Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Malishka Provokes Police And Media To Ensues Lakshmi’s Arrest

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins with Inspector ordering everyone to identify Lakshmi or face the consequences of their deception. Lakshmi introduces herself as Lakshmi and apologises. Malishka explains to Virender that she was attempting to rescue Lakshmi. Inspector Lakshmi is asked whether she has prepared any meal. Ayush claims that if she prepared the meal, it cannot be shown that she put poison in it. Inspector says she may include anything toxic.

He claims that many people’s lives are in jeopardy. He invites Lakshmi to accompany him. Malishka decides to begin her drama by claiming that Lakshmi is innocent. Yes, Ahana replies, she is innocent. Dadi also claims that she is not guilty. Malishka requests the Inspector not take Lakshmi and states, “I will not allow you take her.” You’re challenging me, according to Inspector. Malishka inquires, “What?” Inspector warns that if you interfere with the investigation, you are inciting us. Neelam dials Malishka’s number. Malishka expresses how they saw themselves. The reporters enter and inquire about Lakshmi Oberoi’s whereabouts. The reporter tells her she must speak out. Malishka questions how you dare to enter the home and who granted you permission.

She fights with the reporters, claiming that they are not permitted to photograph Lakshmi. She yells and urges them to go, claiming she has done nothing wrong. Just look at what a reporter can achieve, thinks Uday. Malishka believes he is Uday and that he will become her weapon. She shoves Uday and urges him to go. Neelam attempts to put a halt to Malishka. Malishka claims she is carrying out her instructions and pushes Uday away. Uday says you do this with the media and wonders what you would do with regular people. Ayush pulls her aside and asks whether she is doing this on purpose. Malishka adds this is her family as well, and she urges him not to be afraid of them.

She requests that Media leave. Inspector instructs her to cease the theatrics and informs her that Lakshmi must be arrested. Mr. Verma approaches Rishi and invites him to join him. Malishka orders Inspector to leave Lakshmi and threatens him by threatening to summon the commissioner. Uday provokes Inspector by asking if he would be afraid by her threat or arrest Lakshmi. Malishka instructs Virender to contact the Commissioner and informs him that your bahu is being detained. Virender requests that she stay silent. Ayush claims that this is a family concern. Virender summons Inspector and informs him that he has to speak with him.

Malishka requests that the journalists turn off the cameras. Uday asserts that the truth will be revealed and discusses the power of the truth. Malishka pushes him and asks the Constables whether they are doing their job. She requests that they discard all media. The constables request that Media leave. Kiran beams.

Neelam inquires of Lakshmi, “Did you watch our family’s drama?” She claims Malishka is attempting to reclaim our respect, and you have damaged everything. Kiran believes she is quite proud of herself. Virender informs Inspector that whatever occurred was an accident and that Lakshmi had nothing to do with it. Ayush claims he was with her and that she is not guilty. Please do not take her, urges Virender. Inspector says, “Say anything you want in court.” I must arrest her.

Malishka emerges and informs Media that Lakshmi and Neelam aunty requested her not to allow them in. She claims that if anybody attempts to enter, the Oberois would ruin them. She requests that they leave. Uday considers pinning Oberois to the ground.

Ahana and Devika attempt to appease Lakshmi. Nobody can arrest you, Devika adds, and she encourages her not to worry. Ahana begs her not to be tense. Malishka enters and believes she has handled everything in one assault; Lakshmi has arrived and believes she will be praised. Dadi is grateful to Malishka for her efforts. Malishka expresses gratitude for what I done for Lakshmi. Whatever you were doing to catch Lakshmi, Dadi says. Malishka claims I battled for her, and you claim I am trapping her. She claims I was trying to save the house’s reputation, and you’re blaming me.

She tells her to do anything she wants and to wait and see what happens. She believes Dadi has utilised her wits well in her old age, but no one can rescue Lakshmi. Virender requests that Inspector contact Lakshmi here. Inspector says I have no choice but to take her. Ayush believes it is unjust. Inspector says he doesn’t want to arrest any more persons from this location. He requests that she be arrested. Lakshmi wonders when Rishi will arrive. Rishi gets into his vehicle and declares that his flight will not be late. The driver reports that the vehicle has come to a halt. Rishi exits the vehicle.

Virender comes to a halt and apologises to Lakshmi. He says I can’t do anything right now, but I will since your Bau ji is here. Malishka requests that Virender stop them from abducting Lakshmi. Virender summons Ayush. Malishka grins and turns to face Kiran. Inspector orders Constables to force her to sit in the vehicle. The reporters wonder whether she has any animosity against the Oberois for doing this. They wonder whether he did it to embarrass the family after filing for divorce. He claims you have embarrassed and degraded the family. Ayush attempts to halt the media. Uday applauds the Inspector for not kneeling in front of the Oberois.

He then requests that Neelam demonstrate her money Power and rescue her bahu. Neelam is taken aback. Lakshmi claims I did nothing. Ayush warns Lakshmi not to be afraid. Inspector forces Lakshmi into the vehicle. Lakshmi informs Ayush that she does not want to go to prison and that she done nothing wrong. Ayush apologises and adds, “I know.” Lakshmi requests that he phone Rishi and informs him that she needs his assistance. Ayush assures her that Rishi bhai would take action and urges her not to weep. Lakshmi is taken away in a vehicle by the police. Rishi’s pledge is remembered by Lakshmi.

Rishi is strolling along the street. Virender requests that Ayush deliver the bail paperwork for Lakshmi. Neelam pulls Ayush aside and informs him that she has to speak with everyone about something important. Malishka predicts that Aunty would remark that Lakshmi will not come here, and she decides to fire the term. Nobody will bring Lakshmi back, according to Neelam, and this is my choice.

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