Channa Mereya 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Channa Mereya Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Update on

Channa Mereya Written Update

Ginni is told to flee by Adi who is being engulfed in flames. I’m waiting for you outside, she says. Ginni sheds a tear as she watches him, remembering their times spent together. She is asked to go by Adi. Ginni begins her sorrowful departure. Ginni is rescued by Amber and Goldie from the dhaba. A explosion occurs when a bottle of kerosene falls into the dhaba. The sound of Adi’s scream startles everyone. Amber believes that Adi cannot abandon me in this manner. Ginni replies that he would come out since he promised to return for me. She is urged to calm down by Armaan.

Adi will come out, Ginni asserts, since you know that he never keeps a commitment. I’ll be here waiting till the end of time. I’m waiting for you, Adi, like you promised, she yells. Please come out so we can discuss. Everyone who sees her sobs. Ginni asserts, “I’m certain Adi will show up.” All are in despair until Adi leaps from the dhaba. Ginni sprints after him and gives him a hug. Adi collapses on her lap and cries out, “I love you.” Ginni sobs while praising you. Adi grinned and passed out. Ginni begs him to open his eyes while sobbing. Everyone runs to Adi. Ginni exclaims, “Wake up.” Adi is inhaling deeply. He awakens while holding Ginni’s hand.

They go when Adi says, “I want to speak to Ginni.” Ginni embraces Adi. I promised you I wouldn’t betray your pledge, Adi claims. Ginni sobs and adds, “You have become my life. I was afraid of losing you. I can’t lose you.” We shall be together, says Adi, since you are more essential to me than my life. When Amber arrives, she adds, “Let’s go now.” Thanking Adi for sparing her life, Gulabo Adi claims that my family is Ginni’s family. Amber then transports Adi. Ginni embraces Gulabo and inquires about her wellbeing. With a nod. Adi has done a lot for us today, according to Ginni. Gulabo confirms that Adi has helped us in some way.

The dhaba of your father is gone. We must determine what to do next, according to Ginni. We may claim that the dhaba has been destroyed by fire but that everyone is okay. Let’s pledge to rebuild the dhaba my father owned. Family members all make her promises. Ginni predicts difficulties, but we’ll push through them. Sam observes. Ginni is told by Gulabo to go take care of Adi; everything is OK. Ginni waves as she departs. Sam believes that although I first believed they might burn down, they have now consolidated.

Adi is brought home by Ginni and the family. Adi is advised to contact Supreet if he has any requirements. Amber and Supreet depart. Adi falls asleep. Ginni sits by herself and sobs as she recalls the incidents. Adi contacts her after he wakes up and says, “I understand how you’re feeling right now.” Your life was that dhaba, and it rocked you from the inside out. Ginni claims that you understand my emotions better than I do. You are the sole companion God has provided me; you are my soulmate. Adi beams.

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