Bigg Boss 16 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Episode

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Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode 15

According to Salman, I shall be their boss today. Everyone awakens as he plays the alarm, then he sings the national song. They all joyfully dance when the music changes. Sreejita said it was enjoyable. Saying good morning is Salman. You are unable to escape today’s fair. I’ll be in charge of this home today. Salman sir, says Sreejita. Salman claims that the two most crucial factors are intention and health. You’re all tasked with making juice for one another. You must include traits about each other that you dislike.

For Sreejita, Gori combines brilliant juice and sour tongue. She consumes it. Come, Soundarya, says Archana. Archana quotes her as saying that she believes I am everything and greedy. Soundarya consumes it. Archana is said to be selfish, resentful, and a master by Soundarya. She believes she can fight and treat people well at the same time. Salman claims that Archana and Soundarya are feuding. Stan makes a call to Shalin and mentions his turn and ego. Nimrit calls Archana, a harsh voice irritates me. She messes with someone’s ego.

Shiv calls Shalin and concocts an egotistical concoction. Sajid phones Abdu and complains that he is intelligent, uninteresting, and egotistical. Abdu consumes it. Sajid is made for by Abdu. He speaks everything and has every quality. Gori is called, and Sumbul adds the hot and bitter. Calling Nimrit, Archana adds bitterness and cunning. Boring and irritated are also added when Gautam phones Shalin. Calling Soundarya is Shalin. Everybody chuckles. He claims that when she takes turns, she becomes bored and resentful. Salman claims that I am appalled by Shalin’s choice.

Shalin’s ego is bruised, according to Soudarya. Archana is informed by Shiv that something is awry. Ankit queries Shalin or Soundarya Gautam. Of course, Gautam, she replies, but I’m attempting to comprehend him. I consider Shalin to be more of a friend.

Sajid is summoned by Salman to the confessional, where he is given a covert assignment to steal expensive items from the other participants. Abdu will be his ally. The challenge is accepted, according to Sajid. Sajid informs Abdu about the assignment. Sajid steams the image of Sumbul. For the shaker, they enter Shalin’s chamber covertly. They search for Tina’s stuffed animal. You mean zuzu, says Abdu? Is that what you refer to it as in Tajikistan, asks Sajid? Sajid diverts everyone’s attention as Abdu leaves covertly carrying a teddy bear. While Sajid diverts their attention, Abdu slips inside Gautam’s room. His shirt is taken. It’s finished, Abdu says Sajid. We had to obtain Gautam’s jacket or shoes, according to Sajid. Akit notices them. He queries Sajid about the situation. Sajid requests that you remain silent. After steaming Gautam’s shoes, Badu enters the room. Ankit pursues him. Abdu is queried by Shalin. I’m carrying my towel someplace, he claims. Sajid is told that Abdu is finished. We are maha thieves, claims Sajid. We are thieves. Police don’t arrest us, claims Sajid.

Big boss tells Sajid that he must now conceal Abdu. He shouldn’t be missed by the other prisoners. Abdu is led inside the room by Sajid. Abdu is instructed by Sajid to conceal for 45 minutes. Sajid states, “Abdu wrecked my bag,” to Sreejita. He is so bizarre that I will argue with him. Where is your spouse, Nimrit is questioned by Sajid. Sajid poses as someone who is searching for Abdu. Everybody searches for Abdu. Bigg Boss Abdu is lost, claims Sajid. Have you kept him concealed, asks Nimrit? Sajid questions why I would. Everywhere is examined. Abdu is met by Salman. He claims you were kidnapped. I kidnapped you, Sajid. Well done, you two. You’re doing well. Who do you predict will triumph? Abdu states, “I’m not sure yet.” Salman and Abdu enter the building. Everybody is delighted to meet him. As per Priyanka, we guessed it.

Salman claims that there are also many more items missing. Sajid has snatched each one of them. But you’ll only receive it back under certain circumstances. He informs Archana that while India loves her, her elections are over. Why, she asks? Because you are an Indian, he claims. You’ll constantly lose shape. She lauds the way I travelled. Abdu is asked by Salman whether he likes Archana. No, he replies. To imitate her, he says. Every time, Abdu utters the phrase “always battling, always fighting.” Please Bigg Boss keep her quiet for a week. Salman said she is completely entertaining. Clap for Ankit, he says. This week, he said 6,000 words. Shalin was told not to push by him. really content. This week, he will gain 2k weeks. Guess who said these things about you, Salman says, and you’ll get your stuff back.

