and yells at her to stop. He then departs from it.

When Ginni phones Adi. We are just arriving, he claims. Ginni claims that after I left, you and the family began arguing once again. Supreet handed me the bangles; she didn’t give them to anybody else. Hearing that surprises Adi. She has stolen a lot of my mother’s, according to Adi, so it’s not about that. Ginni believes despite the hardships you’ve faced, you shouldn’t have mistreated Supreet yesterday. Apologize to her right away. I’ll wait for you,” she says as she hangs up.

Amber queries Supreet about what Adi done. Adi is pleased, so there’s no need to be furious with him, advises Supreet. Adi appears and remarks that you ought to have given me the truth since you are aware that I go bonkers when it involves my mother. I simply want to say come with us to the event and let’s forget everything. Supreet observes. Adi requests that you join us at least for Ginni. Although Ginni is a wonderful girl, Supreet claims that his bond with you is stronger. He declares that he would go to the location you requested because of you. You decide when to accept me as your mother, but you have always been considered to be my older son in my eyes. Supreet is instructed to get ready by Amber. Thereafter, she departs. Sharja believes Ginni has blinded Adi since he only parrots her instructions.

The family and Adi arrive to Gulabo’s home. At Sam, Amber smirks. He scans the area and notices a photograph of Khushwant, Ginni’s father, on a wall. He envisions him approaching and yelling at him. You have defrauded me and my daughter, he claims, and you will be punished. Amber exclaims, “No, Khushwant!” Everyone approaches him and queries what occurred. I wish Khushwant was here today, says Amber. Supreet affirms your correctness.

Ginni enters the room to see the whole family seated. Adi looks at her intently. Ginni welcomes everyone. Ginni apologises to Supreet and explains that she failed to inform him about the bangles. Supreet thanks you for helping him get back in touch with his family. I’m considering doing their engagement tomorrow, Gulabo says. Yes, it sounds excellent, responds Supreet. Adi and Ginni participate in the roka rite with the family members. When Ginni attempts to hold Adi’s hand, she flushes. Amber informs everyone that I need to make a statement.

I made numerous errors and was self-centered, but I’ll attempt to make amends today. Gurkiraat group of hotels will now be the name of our hotel network. Adi is taken aback. Adi is asked to sign the documents after Amber has read them to him. Adi doesn’t read before signing the documents. Everyone applauds while Amber smirks. Ginni travels to provide candy. Amber contacts Sam and tells him that we must win the game and stick to the strategy. He hangs up the phone.

Ginni attempts to go, but Adi holds her as she tries to clutch Ginni’s hand. When Ginni enters the kitchen, she observes a staff member removing kerosene bottles from the dhaba. According to Ginni, this indicates that the dhaba was set on fire on purpose. She claims that I will identify the offender because they must want to harm me. She unexpectedly discovers an anklet at the dhaba. Who must possess this, she muses as she examines it? She remembers Sam being upset with the dhaba.

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