Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th October 2022 Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update

Rahul is questioned by Vivaan about why there is such a large breakfast spread. He queries, “Is Bhai on weight gain?” Rahul reports increasing agony. How is Anjali, Vivaan inquires? Rahul queries, “Why do you ask?” Vivaan claims I had the idea to meet with her and calm her down since she was under pressure from the home marriage. When Ritesh arrives, he invites Vivaan to have a seat and eat. I’ll take a shower, according to Vivaan. Call from Zoon to Ritesh Ritesh receives the call from Rahul and answers it. Zoon introduces himself and informs Genie Papa that Moj has maintained a fast for him and hasn’t had any water since the morning. She closes the conversation by announcing that she will play.

Rahul is informed by Ritesh that Indu fasted for him. He claims that it is her concern and that I shall eat. He remembers Zoon’s comments as he prepares to eat. The Servant is instructed to remove everything off the table. He claims that my driving licence is really intelligent and that he phoned Zoon to make me feel horrible and prevent me from eating. This is Ritesh’s first karwachauth, according to Rahul. Ritesh meets Indu there. Indu tells him Zoon isn’t home and tells him to go. Ritesh asks her to eat while displaying vada pav and said, “I came to see you.” He requests that she avoid formality. According to Indu, I’m doing this for Zoon.

According to Ritesh, we won’t inform her. Indu states I won’t eat and inquires if you have gone insane. He is asked to eat by her. I’m too guilty to eat, according to Ritesh. Indu muses, “Why?” Driving licence, in Ritesh’s opinion, is problematic. Indu believes that the theatrical company is Natanki. Ritesh tells her that Maa has scheduled a pooja for Karwachauth and requests that she arrive on time. According to the reporter, Ritesh Malhotra would wed provided his future bride Indu Raina attends the puja. Every visitor arrives and is photographed by the media. Indu drives his car there. She is surrounded by journalists who interrogate her. Indu enters the room by entering.

The hostess informs that Siddharth will not be attending. She claims she maintained a fast in preparation for the pricey present. If Pankaj comes, she queries Kaamna. Kaamna claims he is in the US and that seeing his picture would cause her to break her fast. She is asked by Tina to call him on video. After her marriage to Indu, she claims that this home would belong to a middle-class family. Kaamna is informed by Tina that she offered to provide a vehicle for Indu. Dolly claims that despite Indu being middle class, she is a very honest and kind-hearted young lady. According to her, Indu is not phoney and overpriced like high society women.

There, Indu shows up. The woman claims the garish bahu of the Malhotra family has arrived. Tina lauds her beauty. The woman claims that her jewellery reveals her status, and she doesn’t seem to belong to Malhotra’s social level. Dolly greets Indu and expresses gratitude for her visit. She praises Indu’s beauty and presents her to everyone, stating that she is the Malhotra family’s oldest bahu. She says that Ritesh will adore you a great deal as she examines her mehendi. She asserts that she is certain he will be the ideal husband and parent for her and Zoon. Indu admits she didn’t know about the gatherings and appreciates Dolly for inviting her. You don’t know our standard, according to Kaamna, etc. Her name is Kaamna di to Indu.

You could have many reasons to marry Ritesh, Kaamna sneers at her. She mocks her. Dolly informs Indu that Kaamna has no control over her tongue and speaks without thinking. She requests that Indu meet Shakuntala. Shakuntala is greeted by Indu, who also pats her feet. Shakuntala extends a hand in blessing. Dolly reportedly wishes you well. To keep her karwachauth plate there, she requests Indu. Indu becomes anxious. Dolly promises to help her and begs her not to take anything spoken here personally. Indu believes that there is a significant difference between Ritesh’s family and mine, wonders how she is adapting, wonders whether she will be content, and believes that she is marrying Zoon so that Zoon may remain in this country with him.

Ritesh cries out, declaring the employees to be worthless. Rahul requests that he approach the day as a detox day. They are heard by Kaamna. Did you bring a present, Ritesh queries? Indu would appreciate these earrings, adds Rahul as he hands them to her. Ritesh claims that it is customary to offer gifts to wives and expresses uncertainty as to whether Indu would cool down. Kaamna intends to agitate their relationship.

Indu and Ritesh bump into one another. Indu apologises. According to Ritesh, you would have had energy if you had eaten vada pav. If they don’t know how to act, Indu queries. He queries if you are referring to my relatives. According to her, you. She is prompted to keep her hand over her ears by Ritesh. Indu feels out of place and believes she shouldn’t have come here. She decides to go and puts Zoon’s comments out of her mind. She intends to remain there for a while. She hears Tina and the other women being told by Kaamna that Ritesh neglected to bring a present for Indu. She claims that I informed him that Deep was gifting Dolly a smart phone with a diamond-studded case and that Ritesh had given me a 25 lakh necklace. She claims that Ritesh said he would donate the earrings that were stored for the servant since he didn’t regard her and thought she was just worth the price of a servant. When Indu is depressed, When Ritesh offers Indu a present, Kaamna wonders what she would do.

To break the fast and see their husbands, Indu and the other women stand. While doing the pooja, Indu watches Ritesh through the mesh. He offers her some marijuana. Ritesh offers her some water, and Dolly requests it. After forcing her to sip water, Ritesh has her eat a sweet. Indu chews on the candy. Ritesh observes.

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