Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th October 2022 Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update

Sunita informs Rajendra at the beginning of the episode that their shagun is inferior to their shagun. Rajendra claims that our shagun is enough and that we have brought all the necessary ingredients. Zoon arrives with Vivek and gives Indu a hug. What is it, she queries? We are bringing shagun to Ritesh’s residence, according to Anjali. Their shagun is less, says Zoon.

Even a girl, according to Sunita, can tell when someone’s shagun is lower. The shagun that Genie Ritesh sent is now ours, according to Zoon, who requests that she give the rest of the shagun back to Ritesh. It does not, according to Sunita. Ritesh will get what he is due, according to Indu, who also asserts that Zoon’s plan is the finest. Indu phones Ritesh and says she’s bringing her shagun out of respect for herself and in the hopes that he’ll be home. She hangs up the phone. She seems to be transporting the Taj Mahal, said Ritesh.

Anjali tries on the rental outfit. The outfit has a 10,000 rupee rental, according to the designer. Raima is asked to lessen the price by Anjali, who introduces her as her friend. Raima informs her that she would show her another outfit that is within her price range even if she is unable to reduce the rent. She departs with the outfit. When Vivaan arrives, he asks Anjali why she isn’t speaking to him. What is her issue, he queries? Anjali said that since her Di has endured so much, she does not want to speak to him. She is invited to make friends with Vivaan.

As she approaches, Raima waves hello. She displays the outfit. Anjali claims that she solely loves this clothing. Even though Anjali claims she wants to rent the outfit, Vivaan nevertheless buys it. She is to consider it a gift of friendship, according to Vivaan. She is asked to go change by Raima. Ajali leaves. Raima informs Vivaan that he lacks the heart to present a gift of 25000 rupees. According to Vivaan, he would learn a lot more from her.

Mahesh visits the PS, pretending to cry, and telling Inspector a make-believe tale. Ritesh Malhotra is asked to leave by the inspector, who questions how he could have done this. Mahesh grins as he turns. Indu Raina, I’ll see how you get married and you’ll be at my feet, he claims. Sameer tells Kadambari they can’t take a chance and will wait for the dhamaka in their conversation. He’s heard by Kaamna. He poses as speaking with his pal. What explosion is he referring about, Kaamna asks? Sameer remains silent. I am not your adversary, according to Kaamna, and you will return to me once your Kadambari kicks you.

Shakuntala is brought outside to the hall by Dolly. When Ritesh arrives, Shakuntala bestows his blessings upon him. Shakuntala grinningly. There, the Rainas travel. Rajendra welcomes them. They are greeted by Ritesh, who invites them inside. Zoon introduces himself as “genie Papa” to Ritesh. He compliments your good looks. Shakuntala’s feet are touched by Indu, who accepts her blessings. How is she doing, Zoon asks Shakuntala? Calling her Dadi maa is what Dolly requests. When Kaamna arrives, she notices what seems to be a 101-Rs envelope.

Sunita learns from Kaamna that she believed they needed servants to fetch the shagun. Indu claims that Vivek’s assistance helped me get everything done. With the assistance of his crew, Vivek brings the shagun and keeps them there. When Kaamna recognises the shagun, she remarks, “What’s the joke? This is the identical shagun that we gave you.” Yes, according to Indu, you gave us this shagun, and because it is now our property, we are handing it over to you out of respect for you. I’ve previously said that the girl’s shagun is far more than the groom’s family shagun, according to Kaamna. Your standing, she claims, is not like ours. Kaamna is asked by Ritesh not to make fun of them. As they are returning our belongings, Kaamna claims that Bhabhi sent this shagun to her. I am responding to their abuse. Shakuntala is told by Indu that she would have agreed with her if she could have said that everyone has a different point of view. Shakuntala grinningly. Thanks to her, Indu.

If your shagun was greater, according to Kaamna, it would be beneficial. Zoon pulls out some chocolate and says, “Now I’m going to give you this,” adding, “Our shagun is greater.” Dolly thinks highly of her. According to Indu, Zoon is the daughter of a strong, confident lady. According to Ritesh, Zoon is innocent. Let’s talk about how marriage operates, Kaamna says. Jai Mala, according to Ritesh, must swap, do rounds, and apply sindoor.

Dolly claims that because it is a Punjabi wedding, all the customs would be observed. Anjali says we need to choose a song, work on our dancing moves, and find a choreographer. Vivaan promises to carry it out? The police inspector calls Ritesh and arrives there. Ritesh stands up and queries what transpired. The inspector says I must go since the situation is urgent. He inquires as to your plans to wed Indu Raina. Yes, Ritesh replies. Sorry, Inspector, but you can’t wed her. What, Ritesh queries? She is already married, according to the inspector. Ritesh turns to face Indu and informs Inspector that he misunderstood since Indu is not wed. Why is he falsely accusing, Kaamna queries. Inspector displays the marriage certificate and claims to have evidence. Mrs. Indu Jaiswal hears Ritesh reading it. Indu examines the image.

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