Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 2 June 2022 Written Episode on

Lakshmi begins the episode by informing Virender and Neelam that she witnessed something unusual that she couldn’t believe. She says, “I have something to say.” Neelam instructs her to first learn what she want to say, and then come.

She invites Virender to accompany her. Virender will accompany her. The engagement ring has been recovered, according to Ayush. Sonia inquires, “Is it in Lakshmi’s room?” She claims that her larceny has been discovered and that she is going to weep. No, Sonia, Rishi replies, it wasn’t with Lakshmi.

Malishka inquires as to why she was sobbing at the time, and we are aware of the cause for her actions. She claims that life offers us something by accident and then takes it away. Rishi is mine, and whatever is mine will be mine, she adds, adding that her destiny went to the wrong location for a while. She claims he is now with her.

Kiran said that you expressed it precisely and that it was great. I am really proud of you. It is not my responsibility, Dadi assures Ahana, if Lakshmi does not respond. Ayush declares that she cannot be correct and requests that everyone pay attention. He expresses his happiness at the engagement and requests that Pandit ji recite the mantra, as well as for Bappa to complete their engagement this time.

He motions for everyone to clap. Rishi is instructed by Pandit ji to have Malishka wear the ring. Rishi snatches the ring from Malishka and prepares to make her wear it. Shalu arrives and inquires as to what is going on. You can’t get engaged to Malishka, she says to Jiju. Malishka inquires as to what has occurred to you so abruptly, and she requests that rishi not listen to her, and that she and her sister see how you force me to wear the ring.

Rishi is ready to compel her to put the ring on her finger. When the judge arrives, he replies, “Even I want to see it.” She claims that I am the same judge who ruled that they should be together. She claims I was summoned for a contribution drive, but there’s something more going on here. She inquires as to what is going on and why they believe she has given them a different result than a divorce verdict.

Malishka stands forward and introduces herself. So you’ll make me understand, says the judge, and she’s free to go. Malishka expresses her desire for a relationship. According to the judge, this is where engagement is taking place. Malishka claims that Rishi has promised to marry me after his divorce from Lakshmi in three months.

The judge inquires whether you are deceiving him. Rishi claims that Lakshmi and I will be divorcing in three months, therefore this engagement is pointless. After three months, the judge will determine whether or not to grant the divorce. She asks Rishi what she said in court about what would happen if the court’s ruling was not upheld. Rishi claims that it would be an insult to the court, and that I will be punished. I have to call the cops, and you have to go to prison, says the judge. What does Karishma have to say?

Lakshmi requests the judge not to summon the cops. Judge inquires whether what I’m seeing is correct. Lakshmi claims that there was a miscommunication and that Malishka had said that it was a commitment. She claims that it was not Rishi’s fault, but rather her own, and that she had urged them to trade rings. She claims she had a quarrel with Rishi and requested him to swap rings with Malishka.

She claims it was just a mistake on her part. Shalu inquires, “What are you saying?” The engagement was taking place right here. Lakshmi urges her to remain quiet and tells her that this is about her family and that she should stay out of it. She then apologises to Judge and adds, “I told everyone that engagement is possible.”

She claims that it is all my responsibility. I didn’t anticipate this from you, Judge, since I believed you valued relationships and understood the significance of a husband and wife’s relationship. She claims you see marriage as a game, and she claims she will be embarrassed. Elders, she claims, should have intervened to halt her juvenile behaviour.

She claims that Rishi is the house’s son, and that you should have stopped him, but that everyone was rooting for him. If this occurs again, she says Lakshmi, it will be considered a court insult, and you will be punished. She announces the end of the celebration and invites the visitors to go. The visitors have left. The judge questions Neelam about why she didn’t stop and hands her her card, instructing her to phone her if Lakshmi does anything similar again.

She issues a warning to Rishi and informs Malishka that she will be jailed with him. She claims that everyone here is educated, yet they act as if they are uneducated. She invites Lakshmi to meet her and Rishi the next day. Malishka becomes agitated.

Judge is dropped by Lakshmi. Judge expresses her want to share something with her. She tells her that she should cherish life and that we can’t erase what is written in our fate, and she requests her not to ruin it. She claims she has seen and felt Rishi’s affection.

She claims that a male does not know what he wants in life, but a woman does. She challenges her to battle for her love and to learn how to win. She claims Rishi is befuddled and is being psychologically compelled to remain with Malishka. Rishi wants to be engaged to Malishka and marry her in three months, but Lakshmi says she can’t tell you anything.

Kiran informs Abhay that Malishka has gone out and is upset. I’m going to see her, Abhay says. Kiran intervenes. Neelam says it’s Lakshmi who does it, and she wonders whether she’s told anybody about her desire to end the engagement. Ahana claims she was upstairs when you arrived… Karishma claims that we believed she wanted to call off the engagement.

Neelam declares that no one can make her devi; she remained mute because she wanted us to be happy, and then she summoned the court to smack us all. She claims she did it in front of the whole family, insulting me, my kid, and everyone else. She claims she just despises her and informs Virender that Lakshmi is sitting on their heads, inauspicious as an eclipse. Virender claims that I misunderstood her since she first brought the NGO ladies and then the Judge. I’ve summoned Judge Madam, Shalu claims. Rishi inquires as to who approached you.

Shalu claims that Lakshmi didi did not ask him, but that he had considered it. She claims you’re all calling her Graham because she took the fall and spared you all from prison in order to keep your respect. She claims that you all considered yourself to be her family, which is why I am arguing that if you can’t comprehend her, how would you understand me? She expresses her regret to Virender for the humiliation she has endured. Shalu is pushed away by Karishma, who wants her to go.

The judge informs Lakshmi that she has seen Rishi’s love for her and that everyone is attempting to prevent him from doing so. She invites her to see her the next day and informs her that one month is coming to an end. It will conclude next week, according to Lakshmi.

The judge claims that he said it on purpose so that he would learn about its significance, and that you are keeping track of the days. She invites her to see her and Rishi the next week. Malishka arrives and listens to them. The judge departs. Lakshmi ponders Judge’s comments.

Lakshmi warns Malishka that she will not allow her to approach Rishi. Malishka issues a warning. If this occurs again, Shalu says, “I’ll do the same thing again.” If anything can separate us, according to Lakshmi, it is death.

Shalu asks Malishka if she wants to punish Lakshmi for her actions and advises her not to worry about it because else she would become so horrible that she will tremble from head to toe. Lakshmi is aware of her presence. Lakshmi embraces Shalu as she is preparing to leave the home. We’ll show Malishka immediately, Lakshmi says.

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