Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Lakshmi sobs as she sits in a nook near the shrine

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins with Ayush informing everyone that Lakshmi made no mistakes. He questions why she would do such a thing. The phone rings for Neelam. She directs Malishka to go get her phone. Malishka believes she is being treated like a servant and believes that after she marries Rishi, she would no longer do such things. Karishma inquires about Ayush’s conversation with Bhabhi. Neelam accuses Lakshmi and asks Ayush how he can defend Lakshmi. But, says Ayush. Neelam claims that I am not yet finished and that others have arrived at the hospital while she is preparing the meal. She instructs him to stop talking and informs Lakshmi that whatever transpired was done on purpose. Malishka notices Journalist Uday’s phone number on Neelam’s phone.

She wonders why he is contacting Aunty. She answers the phone. Uday is on call and has arrived to the hospital to chronicle the news. He replies, “I’m confident it was an accident since the hotel brand is prominent and such blunders can’t happen here.” He asks her to give him some time so that he may have an exclusive interview with her to clear up any confusion. Malishka tells him to stop talking and introduces herself as Neelam Oberoi. She says, “I am Neelam Oberoi, and you want to wreck my hotel room,” and adds, “I know you are threatening me to take my interview, and I want to show people that you have taken exclusive interview of Oberois.”

She claims that my bahu committed an error rather than a crime. She criticises him and claims to know such cheap reporters who do such things for money or exposure. Uday claims that I wished to assist you. Malishka offers to purchase your workplace and requests that he not do anything against her bahu. She then provokes her to act against her bahu. She then believes she has wrecked Lakshmi’s life. Uday believes I was polite to her and she was haughty. He claims that no one can now rescue your bahu.

Nothing bad will happen to anybody, according to the management. Doctor is being questioned by media. Let me treat the patients, said the doctor. Uday meets with the Inspector and informs him that there is a huge issue in this case, and that Lakshmi Oberoi had put poison into it. Inspector departs. Mrs. Neelam Oberoi, media power, Uday says I have to show you something. Your bahu, he continues, will be punished for your hubris.

Shalu and Neha hear the news, which blames Lakshmi. Neha questions why food is being prepared at the hotel and informs Shalu that Lakshmi is a Servant. Rishi is in his room when he learns that there is a conspiracy that has to be investigated. Uday exaggerates the news. Rishi dials Lakshmi’s number, but she does not answer. Karishma informs Lakshmi that she has vowed to steal the house’s happiness. She holds Lakshmi responsible. Lakshmi receives Rishi’s call and decides to contact him later. Neelam claims she doesn’t comprehend how we’re carrying you and wants to kick her out of the home. Malishka approaches Neelam and hands up her phone. Neelam inquires, “Whose phone was it?” According to Malishka, it was a message. Neelam says I’m scared and don’t know how to fix things. He claims it was all because of Lakshmi’s unlucky deed.

Ayush requests that Malishka inform Lakshmi that it was not her fault. Malishka claims Lakshmi worked very hard, but it was all for nothing. Neelam adds, “I just hope our reputation doesn’t suffer.” Sonia claims Rishi and Dad will manage everything. Yes, Neelam adds, before they can handle what we have to go through. Virender claims I sent Manager there. Lakshmi claims that as we were leaving the hospital, the doctor assured her that everything was alright. Lakshmi instructs him to contact Mayank and inquire about everyone’s well-being. Virender assures her that her concern is real and that she is not pretending. He tells her she can’t hurt anybody and encourages her to stop sobbing, adding, “I trust you.” Neelam says he trusts you, and I believe everything transpired was due to you. Ahana attempts to calm Lakshmi down. Karishma accompanies her. Lakshmi sobs. Ayush attempts to calm Lakshmi down.

Kiran thanks Malishka and embraces her, saying she is very proud of her for removing the thorn off her path. Malishka claims that she had the idea to toss Lakshmi today. Rishi leads Lakshmi out of the home, she imagines, and a scenario is portrayed. Lakshmi claims I didn’t do anything, so believe her. Rishi declares, “I no longer trust you.” Rishi says Lakshmi. He instructs her not to utter his name and tells her that he is kicking her out of the home and out of his life today. He throws her out and declares that our relationship is done as of today, that I am dead for you and that you are dead for me. He shuts the door. Malishka’s fantasy is over. She claims that all occurred, that we didn’t send her out now, and that Rishi would toss her out, and there will be no way for her to return. Kiran wonders whether Rishi would agree to this. Malishka responds that he will do so since his respect is essential to him. Kiran claims to be hearing the shehnai sound of her nuptials. Malishka declares that she would marry Rishi at whatever cost.

Lakshmi sobs as she sits in a nook near the shrine, recalling Neelam’s comments. Ayush appears and informs her that she is Lakshmi, a superwoman who can accomplish everything. He claims that you have done so much for Rishi that this is nothing. He instructs her to stand still, and she does. She says she’s not thinking about her, but about the people who are in the hospital as a result of my actions, and that I can’t apologise to them. Ayush inquires as to what you have done, and you respond that it was an accident. He begs her to not be guilty. He claims that whatever occurred was horrible, and that the day was bad. Malishka says I’ll contact Rishi. Kiran requests that she not call him. She claims Rishi will not find out and that if he does, he would be unable to help her. She begs her not to tell Rishi anything. Malishka describes them as a two-edged blade and claims that the circumstances and these individuals drove her to do so. Kiran claims that if Rishi hadn’t brought her back, they would not have done this. She requests that she make plans for Rishi and her marriage. They see Neelam standing at the door.

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