Channa Mereya 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 14th October 2022 Update on

Channa Mereya Written Update

Adi asks Ginni, “What are you doing?” while she starts packing her suitcase. Ginni draws him in and says, “You said you wanted to remarry me with all the customs and with your approval.” I must return to my family’s home in order to fulfil the rite. Adi suggests that we spend a few days apart before getting married. Ginni suggests a poor idea. Adi advises you not follow the traditions and instead concentrate on the dhaba since you need to rebuild the dhaba. Ginni claims that if I go there, I’ll concentrate more on the dhaba. You said you’d assist me, so you had to. Adi claims that you’ll miss me. I’ll adore being a bachelorette, Ginni predicts. Adi grabs her and tells her to check out how to meet him when he comes to meet her every day. Make a commitment to come see me every day. I promise, Ginni responds while blushing. She leaves and flees. Do you really need to leave, Adi asks as he stops her. I do, Ginni claims. Ginni kisses Adi’s face because he is dejected and then walks away. Adi beams.

Sam is approached by Amber, who advises him to concentrate only on defeating Ginni rather than the game. You have the opportunity to take her out when she returns home. You must choose whether you want to win now after all of your games ended in failure. If so, then you and I must come to an agreement. What do I get from this, Sam asks? You could soon support Ginni and your kid. Amber thinks my play is good. He plays her the video of Sam lighting the dhaba fire. What do I need to do, Sam asks in shock. Ginni is returning home, according to Amber, so. Sam is informed by Amber that we must prevent the marriage of Adi and Ginni. Adi shouldn’t even look at her, in my opinion. Why do you dislike her, Sam asks? If I know why all of this is happening, I can work out a deal with you. Amber asserts that you cannot demand anything of me since I have evidence against you.

Gulabo is in Adi’s home, and she tells us to leave right now. Akash laments Ginni’s departure. Adi claims that staying back is pointless. As soon as you marry her, Gulabo says you may take her. Gulabo thinks we should depart right now.

Ginni is about to go. She approaches Adi, and the two of them lock eyes. Ginni nods to him before departing.

Ginni shouldn’t come back to my home, Amber warns Sam, and it’s up to you to prevent that. Sam strikes a bargain with him, believing that I am aware of how he is using me as a pawn. However, I need to learn what his strategy is. Sam is informed by Amber that I won’t let Ginni to return and wed Adi. Sam claims that Adi likes her, so what’s the problem? Amber implores her to focus only on how to eliminate Ginni and to stop using her thinking. Sam assures that she will not be spared this time.

When Ginni arrives to the dhaba, she and her family immediately begin cleaning. She is depressed, but Gulabo tells her not to worry about her wedding since she has her days to enjoy them. Consider your prince; he is yours.

Sam says he got this outfit for Ginni and that Goldie can present it to her during her wedding. Goldie claims that she doesn’t even believe I’ll be invited to her wedding. Sam claims that because she is your sister, she will quickly pardon you. Nobody can replace your position in the family, she tells him as she displays a picture of her family, and she adds, “I don’t want you to be away from your family because of me.”

I am fortunate to have a life partner like Adi, yet this is my responsibility, Ginni says Gulabo. When the dhaba is in this state, I can’t be married. I’ll make things right for him, she declares as she glances at a picture of her father.

Sam is asked by Goldie what she is referring about. You wanted to keep your distance from my family. Sam believes that humans evolve through time. Adi and Amber like Ginni. Adi could give us money if you make things right with Ginni. I don’t believe Ginni will forgive me, despite what Goldie claims. Sam gives him a hug and tells him he has to earn her forgiveness. Would you please do this for me so I can gain her trust? Goldie nods before departing. Sam chuckles and declares that he is still an idiot.

Ginni informs Gulabo that our dhaba will reopen and that customers will return. Just concentrate on your wedding, advises Gulabo. No, Ginni replies, “This dhaba needs me, and I won’t go until I put things right.” I’ll track out the perpetrator and won’t hold back.

While working in his room, Adi can’t help but think about Ginni. He claims that Ginni makes the day drag on. Not even a call from her.

Ginni claims that Adi didn’t even message me and that she is waiting for his call.

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