Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th October 2022 Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update

Indu announces their impending nuptials to Rajendra, Sunita, and others at the beginning of the episode. We are aware of you and are proud of you, adds Sunita, for sacrificing your life for your relationship with Zoon. Ritesh asks them to have a court marriage rather than a regular ceremony because he claims their love for Zoon is sufficient justification for the union. Not Sunita, she disagrees. Rajendra claims that we thought about your wedding a lot. Indu and Ritesh are urged by Anjali not to have a modest wedding. When Zoon arrives, she expresses her displeasure with both of them.

They recline and enquire, “Why?” Zoon expressed her happiness at being able to attend their wedding and do masti, but she questioned how she could summon her friends to join them in the fun and dancing. She requests that they act out a movie marriage to satisfy her dream. Rajendra requests that they acknowledge and concur with their emotions. Okay, Indu nods. Okay, Ritesh adds, “we’ll perform the marriage as Zoon desires.” Indu asserts that Zoon’s Moj is unstoppable for her. Rajendra is informed by Ritesh that he wants to speak with him. Kaamna learns that Ritesh and Indu are getting married. Rajendra is urged by Ritesh not to worry or stress since everything would be taken care of. Rajendra claims that certain events will take place here and others at your location. Indu will dump you, he claims. According to Ritesh, he must get a new driver’s licence.

Kadambari informs Sameer that this union is improbable. Sameer promises that we will take action. Indu and Ritesh, according to Kadambari, cannot cause her to lose 5000 crores. Ritesh questions Indu about whether she ever observed the same 16 Monday fasts that she is presently observing. According to Indu, I observed the fast, but God disregarded my pleas. According to Ritesh, you exceeded your expectations. According to him, I would have wed either Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone. They are both married, according to Indu. I should have observed fasts, according to Ritesh. Indu requests a decent spouse. Ritesh suggests her read novels to develop a sense of humour.

Everyone will laugh, Indu claims, since my spouse will be a joke. Ritesh laments the fact that he must now live with her. As the media will take pictures, he requests that she dress well. I’m dressed well, according to Indu. He promises that you’ll look stunning. She tells him she doesn’t want his certificate and tells him to go. Ritesh claims that Maa once told him: “If you don’t drink milk, you will marry Dayan.” He claims that although he used to drink milk, he could see his future. He bids Dayan good night. Rakshak, nautanki, says Indu.

Ritesh is questioned by Kaamna about his haste to be married. Ritesh instructs Kaamna to drive Shagun to Indu’s residence and declares that he must be married before the court date. Dolly requests your consent. Yes, says Kaamna. She promises to take Shagun the next day. Dolly mentions that it is Karwachauth tomorrow and advises them to contact Indu for the puja. Ritesh claims that because they are getting married for Zoon, such things are not necessary. Rajendra is called by Rahul. A door is opened by Rajendra. Rahul said that Shakuntala insisted Dolly provide sargi for Indu. After giving the sargi, he leaves. Rajendra promises that Indu would eat sargi if Mata Rani so desires.

Later that evening, Indu becomes irritable and begs Anjali not to take things personally. She takes in water. Asha and Anjali visit Indu. Asha requests that Anjali bring a snack. Nothing from supper is still there, according to Anjali’s check. It’s OK, says Indu. When Asha notices the food platter, she decides to force Indu to eat. She keeps Indu in front of the sargi platter. Eats it is Indu. When Sunita sees Indu eating from the karwachauth platter, she is delighted. Sunita is asked by Anjali why she got up so early. Eat the sargi, advises Sunita. If this is your Sargi, Asha queries. No, says Sunita, Ritesh’s Maa sent it for Indu. She claims Shakuntala Ji was certain you would maintain your fast. Indu claims she won’t observe the fast. Don’t maintain the fast if you don’t want to, advises Sunita.

When Kaamna arrives prepared, she assures the woman that everything will go as planned and that the shagun would be as spectacular as Tata and Birla’s wedding. Rahul is instructed by Ritesh to get the chef to prepare the breakfast. Rahul inquires as to your fasting and informs you that today is Karwachauth and that he has presented Sargi to Indu. He claims that if Indu is maintaining the fast, you won’t. Ritesh said they are getting married for Zoon and won’t observe traditional husband and wife customs.

Indu is invited to breakfast by Sunita. Indu unlocks the door after stating that she would have it outdoors. She observes reporters interrogating her about her marriage incessantly. She asks Vivek to fetch Zoon from the rear door when she calls him. Anjali informs Indu that they are feeling like celebrities as a result of her. According to Indu, the local media is out of control. Vivek arrives there with Zoon and inquires as to why the press is there. They are here, claims Indu.

Sunita is wearing a crimson saree, so Zoon questions her. According to Sunita, she observed a fast during Karwachauth. According to Zoon, Vivek’s Moj has maintained a fast and wore a saree like her. She requests that Indu fast for Genie Papa and wear a crimson sari. If I can get married for your happiness, Indu claims, then I can maintain a fast for it. Sunita admires Zoon for doing what they all failed to achieve. She says she will get you ready and brings Indu a sargi shagun platter. Indu is dressed in a crimson saree by Sunita. Seeing her makes everyone cry. Zoon beckons Asha over, removes her eye makeup, puts some behind Indu’s ear, and gives her a flying kiss. Everybody beams. The theme tune is playing.

Kadambari destroys the items in her office and declares that Ritesh and Indu would get 5000 crores if they get married. She inquires about Ritesh’s earlier. We may ask about Indu’s history even if Sameer claims there is nothing there. Kadambari requests that he inquire and assures him that she would murder Indu if necessary.

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