Carrie Underwood backs up 74-yr-old mom’s impulsive decision to get matching tattoos in Vegas

Tattoos are not taboo anymore; in fact, most people- at least young ones- do have at least one on them.


But still, although even middle-aged people and even older ones sometimes try having one, we don’t expect our parents to have one at this point.

Of course, there are some people who do it, and even those who prompt their children or loved ones to have matching tattoos.


Some say that having matching tattoos with their children helps them celebrate the unbreakable bond they have with them, while it also reminds them that this bond will last forever.

One of those girls who recently got a matching tattoo with their mother is popular singer Carrie Underwood.

You see, a few days ago, while she was in Vegas along with her two sisters and their mother, they all got matching tattoos.

And, although this is beautiful, the most amazing part was that it was actually their mother who prompted them to get a matching tattoo together.

“When your 74-year-old mother asks you and your sisters to get matching tattoos with her in Vegas, the only questions are, “what?” and “where?” I never would’ve thought I’d see the day that Mama Carole would be gettin’ some ink!” Underwood wrote in an Instagram post.

And, while people still agree that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, this one did not stay there.


The four women took it with them while leaving and they will never forget this experience and this special moment they shared together.

In the photos that one of the most successful American Idol stars posted on Instagram, we can see that all of the women except Carrie had their tattoos close to the wrist, but Carrie chose to have it on the top of her foot.


In another photo we can see her mother who not only looked calm while getting the tattoo, but she was even smiling!

It clearly feels that the women enjoyed this experience together.

As for Carrie, this is not the first time she’s ever gotten a tattoo.

In fact, a couple of months ago, she posted photos from a trip to Destin, Florida, where she had much fun with her beloved sisters-in-law.

That’s when the four women decided to get tattoos- they all looked beautiful!

“From the beach to the tattoo parlor, Destin didn’t know what hit it! I love you ladies!!!” Underwood shared in May.

And while there were some people who judged the idea, most people loved it.


“Mama Carole looks sooo happy! Love it. Delicate and sweet,” someone wrote.

Still, whether you like tattoos or not, you definitely agree that these women share special bonds and they want to make sure their tattoos can serve as a lasting tribute.

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