Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Dadi Asks Rishi And Lakshmi To Do The Puja

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Lakshmi asks Malishka why she ordered the food, and the episode begins. At first, she felt you had a good reason, but now she’s certain you just want to do something different. They will claim that Malishka is the greatest since she brought food for them, and she believes that I intended to degrade and insult you in order to gain their appreciation and keep her on their heads.

Asked if she’ll retain the poison in her heart, Lakshmi says yes. For Malishka’s family and Ahana’s enjoyment, Malishka claims she brought food. If she is telling the truth, Lakshmi inquires. Malishka tells the audience, “I don’t care what you think.” She’s off! Ahana receives a hug from Lakshmi. She promises to teach me how to cook because that’s what everyone is hoping for.

Then she asks Lakshmi if she’ll provide a hand. Lakshmi rejects the idea. Malishka is on edge. Rishi makes an appearance. Malishka claims that Lakshmi spoke to her in two languages the day before yesterday and anticipates a response from him. Apparently, she had me go to the side when I held your collar, as I was getting in the way of your relationship. She tells you that she needs your help in making our relationship legal and that you must back her.

Rishi is dispatched to confront Lakshmi on her behalf. Rishi inquires as to whether or not you’d like me to perform a play in front of Ahana’s alliance. He wants to know how she wants him to act. When Ayush arrives, he tells him to relax. If Lakshmi wanted to, Malishka claims, she would have made fun of us in front of the groom’s family. Why don’t I tell him?

Ayush tells Malishka that Rishi has placed Lakshmi between himself and her husband’s rights because of the judge. Because of Judge, he adds that if Rishi begs Lakshmi to avoid her, she should do so. He believes she will show her true colours on him and that you are well aware of her deception.Because you aren’t from the village, Malishka is expected to assist Rishi Bhai because he doesn’t want her to go to him.

As he puts it, Rishi is in the same room as Lakshmi and has requested a divorce because Lakshmi’s Kundli was devoid of any force. When Rishi says I love you to her in front of Lakshmi, he wants her to know that he means it. Instead of supporting Lakshmi, Malishka wants you to back him.

So what’s the point of this everyday drama? Rishi claims he’s always there for you. Malishka sends him a note explaining that she is unable to change her emotions on the spur of the moment. She’s off! Rishi takes the message and reads it. He claimed it was magical, and she apologised.

The jodis, according to Dadi, are the work of God. How is Neelam faring? Karishma states that Rishi does not have markesh dosh and that Neelam’s foot was injured when she went to the kitchen to speak to Lakshmi. Dadi inquires as to whether Lakshmi is to blame. Karishma says she will. Asked by Dadi, the servant delivers the candies.

According to Virender, you already own it. Regardless of who makes it, Dadi says I can have it. According to Virender, Neelam is furious with Lakshmi and does not want her to participate in Ahana’s wedding ceremonies. According to Dadi, Ahana will accompany Lakshmi to the temple tomorrow. “Why?” inquires Karishma. Only the bahu, according to Dadi, is allowed to escort the daughter to the shrine.

Rishi confronts Ayush and demands to know what he did that Malishka apologised for. I informed Ayush that she had a quarrel with Lakshmi and was becoming upset at you, and he claims to be able to manage the ladies. She got the message and apologised to you. Rishi inquires as to why you have not yet found a girlfriend.

If Ayush ever has a girlfriend, she will insist on getting married and then divorcing him, according to Ayush. Rishi tells him that this is my narrative and that he may eat food outdoors if he tells anybody else. Ayush says I should tell Neelam mami about this.

Ayush believes that if Lakshmi had been around, there would have been a lot of trouble today, and he agrees with Malishka that Lakshmi is out to hurt our family.

In his room, Rishi sees him. During supper, Lakshmi inquires as to why he was absent. Rishi has an arrogant tone in his voice. It occurred to me that Malishka could have wanted you to speak to me in this manner, and I agreed. According to Rishi, I’m furious with you since you were on the verge of destroying Ahana and your partnership.

