Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Shahana Overhears Rhea And Aaliya Blackmailing Sid

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins with Rhea thanking Sid for presenting the falsehood as fact in front of the family and stating that they all agreed. She claims he lies with conviction. Nobody believed me when I stated Prachi’s kid was Sid’s, but they believed you. Sid claims that they love and trust me. Aaliya corrects herself and continues, “They used to adore you, but now everyone hates you.” Rhea and Aaliya laugh, mocking him. Poor man, they say. Sid claims that you have taken everything from him and that he wants to go and die.

Rhea acts, saying, “Don’t speak about death, you don’t deserve to die,” and that such individuals are needed in the world. She claims she may need you in the future. Aaliya claims he has a weak heart and may fall in love with you. She informs Sid that they are about to leave his sister, just as Ranbir accepts Rhea. Rhea refers to her stepsister. She tells him, “My darling Sid, we are taking excellent care of your sister,” and threatens to suffocate him.

Sid claims that you may blackmail me to obtain Ranbir, but you will never get him. He thinks you’re a horrible housefly. If he misbehaves with Rhea, she hits him and threatens to murder his sister. Aaliya addresses him as paplu and asks him to hope that Ranbir accepts Rhea so that you may see your sister. She claims it was enjoyable. They both chuckle.

Ranbir walks inside the in-house bar and remembers Prachi and Sid. He remembers Sid’s comments and smashes the glass. Shahana wonders where Ranbir is; don’t leave Prachi alone. She believes that if she could, she would have murdered Rhea and her Buji. Aaliya and Rhea may be heard giggling. Aaliya tells Rhea not to speak to Paplu in this manner since he was once your husband. She claims he came to our aid. Rhea says yes, he was useful, and that he was summoned for Prachi, but he came for my benefit. She claims he married me in Bangalore and is continuing the relationship here.

Aaliya claims that he is completing the relationship here. They burst out laughing. Shahana notices them. Sid begs them to let him go, saying, “I have finished your task.” Shahana is startled, and the vase lands on her hand. Someone is outside, according to Rhea. Aaliya requests that she go out and check. They come out to investigate. Shahana is hiding and considers informing both Prachi and Ranbir. She begs you to rescue her from these witches. Sid exits the room and walks away. Aaliya and Rhea request that he cease. Rhea claims that our conversation isn’t done yet. Aaliya says you can’t go till we ask. They grab his hand and lead him inside. Shahana walks away with the vase.

Rhea inquires if you love your sister or not. Sid replies I adore her, but there is no one for you. Aaliya asks who is speaking and who has come to help us. Aaliya begs him to listen closely and tells him that you did what we asked you to do and that you will do what we want you to do. Rhea threatens to harm your sister if you don’t do or say something about us. She injures Sid and tells him to go rest. She chuckles and replies, “I adore you.” Sid is leaving.

Shahana considers informing Prachi and Ranbir, claiming that they did this to harm Prachi’s reputation. Ranbir is driving the automobile recklessly. He comes to a complete halt as he is going to be involved in an accident. He sips alcohol and falls asleep. Shahana walks to her room to inform Prachi. She discovers that she is missing. She looks in her closet and believes she sees her outdoors. Pallavi is sitting quietly, reflecting on Wendy’s comments. Shahana inquires, “Did you see Prachi?” Pallavi adds, “I was overjoyed that Prachi was going to be Ranbir’s baby mother, and I performed godh bharayi and blessed her with my heart.”

She claims that I wanted to do everything for the baby since it was Ranbir’s first child and the successor of the family, but Prachi, as usual, stole all of my delight. She claims I had persuaded myself that I could find happiness via Prachi, but it was all a delusion. She claims I was correct about Prachi, that she has come to get vengeance on us. Shahana inquires, “Do you know where she is?” Pallavi says do you believe that I care for her. She says she hopes and prays she doesn’t come back to this home because she will yearn and weep and shatter as she has broken our family. If you say this, your curse may come true, according to Shahana. Pallavi claims that this is my curse and that it will come true. Shahana is horrified and sobs, worried about Prachi. She begs God to bring her into contact with Prachi or Ranbir. She phones Prachi and discovers that her phone is at home. She sobs and inquires, “Where have you gone?” She discovers a notebook there.

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