Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Aayush’s shawl asking Lakshmi, and she will tell you the reasons, because no one is happy with it. “If we make a mistake we are ashamed and we accept it,” he said. “Unfortunately, we are not wrong this time around,” he said. Shalu asks her in her heart if Lakshmi is happy with this engagement. “I’m having a good time with you and telling him not to make that decision,” she said. The militia asked Rishi what was happening.

Rishi says nothing. He says that Lakshmi is hurt and she is crying. He says I am only yours and can’t think of anyone, so don’t be jealous. He says I took care of her, because she was hurt while rescuing you. He says I went to fetch the servant, but no one saw him, so I tied his bandage.

The militia asks Rishi to come for the engagement. She asks Lakshmi to come. Rano says that she has never seen a destiny like Lakshmi and says sometimes a queen and sometimes a maid. She says so much honor in one moment and humiliation in another.

Bani says this is because of Shalu because he had a fight with the militia. Rano says that you are a villain in their love story. Bani went and asked Shalu to go and talk to him. She says that if Malishka and Rishi get engaged then Lakshmi will break up and it will be because of you. Shalu goes and collides with the militia. The militia asks if she wants revenge, as she did with her belongings.

Shalo says coffee and asks Rishi how he feels. She asks the militiaman to thank her as she did before, and says that you were saying bad things to the journalists so that they could write bad things about her. I heard you and the reporters.

Told the truth “I told you everything so that you would know that the female workers came and blackened your face at my word, so this engagement is taking place,” she says. Rishi says that Lakshmi had called these women. Shaloo asked him in his heart if his wife could do this.

Shalu comes to Lakshmi and asks how is she? Lakshmi says that Rishi tied a bandage on her leg, but the pain increased further and said that she did it for the militia. She says that Rishi had everything that Baoji had said. She says she may lose him after he gets engaged to Militia. Shalu did not tell her to cry. Lakshmi says she feels like her heart is breaking and she can’t breathe. She says that she does not want to lose Rishi and loves him very much.

“I don’t know how I fell in love with her,” she says. She cries Shalu hugged her to comfort her. Lakshmi says I am nothing for Rishi, she has nothing to do with me. Rishi asks Malishka that they all thought it was because of Lakshmi. “I don’t know what nonsense he is talking about,” she said. Rishi says that Shaloo accused you in front of your face and you remained silent and asked why she remained silent.

He says why didn’t you defend yourself in front of the media. He says you thank Shalo for this engagement, and asks why he didn’t tell her or her family. “Yes, I didn’t tell you,” she says, adding that the engagement was just to make her feel safe. “Well, I admit that Lakshmi did not tell the journalists about me,” she said. Or Sutan said to me, come on, if he is innocent, will you go back to Lakshmi? Rishi says yes. The militia was shocked.

Shalu tells Lakshmi to go and confess her love to Rishi, and says that Malishka can’t love him like you do, and Jeju loves you too. Lakshmi says that Rishi loves Milishka. Shalo says she loves you and is angry with you, because you have signed the divorce papers. She says she doesn’t trust the militia, but you and that’s why you came home to ask. She says you both love each other but hide your love from each other.

She tells him to confess. Lakshmi says that if Rishi refuses then everyone will laugh at me. Shalu told him not to think about the world. She says she didn’t hear from you about your feelings for me and tells him to go and tell her, so that he thinks she’s right he’ll refuse the engagement and come to you Will Lakshmi asked really? Shalu says yes.

Militia says you said yes. Rishi says the answer will come, like a question. The militiaman asked if he wanted to get engaged. Kiran asked them to come. Militia says I will go when Rishi answers me. Blonder suddenly fell while he was dressed as a waiter. Rishi asked, “Is he all right?” Blonder tells an emotional story and gets money from Rishi.

Kiran asked Rishi to come and said that everyone was waiting. Rishi asked the militia to come. He grabs her hand and walks away. Blondie asks Bobby to keep the money as a tip, and says that our account is settled. He says he will check the shooting angle of Rishi. He goes to the first floor and enters the balcony, aiming to shoot Rishi using the silencer in the gun.

The inspector comes there. Blondie tells Bobby that he thinks he has a Marquis fault and not Rishi, because his plan always fails. He says he will play Lakshmi’s band, knocking her down the stairs. Bobby says she will die? Blonder says his arms and legs will be broken and asked him to bring oil. Varinder and Ayush come there. Blonder touched her feet. Varinder says there is no need and blesses him, asks Ayush to come.

PreCape: Shalu tells Lakshmi that she looks beautiful and real Lakshmi. She tells him to go downstairs and tell Rishi what he means by that. Panditji asks the militiaman to wear the ring. The militia put a ring on Rishi. Panditji then asks Rishi to give the ring to Malishka. Lakshmi is running downstairs. She comes to the balcony. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.