Bhagya Lakshmi 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Neelam Wants To File The Case Against Lakshmi

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The manager at the beginning of the episode assumes that neither Virender sir nor Ayush sir are answering the phone. He has a brain injury, the doctor announces, and must regain consciousness. Inspector invites Shalu to visit the next day. Shalu is adamant that they talk. The inspector notifies everyone that his shift is ended and that another inspector will take over. The female inspector is seated in her seat. Shalu informs her that while Lakshmi has been detained, she is innocent. She requests permission to meet her sister.

She is asked to leave and return during visiting hours by the female inspector. Shalu claims that she is extremely sensitive and that all I need to do is give her courage. She requests that she consider her sister. She’s asked to leave by the female inspector. Malishka beams and beams as she considers Lakshmi’s incarceration and Neelam’s harsh and self-centered choice. She declares, “Finally, Lakshmi’s chapter is finished. I didn’t anticipate that this uneducated girl would give me a strong battle. When Kiran arrives, she shuts the door.

We will celebrate the fact that our opponent was put behind bars as she displays the champagne. Malishka smiles. She pours the beverage into the glass after opening the bottle. They toast and partake of beverage. Malishka claims it is too excellent. This uneducated girl was intelligent, according to Kiran. Malishka claims that I had the same thought and asks, “Where is she?” She replies, “She’s in prison, and I’m here at the Oberoi Mansion.” Kiran claims I worry Rishi could attempt to set her free. Malishka claims that Neelam won’t let him to do this. They will quadruple their celebration, Kiran adds.

Shalu tosses the items off the table and refuses to go home. The policewoman says she will place the woman in the cell. She is to place Shalu in the same locker as Lakshmi, Shalu requests. The female inspector requests that you accompany her to see Lakshmi and tells the constable how much you adore her.

Ahana decides to seek a lawyer for assistance. When Sonia arrives, she takes her phone out of her hand. Did you see Mom’s rage when she stopped Dad as well, she queries. It’s time, according to Ahana, for me to assist her. She is asked by Sonia not to act in any play. When Karishma arrives, she inquires as to what is going on. According to Sonia, Ahana called Attorney Patel to help Lakshmi. Karishma claims that she has stopped Ayush and that she is unsure of the magic that Lakshmi used on her children. According to Ahana, she didn’t use any magic on us.

You’re battling with us, according to Karishma, because of her. Sonia and my ideas don’t align, and you’re blaming Lakshmi, claims Ahana. Neelam bhabhi will punish everyone, claims Karishma, and “no” means “no.” She claims that whatever Virender and Dadi do is in opposition to Neelam. Let her be punished, she says. Ahana claims that she has greatly helped me. According to Karishma, she remained here and ate the cuisine. What’s the big issue, she asks, if she aids you? She leaves. Ahana is urged by Sonia not to contact the attorney.

Lakshmi is visited by Shalu. Lakshmi requests that she phone Rishi and inquire how he is doing since he is not feeling well. You are in prison and considering jiju, according to Shalu. Call him and inquire as to his well-being, advises Lakshmi. She claims that if he’s okay, I’ll be okay as well. She requests that she call him. Shalu believes that Neelam stopped everyone, and that only Rishi is now able to rescue her. She phones Rishi on Facebook, but he doesn’t answer. Fb closes. If Rishi is OK, Lakshmi inquires. Shalu believes he must be okay since everyone else was. She claims that he is OK and that I went to your place.

Thank God Rishi is okay; now I will be okay, says Lakshmi. Shalu implores her to consider herself and not turn against herself. According to Lakshmi, I told everyone I hadn’t done anything, but no one paid attention. She claims there were several hospitalizations. Who will fight for you, Shalu wonders. Rishi will rescue me, according to Lakshmi. Don’t trust him, says Shalu. Why, Lakshmi queries? While unconscious, Rishi remembers what Lakshmi said. She calls Lakshmi when he opens his eyes. He is told by the nurse not to stand up and to take a nap. She proceeds to alert the doctor after saying, “Thank God you’ve regained consciousness.” Rishi attempts to communicate with Nurse. He wonders whether Lakshmi is doing well.

I trust Rishi more than I do myself, says Lakshmi. Shalu believes he cannot challenge Neelam aunty on your behalf since she made it obvious that no one will assist you. She is asked to be honest by Lakshmi. She inquires as to whether Mummy Ji or someone else has spoken to you. Shalu claims, “I made a mistake, and I trust Jiju to come and rescue you.” I will speak with Inspector once, she promises. Now that nothing can be done, Lakshmi tells the woman she is alright and tells her to go while enquiring as to why she came by herself.

She instructs her to make a house call to Ayush. Shalu predicts I’ll go alone. Lakshmi apologises and claims Chachi must have reprimanded you both. She is told by Shalu not to worry and to sip some water. I’ll be alright, according to Lakshmi. Shalu is asked to go by Lady Constable. Shalu is tasked by Lakshmi to inform Chachi that Rishi would arrive. Shalu hopes Lakshmi is mistaken and her faith in her is correct. Where is Rishi, in Lakshmi’s opinion? Lakshmi is waiting for me, according to Rishi, so I must leave. He asks the manager to SMS him and make the reservation. She exits the ward while wearing the manager’s coat. He is being stopped by the manager. According to Rishi, his wife needs him.

Neelam calls a lawyer to ask if she can file a case against the person putting the guests of their hotel in danger. She responds, “Good, my hotel’s reputation won’t be damaged.” She claims that she is Lakshmi and that she will not be released from jail. The phone is taken by Virender, who says, “There is nothing. I will contact you later.” You prohibited everyone from assisting Lakshmi and this, he adds as he closes the phone. He claims that Lakshmi didn’t do this on purpose and that you want to bring a lawsuit against her. Neelam claims that she is my adversary and that she has wrecked my family, house, and tranquilly. She claims that she harmed my family, which I find unbearable. She claims that I will treat her badly. In this situation, what would you do, Virender asks? Neelam confirms that I would make a complaint against her. Neelam claims that she is gaining a bad reputation and that she would undoubtedly bring a lawsuit against Lakshmi.

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