Channa Mereya 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th October 2022 Update on

Channa Mereya Written Update

Ginni informs Adi that they are now partners. When the power suddenly goes out, Ginni remarks, “What a time.” Adi claims there is no time. Adi grabs Ginni’s hand and forces her to sit on the bed when Ginni switches on a lamp and attempts to escape. They both look at one another. Adi touches her face and draws her in. He gives her a forehead kiss. Ginni begins to weep as she thinks back to the fire event. She gives Adi a firm embrace. Don’t exploit me, Adi says. You kissed my forehead, adds Ginni as she flushes. Adi attempts to leave to get dressed. When Ginni looks back on the event, she wonders whether there was a fire intentionally set. I must investigate.

When Ginni arrives at the dhaba, she finds everything on fire. She sobs as she thinks back on those special family times. When Adi arrives, she finds her sobbing. Ginni claims that even though everything is now over, I have a lot of memories here with my father. Adi takes her hand and expresses encouragement while saying, “I believe you repair it.” Ginni thanks him and explains that because I misplaced my father’s journal, his dhaba is now vacant. Don’t think badly, Adi adds while giving her a hug. Ginni speculates that it may have been a deliberate accident.

I am affiliated with this dhaba, thus I am familiar with everything. Kerosene is still odorizing this area, and I saw a can. It implies that someone set the fire here. Only you, claims Adi, are capable of taking away your aspirations. He requests a pledge from her that she would locate her father’s diaries and reassemble her father’s dhaba. He promises that he won’t allow anybody to stop you from carrying out these actions. Ginni embraces him. Amber notices them and believes the match has begun.

Gulabo informs Dimpy in the morning that I will return Ginni to her house since Adi and Ginni will soon be wed. She requests that Santo tidy Ginni’s room. Goldie has to start working on the dhaba, she growls at Sam. She goes. Sam, who is doing the laundry, remarks that they have turned me into a maid. Since we lost the dhaba, all of our money is now lost. She is astonished to get a call.

Adi is straining his arm while he trims his beard. He is informed by Ginni that he has a wife. She creates his beard with the razor. Adi draws her in and adds, “Your aroma has me spinning with love.” This is your romance, Ginni chuckles and enquires? Yes, Adi answers. In the dhaba, I told you that. I didn’t hear it, Ginni claims. Really, says Adi? When other family members arrived, they were going to kiss when he pulled her closer. Supreet informs Ginni that Adi was rescued by your faith. Amber claims that we care for you both. Ginni must spend a few days returning to her home after he claims that we will perform your marriage with all of the customs. Adi asks, “Why?” Santo advises that you must now practise patience. Adi observes.

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