Due to the disappearance of the ingredients stowing bag, Lakshmi offers her opinion on what I would have done. She cooked Indian food for this reason. Rishi claims that Londoners aren’t fans of this type of cuisine. According to Lakshmi, Malishka has urged Lakshmi to chastise me.

She claims that many individuals in this place are unable to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Rishi wonders if you were correct to leave home when your mother told you not to. If all goes according to plan, as Lakshmi says, you’ll be marrying Malishka. “That you’re expressing worry for me now,” Rishi inquires, is it not wrong?

While Malishka has always been a part of your life, Lakshmi wonders if it was appropriate to show me your fantasies. What about my dreams? Rishi wonders if they haven’t been broken.

According to Lakshmi’s words, you’ve always wanted to marry Malishka, even if it’s not today. He claims to have heard your phone ring. She claims that I can hear. As she answers the phone, he instructs her not to look at him. Lakshmi tells me that I can only gaze at you. According to her, the phone number is an unknown one. In the words of Rishi, “Bad ringtone.” Even you, according to Lakshmi, have the same ringtone.

He swears he’s going to do better. He collides with Lakshmi as he prepares to go, and the phone falls to the ground. “Who’s on?” Lakshmi inquires. Mrs. Gujral claims to be the mother of Gautam. She claims that ever since we got here, we’ve been chatting about you.

She tells me that her husband wants her to create Rajma Chawal like you, and he wants her to explain to him how to make it. Come to Lakshmi’s house and have it. Mrs. Gujral requests her to tell her not to ruin our customs.

They may be heard by Rishi. Lakshmi has a grin on her face. She then hangs up the phone after giving the recipe. Mrs. Gujral describes Lakshmi as pleasant. Mr. Gujral claims that Malishka gave him bad vibes.

If Rishi did hear what Mrs. Gujral said, Lakshmi wanted to know. Rishi thinks they were overly complimenting you. Dadi is going to leave since she hears them fighting. Stops: Dadi, Rishi. He wonders whether the conflict is over.

Yes, they say so. Dadi requests that they accompany Ahana to the shrine of Kuldevi. Lakshmi says she’ll take her along if she wants to go. Rishi gives his approval. Dadi is leaving. Rishi gets out of bed, dries the bed with a damp towel, and then leaves. Lakshmi has a grin on her face.

Karishma learns from Virender that Neelam slept peacefully after learning about the alliance. Dadi inquires as to whether or not they were disparaging Neelam. Do they deny it? Dadi wants to see Neelam out and about, according to her. She instructs them to contact Gujrals and inquires as to the anticipated attendance at Roka.

Ahana asks Lakshmi what she should have for breakfast in the morning. When they return from the temple, Lakshmi says they’ll eat when they get back. My father arrives and asks for tea. Malishka appears and inquires as to why I’m late.

Asked why Rishi didn’t tell Lakshmi that she was coming, Lakshmi inquires. “What should I say?” asks Rishi. Lakshmi claims that we produce a large amount of food. Dadi requests Rishi to accompany Lakshmi and Ahana to the temple and participate in puja with them.

Rishi first declines. In Dadi’s wrath, Rishi is on board. Malishka says she plans to attend a temple service and do a form of puja. Dadi insists that the bahu and her husband alone should do Kuledvi’s puja, as per Dadi’s instructions.

In the temple, Pandit ji blesses Lakshmi to have a long marriage and to have a long life and children with her spouse. Karishma says we’ll take Lakshmi to the correct location. Outside the temple, Lakshmi rushes to the aid of an elderly man. It’s hardly a secret that Malishka has a way with people.

All of her dreams came true, thanks to the old man’s blessing. Lakhmi’s panditayan assures her that the blessing originated from her heart and would be realised. “Markesh, save your spouse,” she adds as she glances at Rishi. Rishi sprints after yelling “Lakshmi!” Malishka keeps her eyes fixed on the situation.

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