He claims that Tina, who claimed that she and I operate on different wavelengths, is infantile. She replies, “Nimrit,” and he responds, “When you explain the cause, you’ll get your teddy bear back.” In my face, Tina claims to be nice. She needed to make an effort to comprehend. She claims that I got this teddy from my closest buddy. Salman gets it back from him. Who stated about you that you are playing so shrewdly? Salman asks Gautam. Priyanka and I are great friends, and so are you. Everyone. Archana responds when Gautam claims she says such things. Says he, Tina.

I never mentioned it, claims Tina. Salman reports that your sneakers have returned. Who told you that Sumbul liked you? Salman inquires of Sumbul. Everyone can see the intensity and one-sided affection, not just myself. Tina, says Sumbul. Salman questions why everyone is seeking Tina. I said it, Tina claims. Is Tina the only one speaking in this home, asks Salman? She is photographed by Sumbul. Who stated about you, he is come to win?, Salman queries Shalin. No values, no morals. Gautam, says Shalin. Salman rejects. Says he, “Soundarya.” You distrust your pals, Salman claims. I shouldn’t expect Shiv to speak so much English, he claims. Don’t mention that, Salman advises. He claims I had the accent in mind. “Time up,” says Salman. Nimrit, he responds. Your shaker, claims Salman, is missing. According to Shalin, it’s crucial for me. Says he, Stan.

Salman queries Priyanka about rumours that his mother would sob and suffocate if she visited him as the DIL. This won’t happen, according to Priyanka, since it’s extremely personal. We seldom speak such intimate things, according to Ankit. Salman requests a guess from them. Nimrit, Priyanka says. Not me, says Nimrit. Shalin, she says? Salman rejects. She is a competitor who often sobs over things that are personal to her. Priyanka exclaims, “Wow, Soundarya.” According to Soundarya, I used a softer tone.

Are these the so-called manners you always tout, Ankit asks? This is unacceptable. really, asks Priyanka? softer tone Don’t take it personally, advises Priyanka; manners aren’t the issue. Soundarya, according to Salman, shouldn’t complain about people being personal if you can stoop to being so personal. She claims that I did so in relation to Archana. So you’re free to say whatever, Priyanka says? Never did we get this personal. Next time, consider your words carefully. I don’t want you to direct me, Soundarya says. I want you to use English, Priyanka says. I don’t want you to direct me, Soundarya says.

Salman says let’s welcome Hardy and Parineeti Chopra for their movie. You’re all doing well, according to Parineeti. But I am a fan of Abdu. India adores you. Hardy sings for me, but tonight I want you to sing. For her, Abdu sings Inna son. I am envious of his three wives, Parineeti claims. Hardy claims I am a fan of MC Stan. For him, Stan raps. Salman responds, “I get it, dude.” Stan chuckles. We have a love song, according to Parineeti. I need a partner to dance with. Visit Shalin. Parineeti dances by Shalin. Everyone loves you, according to Parineeti. This is my first action movie, claims Parineeti. Fun was had.

Hardy will check your pulse and speak to you, Parineeti calls folks and promises. He says my tears and feels Sumbul’s heartbeat. He exclaims, “I am a sparrow, and Shalin is my parrot,” as he checks Archana’s pulse. Why am I the only one not receiving a kiss, he asks Gautam. You want a kiss, Salman says? Everyone will get one, he claims. Hardy says boba after checking Stan. In order for the participants to guess, Parineeti performs songs. She sings “Drama queen hai” in chori bari.

Archana, says Tina. According to Tina, she fights before sobbing within. Everyone concurs. Chan Di Kuddi is sung by Hardy. The consensus is Soundarya. Everybody rejects Priyanka. Jigar da tukda is sung by Parineeti. Abdu, they all reply. When Parineeti inquires about her “jigar ka tukra,” she replies, “Tina and Shalin.” Hardy performs a naa site. He claims that Tina is a doll. Main pareshan is sung by Parineeti. She says Manya when asked Archana. Soundarya is denied by Archana. Soundarya claims that you annoy everyone. They go away.

