Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Lakshmi Is Appreciated

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Lakshmi may make us feel humiliated, adds Karishma. Neelam is summoned to the kitchen. Virender expects me to join him, too. Neelam, Rishi, and Virender arrive, and Neelam inquires as to whether or not Malishka was correct. According to Lakshmi, the luggage was stolen. Is it possible for you to accomplish this?

Neelam says so. Virender also inquired about this. She wonders aloud if she’s doing this to exact vengeance on him. When Neelam’s foot becomes injured, she accuses Lakshmi of insulting them once more.

Says what? Lakshmi? Take me to my room, Neelam, I don’t want to see your face. She is taken to her room by Rishi and Virender. Malishka informs Lakshmi that she has sunk to this level because she wounded Aunty.

It doesn’t matter what others do or don’t do, she says I’ll take care of it. It’s clear that she intends to meet with the visitors. There must be visitors waiting, Neelam tells Rishi and Virender to go.

Dr. Shiv makes an appearance and extends his best wishes. The marriage of Ahana is set. Neelam’s foot is examined and bandaged by him. If she doesn’t comply, he will plaster her face.

She claims to despise the material. Her presence is requested by Rishi. After Shiv’s departure, Neelam urges Rishi to join Gautam’s household. When Lakshmi is around, she urges Virender to refrain from showing affection.

Virender claims that I didn’t offer her any affection. In Neelam’s words, he’s being asked to mimic her. To avoid any negative connotations, she requests him not to inform anybody about her recent hair loss.

As Virender asks, she is asked not to feel sorry for herself. She tells me that she is feeling powerless. Virender tells her to unwind and assures her that everything is under control.

Chole, bature, rajma, and the like are all created by Lakshmi. Ahana shows up. Lakshmi wonders aloud if it’s because of Gautam that you’re smiling. Ahana says she appreciates his openness and candour.

Ahana receives a bear hug from Lakshmi. Ayush shows up there and claims that Lakshmi is about to break up with him. (– I’m doing what Lakshmi says I’m doing. Ayush predicts that I’ll place an outside food order.

She claims they don’t enjoy meals from other countries. Ayush claims that they, too, are averse to Indian cuisine. Lakshmi’s collar was set by Malishka, who hears them and considers lowering Lakshmi in front of everyone. I will take out the answer and everyone will applaud me, “she adds, if the Gujral family doesn’t get food.

To avoid upsetting Ahana, she goes to Lakshmi in the kitchen and explains her plan. She speculates that Shankar is bringing food that he has prepared. She begs Ayush to keep her words to herself. That means a lot to Ayush! Malishka explains that she’s responsible for Shankar’s arrival.

When Shankar arrives, we’ll offer both Indian and non-Indian cuisine to Lakshmi’s guests. When Shankar is in the kitchen, she begs her to bring him over. He fears Lakshmi may be hurt by this.

As Lakshmi had suggested, Ahana and Ayush brought Indian cuisine outdoors. According to Sudha, the Gujrals don’t consume this type of cuisine. We’ll wait for Malishka’s dinner, per Rishi’s instructions.

According to Gautam, neither Mummy nor Papa eat greasy food. For cooking Indian cuisine, Lakshmi gets scolded by Karishma in front of everyone. Shankar receives a call from Malishka and asks him to keep the phone in the kitchen for him.

When Lakshmi purposefully humiliates them in front of everyone, Virender chastises her for her actions. Gautam savours the delights and inquires as to their origin. Sweets from Punjab, according to Lakshmi. He likes it and says he’ll miss it when his father dies. To taste it, he asks them to do so. For Ahana and Gautam, his father says they’ll be served Indian food.

Gujral’s advice is to watch for signs of acidity. After that, according to Lakshmi, you’ll have buttermilk. tells them that it brings back memories of their trip to Punjab. It’s Mrs. Gujral’s request that we serve her rajma as well. Ahna works for her. Mr. Gujral requests that Ahana study under Lakshmi’s tutelage. Ahana claims she’ll get the hang of things. Gautam claims to have it as well.

It makes Malishka upset to watch them eating Indian cuisine, so she prepares continental food for them to share. Lakshmi’s hand-made Indian food is the greatest in the world, says Dadi, who is having Indian food with her family. According to Mrs. Gujral, the roka would be performed in two days. Ayush bursts into laughter. Gautam isn’t a fan of Indian cuisine. In Rishi’s gaze, Lakshmi’s is fixed.

Malishka recalls Dadi’s remarks as she enters the kitchen. She tells me to get rid of this meal and go get some Indian cuisine instead. She claims her mother was summoned to cook the continental meal and the driver was ordered to arrive quickly.

That thing bag, she claims, was a high-risk move on my part. She claims that the Gujrals were acting in self-defense because they wanted chole bature, which would explain their behaviour.

Kiran asks Malishka whether they requested the recipe. “They asked,” Malishka claims. “What did you say?” Kiran asks. “You have no idea what the C stands for in continental,” she replies. According to Malishka, Lakshmi responded as they were eating her meal. She claims that Lakshmi’s cooking is what makes Gujrals phoney NRIs, and she was complimenting her a lot.

She hangs up the phone. This isn’t the first time she’s thrown food. Lakshmi shows up and accuses the narrator of throwing away food, which she considers an insult to food. Malishka asks her to stop lecturing her. Lakshmi thinks it’s common sense, but many people work hard for it and don’t grasp it.

She wants her to appreciate the little things in life. Asked to leave, she removes food from the sink and promises to feed her pets and birds. She claims that she will not disparage the meals in her own home.

In Malishka’s words, “your house.” It is my house and my spouse, as Lakshmi affirms. She thinks they would have enjoyed it more if you had left it outside. “There is no comparison between us and Lakshmi,” adds Malishka. She says poison is an option. Your spewing poison is making Lakshmi wonder why she brought this meal.

So when Lakshmi asked Rishi whether he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Malishka, it was only fair that she showed me his dreams of that possibility. Lakshmi is informed by Gautam’s mother that the family has been talking about her since they arrived.

Asked by Dadi to take Ahana to the Kuldevi shrine, Rishi and Lakshmi agree. With Rishi’s permission, Malishka claims to be able to take Ahana along. Only the married daughter, according to Dadi, is qualified to accomplish this.

Outside of the temple, Lakshmi is dizzy. Asked by Ahana, “What’s wrong?” Rishi keeps an eye on everything. According to Karishma, we must now reveal the true location of this shrine to Lakshmi. Rishi sprints after yelling “Lakshmi!” Also in the temple is Malishka.

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