Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Rishi and a group of prisoners fight at the beginning of the episode. After eating at his hotel, the prisoner reveals that his brother is in the hospital. He claims that you lied to the public and made false statements in court. Rishi asserts that I lied in order to release my wife and come to this place because I wanted to rescue my wife; it wasn’t her fault.

He claims that I am speaking the truth and won’t stop you, even if you want to murder me, since I am also sorry for your brother and the other people who became sick as a result of the actions of another. He compliments him and claims that you are being honest. The other person claims that a husband and wife have a deep affection for one another. Rishi assures the man that he will pursue legal action against whomever is to blame for his brother’s predicament.

Malishka gets into a street brawl with a woman. The woman makes a threat to contact the police. Malishka reimburses her for the harm. When Balwinder arrives, she poses as her husband and claims she discovered his infidelity. Malishka’s money is returned, and the woman spanks Balwinder for betraying his lovely wife. The woman departs. Balwinder enrages Malishka. Lakshmi is said to be loved by Balwinder. Did you drink and drive, he inquires? No, Malishka responds, adding that a significant event occurred and Lakshmi went to visit Chef Mukesh.

Lakshmi shows up at work. She is informed about the losses by Ayush. Lakshmi takes the responsibility. Ayush begs her not to place the responsibility on herself and explains that whomever is instigating all of this is to blame. Everything will be resolved if we find that individual, according to Lakshmi. She explains the reason Mukesh hasn’t arrived yet. There, Mukesh shows up. He’s asked to sit beside Lakshmi. She apologises and explains that going to court will need you to suffer a great deal. Why did you call me, says Mukesh? Lakshm claims Rishi is incarcerated. According to Ayush, his bhabhi left first. You can make things work out, says Lakshmi.

He is asked by Ayush to describe whatever occurred in the kitchen that day. In response to Abhay’s remarks, Mukesh declares, “I revealed what I knew in court.” Lakshmi claims that because you are employed here and Rishi often assists you when you are in need, it is now your time. According to Ayush, if Bhabhi had wanted to, she would have placed the whole responsibility on you. He is asked to provide the identity of the genuine offender by Lakshmi, who also warns him against betraying Rishi. I don’t know anything, and I don’t want to be caught up in this situation, claims Mukesh.

We will be discovered, according to Balwinder, if that chef runs into Lakshmi. Malishka wants to know what I was saying. Balwinder advises me to relax since I will soon be married. Malishka grinning. I’ll get Lakshmi, says Balwinder, and she’ll be with him for the following seven pregnancies. The automobile is going to be started by Malishka. After reprimanding her, Balwinder asks her to take the wheel while he sits in the vehicle. Malishka invites him to go. Malishka is told to refer to Balwinder as his partner. Malishka claims to have successful company. We’ll discuss in the vehicle while it’s running, adds Balwinder, adding that we both have bad thoughts. Malishka sped away.

Malishka and Balwinder are seen leaving in a vehicle by Shalu. Lakshmi alerts Ayush of Mukesh’s involvement or possible cover-up. Ayush claims that he may not want to become engaged in this issue as much as he claimed. My gut tells me Mukesh knows something, Lakshmi claims. Let’s go and catch him, Ayush says. We should instead build his faith in the fact that we are there for him and would assist him, advises Lakshmi.

Shalu is questioned by Bani about the situation at Di’s home. Shalu claims that everything is good. She claims Lakshmi di is with Ayush. As per Bani, he is a jhalla. Shalu commends him and declares her admiration for him. Bani claims that you have welcomed him. Shalu has a memory of Malishka and Bani. Mukesh exits the hotel and climbs onto the bicycle. His bike keys are taken by someone who may be Abhay.

Mr. Basu informs Virender that Lakshmi and Rishi both made the same error. He claims that I would have taken her out if he had more patience. Virender claims that he is now being implicated. Mr. Basu claims he has become criminal in the eyes of the law. Karishma arrives and accuses Lakshmi. Mr. Basu declares that he will go. If Karishma doesn’t have a thought, what should she say in front of others, Virender questions. As per Karishma, she was truthful. According to Virender, Lakshmi had protected them from the terrorists. Lakshmi, according to Karishma, seizes the opportunity and excels. She claims she is at fault. Both Lakshmi and Rishi, according to Virender, are my pride and none of them is culpable.

Lakshmi stops Mukesh as he prepares to go on his motorcycle by stopping in front of him. Mukesh dismounts his motorcycle. Lakshmi encourages him to imagine that the company will shut and that many people will lose their jobs while making the guarantee that they won’t allow anything bad happen to him. Ayush offers an increase in both the job’s pay and benefits. Malishka’s remarks come to Mukesh’s mind. If anything had occurred that shouldn’t have, Lakshmi advises to tell us what had occurred that day.

Balwinder may speak if Malishka informs him that she has purchased Chef. He is asked to aid them by Ayush. He believes I will know because he will. I don’t have anything to say, according to Mukesh. He mounts the bike and takes off quickly. Ayush yells at Mukesh. According to Lakshmi, I’m certain there is something significant here, and someone is watching us. Are you certain, asks Ayush? We’ll see, he says. Abhay is covert.

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