Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 20 October 2022

Ayush encourages Neelam to unwind while he goes to look for Rishi. He promises that Rishi Bhai will accompany me. Rishi is bound within the Ravan by Balwinder. Call from Ayush to Rishi Balwinder messages him. Ayush anticipates Rishi’s arrival. When Rishi is unconscious, Balwinder speaks to him and informs him that until he awakens, he will be in hell and that the troops are waiting for him. He claims that if you become aware, a heart attack will kill you. The key point is that a member of your own family will murder you, he claims, adding that I’m doing you a huge service by killing Ravan.

He exits Ravan and says, “We’ll meet in the next birth.” Lakshmi regrets that Rishi gave her garments in exchange for performing Ravan dahan and misses him. Rishi looks at a Facebook while examining his attire. Lakshmi assists him in donning it. You look nice, according to her. She is thanked by Rishi, who adds, “I know I look nice.” He declares that I shall perform the ceremony of shooting the arrow at Ravan and adds that if I hadn’t been granted bail, I would have needed a special permit to enter this area.

She questions the significance of it. Rishi believes that success is essential. End of facebook. Rishi’s phone rings, but he doesn’t answer it when Lakshmi calls. To arrive quickly for the Ravan dahan, Lakshmi sends him a message. Rishi’s phone is in the hands of Balwinder, who claims that Ravan Dahan will occur, but Rishi is unable to participate since his own dahan will occur and he will become swaha.

Ayush wonders where Rishi is since he promised to arrive in a message. Kiran is informed by Malishka that Rishi is not returning calls or texts. If Balwinder is seeking retribution against Rishi, Kiran queries. Malishka becomes anxious. The woman dials Balwinder. Balwinder declines the call and informs her that he won’t return her call today. Malishka begins to question.

Calls Balwinder from Lakshmi. Balwinder believes that if she had loved him, he would have turned her into Rani. She responds that while this is the day when good triumphs over evil, because of what has transpired in Kalyug, my heart has been crushed, therefore let someone else do the Ravan dahan. After reading the note, Lakshmi questions why Rishi would send such a message. She believes he is in danger because someone has his phone. Ayush approaches the Ravan and detects the scent of Rishi’s perfume. He considers the source of the problem. When Malishka arrives, she asks Ayush whether Rishi has been located. Ayush claims that if I had discovered him, I would have alerted everyone and would not have met anybody covertly. What do you mean, Malishka queries? Ayush adds, “I’ll explain what I mean as soon as Rishi Bhai is located.” Malishka is upset. She asks Ayush whether he located Rishi after smelling Rishi’s cologne. Even he, claims Ayush, noticed the fragrance. Malishka queries if he located him. Ayush claims that I wouldn’t have been standing here if I had discovered him. Sonia contacts Ayush and requests him to do the Ravan dahan, noting that Rishi Bhai is more like Lakshmi than his mother. She requests that he go and change before the mahurat begins. According to Ayush, Rishi bhai would have performed the dahan if mahurat hadn’t occurred. Sonia asserts that Lakshmi is the only Ravan in our residence and that she will be ejected.

Where is Ravan, Shri Ram asks Lakshmi, and where is my Ram? Rishi awakens and becomes enraged as he remembers how Balwinder had bound him there. Balwinder, I won’t abandon you, he promises. Juice is in Neha’s glass. Rano questions your pretence of not having consumed alcohol. Neha claims that I just drank juice and soft drinks. She claims that this is a special fruit juice that is only found in affluent homes. Rano tells her that Dadi instructed Shalu to fetch Ayush and begs her to become wealthy. Neha claims that Dadi employs everyone. Rano wants Neha to seduce Ayush into getting married. Neha declares she would depart after feeling delighted. She is prompted by Rano to consume the last of her juice. Neha begs her not to drink, claiming that wealthy people leave juice. When Neha enters Ayush’s room, she observes him dressed as Ram. She addresses him as Shri Ram. He asks her what she wants in an attempt to tease her. Neha says the husband var. Vardhaan wala var, says Ayush. She is prompted to express her desires when he threatens to get enraged. Neha requests that he deliver her heart’s desire. Ayush requests that she ask him what she wants since he is busy. Neha declares that she desires a decent spouse who will keep her as queen and who is wealthy, kind, and caring. According to Ayush, you must put in some effort. What, says Neha? When Shalu arrives, he calls Ayush. Signing her is Ayush. God, Neha claims, is in front of me. Shalu claims I was unable to see him. According to Neha, only she can see him. Neha is urged by Shalu to recognise him as Ayush.

Balwinder believes he’s gotten away, but Rishi will perish. He considers how Rishi may not survive Ravan dahan and draw breath in Ravan. Face goes red for Rishi.

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