Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Written Episode of Bigg Boss 16 1st October 2022 Update on

Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode 1

Bigg Boss 16 Scene 1
Everyone is welcomed to the new home by Bigg Boss. He claims that I have nowhere to hide or flee in the home since I am everywhere. We choose the top athletes. There is never enough planning. My home, my rules, but you get to select the outcome. Salman enters the theatre. He dances while greeting everyone. I’ll play with the big boss, he says, but just hope that we never disagree. Salman claims the scene is clear this time. Everyone will be challenged by Bigg Boss. The shortest season will be this one. Be ready for the unexpected Let’s start by welcoming our choti sardarni. Let’s welcome Choti Sardarni and Nimrit Kaur. The blinded Nimrit arrives. You’re my fortunate charm, she claims. While on vacation, I saw your performance. I became recognised throughout the school because of the photo I took with you. I shut my eyes because I just wanted to see your face at this point.

He removes the blindfold. I will do my best, she says. I don’t see you in this home, he adds. She chuckles. I mean, you were very polite, Choti Sardarni, he adds. I am pleasant, but I also know how to govern, she claims. Being a lawyer, I know how to stand up for what is right. Let’s demonstrate. You may employ me if I do well. Wearing her gown, she. The first charge against you, according to Nimrit, is that you have hurt every female in the nation’s hearts. But every female is content, he claims, therefore it’s a lie. She chuckles. The next accusation, according to Nimrit, is that you only remove your shirt in movies, not in real life. He tells me that I may leave for you right now, but what are you forcing me to do? They chuckle.

Nimrit enters the residence. The Bigg Boss greets her. Do you want to experience this home through my eyes, he asks? Yes, she answers. She is shown the couch and TV by him. This is a living area, he claims. Very cosy, according to Nimrit. He claims that you all will add colour to our home. He shows her the bedrooms and kitchen. I’m not a good chef, according to Nimrit. He claims that you must. You can’t open these doors, he claims. You’ll all quarrel and split the home apart. I’ve previously created several partitions, so. Let me take you to a unique bedroom. She said it has a queenly aura. The captain, he claims, sleeps in this room. Would you want to serve as the first captain? She claims to be sure. You now face a problem, he adds. Almost every new convict will be given a bed and a duty in the home.

Let’s welcome the next participant, who has brought the gift of love, Salman says. He performs music. As per Salman, this is Abu. I’m 19, and Abu thinks I adore India. I’m a singer and a boxer from Tajikistan. I also adore Wadapao. Will you be able to speak Hindi, he asks? He assures me that I will comprehend eventually. He claims that everyone in the house is incensed. Abu does boxing techniques. Salman shivers with fear. I want to be the captain, Abu adds. So I’m not required to work. I can prepare Purki, he claims. What is it, Salman queries? He describes the dish. When Abu enters the home, he encounters Nimrit. She brings him around and tells him that her employer had ordered her to choose a bedroom for him. He selects a bed. Nimrit assists him. What’s your age, she queries? I am 19, he claims. She says the cutest things.

On stage, Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta dance to a Punjabi tune. They meet Salman. Nice to meet you both, he says. You two will enter the home together. Why are you here if Udaariyan, your television programme, was a success? Ankit said that way, we can also work hard here. We’ll rock here too, according to Priyanka. Priyanka claims that I was murdered in the play. Salman advises that you execute him right now. Ankit claims that our on-screen chemistry was incredible. Her hair is on your coat, according to Priyanka. It’s not mine, Priyanka laughs and declares.

We are at odds. We have a great friendship. I often jeer at him. He claims she talks a lot and I pay attention. Many couples, according to Salman, have visited. She says we look out for one another like friends. Are you both married, Salman queries? She rejects. I don’t want to get married, says Ankit. Priyanka claims he is continuing your legacy. Salman claims that I will always be able to view your emotions on video. Salman claims that there are cameras installed throughout the home. Be cautious. You both need to take an exam regarding one another, according to Salman.

Which side of the bed does Tejo sleep on, Salman queries. How would he know, Priyanka asks? Perhaps, Ankit says. Have you also saved each other’s names, Salman inquires? They both have it marked as a headache. What is your relationship status, Salman queries? They are great pals in writing. According to Salman, the object of the game is to stare each other in the eyes until one of you blinks. Priyanka triumphs. They enter the home where they encounter Nimrit and Abu. We need to determine what responsibility each of you wants to accept, according to Nimrit. According to Nimrit, Abu said that he wanted to cook every day. They both make a choice.

Salman claims the next competitor is very wealthy.

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