Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

As soon as he sees Lakshmi in the prison, Rishi hugs her and the episode begins. Plays are Main phir bhi tumko. She is questioned by him. Lakshm queries: What? Rishi claims that his men have lost weight, just as other ladies do. I don’t have the right to say this, according to Lakshmi, because I brought you here. She confirms that you have lost a lot of weight. Rishi claims he can only eat cuisine from his house since it is his habit. If you had been at home, you would have eaten food that belonged to you, so why did you place the burden on yourself?

Lakshmi says. Rishi claims that when you were in prison, I was unable to eat. He claims that since he cannot envision her in difficulty, he cannot picture her in prison. Lakshmi asks him if he doesn’t care about him and tells him to remain in prison and starve to death since she won’t visit him or bring him food. Rishi queries her cause of rage. Lakshmi wonders who initiated it. According to Rishi, the husband must apologise because of a woman like you. He apologises. She adds, “I’m sorry, too.” Rishi comments that you are unique and reveals that Mom never expressed regret to Dad. Lakshmi promises to inform Mummy Ji. Rishi claims he was making jokes to get her to laugh. Neelam beams. Rishi grins as well. Song resumes playing.

Lakshmi gives him the tiffin and informs him that she has brought all of his favourite foods from home. She fills Rishi’s mouth with food. She is fed by Rishi, who also requests that she feed him. Lakshmi claims that I succeeded. Rishi claims that salt is absent. Then he claims to be kidding. The meal is consumed. Rishi tells her to make him eat quickly and warns that if she doesn’t, he won’t speak to her for the next six months. Take me out from here, he says. He is asked about Mukesh by Lakshmi. Rishi claims to be trustworthy, but if he becomes ungrateful or desperate for money, I can’t vouch for that. Lakshmi promises to meet him. Rishi urges her to force him to eat gulab jamun after claiming he has eaten the dish. She forces him to consume the gulab jamun and demands that he wipe her pallu with his fingers.

Who does this, he wonders. My Bau ji, says Lakshmi. Rishi queries if he really loved your mother. He uses her pallu to clean his hands and lips. He queries the situation. Lakshmi promises to see Mukesh. Lakshmi is asked to leave by a lady constable who arrives. She is urged by Rishi to look for herself. Lakshmi departs. As Rishi observes her, he thinks, “She left just now, and I miss her.”

Virender converses with Mayank. There, Ayush shows up. Virender claims a legal notification arrived. Ayush claims that all of the transactions and contracts with our regular customers have been cancelled. Mayank informs him about the notification from the food department. Due to Rishi’s comments, Ayush says. Virender assures that everything will be resolved. Mayank apologises for saying this, but if Rishi Sir hadn’t made this comment, it wouldn’t have taken place. Whatever Virender did, he claims it was to rescue Lakshmi. Ayush claims he performed well.

Malishka arrives to see Rishi and wonders why he didn’t also make the trip to see her. She plans to kill Lakshmi, she believes. Rishi visits the place. I missed you so much, Malishka adds as she gives him a hug. She questions why you accepted responsibility for saving Lakshmi. We would have set her free, she claims. Rishi questions her decision to remain. Rishi Oberoi, according to Malishka, who also inquires about your appearance in prison and for whom. For Mrs. Lakshmi Oberoi, Rishi speaks. It is a suicide, claims Malishka. Rishi claims that I cannot witness Lakshmi being tormented, hence it is not from my perspective.

Can’t you see me being tormented, Malishka begs. She claims that I am your Malishka, who really loves you and protected you from terrorists. I put my life in danger and released your hands because I didn’t care about mine. She claims that when Lakshmi carried you, you thought she was wonderful. Whatever Lakshmi accomplished, according to Rishi, is to. Malishka claims that she or Ayush would have carried out this action and claims that Lakshmi did not act admirably. Today, everyone and you are on her side. Rishi queries if you come to disparage Lakshmi or to see me. Malishka encourages him not to be cynical and explains that she came to find her love. She reveals who she can express her grief to. She promises to get him the finest attorney possible. Dad and Ayush will manage, according to Rishi. Malishka requests that he also get Lakshmi’s name.

She asks if I would offer my life for you and replies, “I want to do this for you.” Her skull collides with the wall. When Rishi attempts to stop her, he asks, “Have you gone insane?” Why don’t you comprehend, Malishka queries. This is a PS, warns Rishi. Avoid drama. She claims that as you put Lakshmi’s fault onto yourself, I will take your fault upon myself. If I can rescue you, she continues, I will consider myself fortunate. Rishi informs him that Lakshmi will rescue him and that it is not necessary. Malishka asks him to explain after she explains how. According to Rishi, Lakshmi stated they would learn more if they spoke with Mukesh. She claims that Lakshmi went to see him and told him, “I’ll be leaving shortly.” Bye, Malishka says. The man enters. Malishka feels she must prevent this from happening.

Balwinder presents the palmist with his hand. According to the palmist, if you love someone, you will get something, but your life is in danger. According to Balwinder, the risk lies within the prison. According to the palm reader, danger is behind you. Malishka believes that in order to get Rishi, she must first rescue herself. Balwinder notices Malishka’s fast automobile and queries the palmist about the matter. Malishka travels at a high speed. Balwinder and Palmist flee the scene.

A thugs enters the jail and begins hitting Rishi, claiming that his brother is in the hospital as a result of you. I don’t know your brother, says Rishi. He strikes back. Balwinder is rescued, but the automobile collides with another vehicle. The palmist requests payment. He receives cash from Balwinder. Malishka steps out and chastises the driver of the other vehicle. She requests payment from the woman for the harm. The woman challenges her as well. Balwinder considers saving her. Rishi claims to have done nothing to the thugs. The thug claims that he has committed four murders and will do one more today.

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