British teenagers try biscuits and gravy for the 1st time and get over 6M views

Every culture has its own comfort food.

From a simple loaf of bread with some tasty jam to more exquisite delicacies like a lobster frittata, each one rings the bell of flavor for someone somewhere.

Nevertheless, each gets its unique taste depending on its origin.


These British boys are trying biscuits and gravy.

It’s widely considered one of the United States best staple food when it comes to both breakfasts and hangovers.


One of the oldest dishes in America.

The meal consists of biscuits which have countless recipes passed down through generations and the sausage gravy which also has its variations.

But in general, these two should be eaten together, and not one or the other.

The taste testers were British high school students. At first, they were baffled by the biscuit when it was presented to them.

Everyone thought it was an English scone as it has a significant resemblance to the American Biscuit.


One student mentioned, “They’re not biscuits, that’s so weird.” And that it tastes like bread. But when they tasted it, they changed their mind.

Jerome, one of the tasters, said that Americans were lucky. Joe on the other hand said it’s just a basic sweet bread.


Arthur said it was much better than a scone. “I’m abandoning my country by saying these are better than scones,” he added.

Then the gravy gets introduced.


When the hosts of the show said that it’s always paired with something, Theo answered gravy!

Lorenzo was shocked and asked why.

Most of the kids thought it was the usual brown gravy.

When they saw that it was not, they got interested. But they all agreed it was not a gravy since it was white.


The gravy smothers the biscuits.

The young adults thought it looked disgusting.

“It looks like vomit,” said the two students. Another one said it was like a “chopped-up ferret”.

Nevertheless, they gave it a try. What good sports these lads are.


The looks on their faces said it all.

“Wow! That is good,” said Max.

They were totally shocked of the mixture of flavor from the biscuit and gravy combo.

When asked how was the American sausage gravy, Sebastian claimed it made the biscuit taste a lot better.

“They somehow go well together, it seems so weird,” said Arthur.

Henok couldn’t stop himself from eating more.

The students, as well as their headmaster, really liked the biscuit and gravy.

“I don’t mind the taste,” said the school’s headmaster. “For me it’s the wording of everything that’s wrong,” he further explained.


He said it’s not gravy and not a biscuit. It should have been called “cake with sauce”, then it would make more sense, said the headmaster.

Lorenzo explained that what they experienced from this American staple food was like if someone from America first heard or saw beans on toast.

“They wouldn’t think of those two things together,” he added.

The students were then introduced to the rest of the combo, Southern fried chicken, and iced tea.

The young students had the best time enjoying this staple food from across their pond. Would you ever try one of their staple dishes?

We hear the “beans on toast” is pretty good, but not as good as biscuits and gravy!

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