Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th October 2022 Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Rahul why there is so much breakfast served. He asks if bhai is on weight gain? Rahul says he is in pain gaining. Vivaan asks about Anjali? Rahul asks why are you asking? Vivaan says I thought to meet her and relax her, as she is in pressure due to marriage at home. Ritesh comes there and asks Vivaan to sit and have food. Vivaan says I will have shower. Zoon calls Ritesh. Rahul picks the call and gives to Ritesh. Zoon says hi genie papa and tells that Moj has kept fast for him and didn’t drink water since morning. She says she is going to play and ends the call.

Ritesh tells Rahul that Indu has kept fast for him. He says it is her problem, I will eat food. He is about to eat and recalls Zoon’s words. He asks Servant to take everything from the table. He says driving licence is very clever and made zoon called me so that I feel bad and don’t eat food. Rahul says this is Ritesh’s first karwachauth. Ritesh goes to meet Indu. Indu says Zoon is not at home and asks him to go. Ritesh says I came to meet you and shows him vada pav asking her to eat. He asks her not to do formality. Indu says I am doing this for zoon. Ritesh says we will not tell her.

Indu asks have you gone mad, and says I will not eat. She asks him to eat. Ritesh says I can’t eat due to guilt. Indu thinks why? Ritesh thinks driving licence is troublesome. Indu thinks drama company is nautanki. Ritesh says Maa has kept puja for karwachauth and asks her to come on time. The reporter says Ritesh Malhotra is getting married, if his would be wife Indu Raina will come for the puja. All the guests come there and get pics clicked by media. Indu comes there in auto. The media surround her and ask questions. Indu starts walking inside.

The guest lady tells that Siddharth is not coming. She says she has kept fast for the expensive gift. She asks Kaamna if Pankaj came. Kaamna says he is in US, and says she will break her fast by seeing his pic. Tina asks her to make her video call to him. She says this house is going to be middle class after marriage with Indu. Tina tells Kaamna that she would have sent car for Indu. Dolly tells that though Indu is middle class, but she is very honest and good hearted girl. She says Indu is not fake and cheap like high class society ladies.

Indu comes there. The lady says Malhotra family’s tacky bahu has come. Tina says she is beautiful. The lady says her class is revealing by her jewellery, she doesn’t seem to be matching with Malhotra’s class. Dolly welcomes Indu and thanks her for coming. She compliments Indu’s beauty and introduces her to everyone, says she is the eldest bahu of the Malhotra family. She looks at her mehendi and tells that Ritesh will love you a lot. She says she is sure that he will be a best father for Zoon and best husband for her. Indu thanks Dolly for inviting her and says I didn’t know about the parties. Kaamna says you don’t know our standard etc. Indu calls her Kaamna di.

Kaamna insults her and says you might have many reasons to marry Ritesh. She taunts her. Dolly tells Indu that Kaamna’s tongue is not in control and she says anything. She asks Indu to meet Shakuntala. Indu greets Shakuntala and touches her feet. Shakuntala raises her hand to bless her. Dolly says she is blessing you. She asks Indu to keep her karwachauth plate there. Indu gets tensed. Dolly says she will guide her and asks her not to feel bad about anyone’s words here. Indu thinks there is a high difference between Ritesh’s family and me and thinks how she is adjusting, thinks if she will be happy then thinks she is marrying for Zoon, and Zoon will stay here with him.

Ritesh shouts and tells that the staff is useless. Rahul asks him to think the day as the detox day. Kaamna overhears them. Ritesh asks did you bring gift? Rahul gives it and says Indu will like these earrings. Ritesh says it is a custom to give gift to wife, and tells that he don’t know if Indu will calm down. Kaamna thinks to create problem between them.

Ritesh and Indu collide with each other. Indu says sorry. Ritesh says if you had vada pav then would have got energy. Indu asks if they don’t know how to behave. He asks if you are talking about my family. She says about you. Ritesh asks her to keep her hand on her ears.

Indu thinks she shouldn’t have come here, and is a misfit here. She thinks to go and stops thinking about Zoon’s words. She thinks to stay there for sometime. She overhears Kaamna telling Tina and other lady that Ritesh forgot to bring gift for Indu. She says I told him that Ritesh sent 25 lakhs necklace for me and deep is giving smart phone to Dolly with diamond studded cover. She says Ritesh told that he will give the earrings kept for Servant, as he don’t value her, her value is less than of a Servant. Indu gets sad. Kaamna thinks what Indu will do, when Ritesh gives her gift.

Indu and other ladies stand to open the fast seeing their husbands. Indu looks at Ritesh through the mesh and does the puja. He gives her pot. Dolly asks her to drink water from Ritesh’s hand. Ritesh makes her drink water and then offers her sweet to make her eat. Indu bites the sweets. Ritesh looks on.

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