In the family room

To Sumbul, Shalin attempts to explain. She queries Tina, “To whom did you say this?” I’ve never used the phrase “childish,” Nimrit tells Tina. Soundarya claims they make things up. Only you can descend so low, according to Priyanka. At least I speak to myself directly. Don’t do me your attitude, Soundarya says. I merely mentioned she doesn’t let anybody speak if they get married, Soundarya tells Shiv. How could she say such a thing about his mother and connect it to me, Priyanka tells Sajid. Mothers should be revered, according to Sajid. I compare his mother to my own mother. Priyanka sobs, declaring her lack of etiquette. Says Sajid, “Don’t weep.” You are strong, I know that.

Sumbul hears explanations from Tina and Shalin. Shalin claims that I warned her it was excessive. Tina then said that she could like you. According to Tina, I requested him to speak with you privately. You later clarified it for me. Sumbul claims that I didn’t enjoy this at all and that I just cared about you two. Tina claims that at the time, we weren’t close. Shalin and I were, according to her.

Priyanka complains about cheap and repulsive individuals. Listen to me, said Soundarya. Is this what your parents have taught you, asks Priyanka? She apologises profusely to Ankit. I concur, but the context was different, according to Soundarya. Never in that situation. I warned you to look out for yourself, Gautam tells Sumbul. She embraces him. Whatever the circumstances, dragging someone’s parents, according to Ankit, is unacceptable. We have observed your ethics, claims Priyanka. She apologises in limit I assumed you had a rift with me, so I borrowed your name, but I had no idea people could be that rude here. I know, says Nimrit. You may speak, but you should also listen, according to Soundaarya.

at least comprehend the situation. That day, you were personal to me. You brought my mother in it, according to Ankit. You became intimate with her. According to Soundarya, that day you got personal. Ankit claims that you made my mother sick. Have some shame, Priyanka advises. Priyanka is taken inside by Ankit. Shouting, Soundarya. Soundarya is asked to remain quiet by Nimrit. I can’t believe this, Priyanka cries.

Dad of Sumbul enters the stage. While staring at him, she sobs. How are you, he queries? He claims that I came here to let you know that I sent you here in a good way. You have overcome a lot. However, if you are being this protective, I worry about you. To demonstrate you how the world works, I sent you here. You are aware of the tricks others play on you. I’m saddened that my Sumbul isn’t there. Shalin, you told me you were from our city, he claims. She had a connection to you. She was constantly on your side, and you caused her trouble throughout the whole home.

She is a child; you ought to have shown her respect, but you said nothing to her. It spread a really unfavourable story. I assumed Tina would treat her like a sister since she is older. You created tales about her and spread them to everyone. Although she is a youngster, I trust my upbringing. See Sumbul, this is how people are, he says. They are playing along. Thank you, Gautam and Ankit, he says. You two stood by her side. You both talked to her and showed her respect. Shiv, you’re the true Maratha, he says. You expressed your regret to her and treated her like a sibling. He claims that despite the fact that Shalin had injured you, Sumbul stood by him as a friend.

However, you spoke to her and helped her realise that she should advocate for herself and her rights. I admire you. Archana claims to be his little sister, and he promises to help him advance. She chuckles. Papa, I adore you, says Sumbul. All young ladies, he claims, look up to you. Be an example by acting like Sumbul, who has a distinct personality. For her, he sings a poem.

Salman claims that normally we wouldn’t let anybody to come and try to make their contender comprehend anything, but since your daughter was so little, we did. It was challenging. We believed it was appropriate for you to communicate with her. Has Sumbul understood, he asks? She claims papa is correct. Thank you, father, I wasn’t being myself. You will soon see me. Why did you get to be so dependant, Salman inquires? She claims that I get dependant when I get close to someone. Shalin, Tina, or nobody, according to Salman, is here for you.

The only person you have to support is yourself. Can I say anything, asks Shalin? Salman firmly advises against speaking. Salman, you need to solve it, he says. You are now an adult. Your dad was invited here so that he could explain things to you. Yes, I wasn’t seeing my Sumbul here, her father confirms. She lost her sense of self-respect after being ridiculed and ignored. Shalin, she claims, is not what you are. You are a kid, and they took advantage of that. He departs. He departs.

Salman predicts that when I return the next day, I will have a lot to say. The episode of tomorrow will be challenging.

Nimrit embraces Sumbul. Everyone comforts her. You may weep, be light, and then be yourself, according to Priyanka. What have I done, Shalin questions? Tina claims that we took no action. We feared the worst for her. Please, Tina, says Shalin. But it didn’t turn out the way we had hoped.

Salman suggests that we wait until tomorrow. I bid you farewell.

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