Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The incident begins when Blonder touches Varinder’s feet. Varinder blesses him and says there is no need to touch his feet. Ayush asks if he knows her. Varinder says no. Ayush says he seems to know her. There is nothing wrong with that, says Varinder. Blonder says that Varinder has blessed him. They pour oil on the stairs. Bobby says your beard is growing, anyone can see.

They leave. Rano asked, “Where is Shalo?” Bani says that Shalu is upset and went to Lakshmi to explain it. She says Lakshmi will die, but will not go against her family. She says Shalu may be giving Shalu Gyan to Di. Shali tells Lakshmi that she is sweet, real Lakshmi and asks her to go and confess her feelings to Rishi and tell him why you two will stay together.

She tells him not to worry, because he is with her. Panditji asked the militia to put the ring on Rishi. Melishka thinks she didn’t answer me, and hopes the ring ceremony will happen soon, otherwise she will look back at Lakshmi. Kiran asked her to wear the ring. The militia wears the ring. Everyone applauds. Lakshmi is coming there. Panditji asked Rishi to put a ring on Malishka. Shalu prayed to Baba Ji to take care of Rishi. Lakshmi comes to the balcony. Everyone looks at Lakshmi. Rishi sees it.

Militia remembers Rishi’s words. The sages are reluctant to put a ring on Militia’s finger. Ayush tells Rishi that the militia is waiting. The militia asks her to wear a ring. Rishi still looks at Lakshmi. Kiran and Shalu told him to stop. Neelam asked why did you stop Rishi? Rishi asked what did he say? Varinder asked her to wear the ring. Rishi says Lakshmi is standing there, we will hear what she has to say. He tells her to say it. Shalu tells Lakshmi to speak, and tell the truth of her heart. Lakshmi says that I;

Rishi is waiting for him to say. Lakshmi remembers and thinks that Rishi is her friend and companion, don’t get engaged to Malishka. Neelam asked Lakshmi to come down. Karisma tells Neelam that Lakshmi is doing this on purpose. Neelam says that maybe you are foolish thinking that this will not be an engagement.

Ayush asks Rishi to think about what Lakshmi has done to him and tried to tarnish his family name, and asks him to get engaged to Militia. Blondie and Bobby come to Rishi’s room. He asked what was in the sage and lay down on the bed. Bobby asks what he’s doing and tells him to stay within range. Blondie gets angry and threatens to cut her throat. “I helped you and you wanted to cut my throat,” says Bobby. Blonder hit him. Bobby fainted. The waiter comes there. Blonder saw it.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will listen to her after the engagement. Neelam asked Pandit ji to start the ritual and climb the stairs to stop Lakshmi. She slips, while Lakshmi tries to grab her hand, she falls down the stairs. Everyone gets upset and clings to him. They take him to the hospital. The waiter told Blonder that he had seen everything and would tell them. The guard comes there. Blonder is scared. The waiter says he will call the police. Blondin thinks that Lakshmi may have fallen down the stairs. The guard helps take someone to the hospital. Thanks to Blonder Allah.

The doctor asked what happened to him? Rishi and others say she fell down the stairs. The doctor goes to check. Varinder asked Abha to thank the inspector. Rishi says it’s like a nightmare. Malishka says Aunty was happy, she went to Lakshmi in anger and then Shalu asks if it was due to Di. Lakshmi stopped Shalu. “I’m sorry, and I’m sorry for what happened,” she said.

She says that Lakshmi Di tried to save her but she fell. What is Di’s fault? The head waiter approaches Blonder and says he will call the police. Blondie says Bobby was attacked and they can smell his socks. He forces her to sniff through the socks and Bobby regains consciousness and vomits. He regained consciousness. The head waiter asked her to show her ID card. Bobby shows ID. Blondie explains that her ID is in the kitchen. He asks Bobby to help him.

Varinder says that no one is blaming Lakshmi. Shalu says the militia is blaming Di. Varinder says that she is just telling. Ayush says that all this happened because of Lakshmi and says that if she had not come then this would not have happened with Mami. She says she is doing well, the accident was caused by Tulakshmi and blames her. Karisma tells Lakshmi that she will pray that nothing happens to Neelam, otherwise she will be responsible for his condition.